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Sis Goes to Brother's Hostel - Pt. 03

Sis Goes to Brother's Hostel

His cock was erect. I tried to hold it and give it one caress. But Mintu stopped me and said, "You own this cock. It can meet this pussy. And this pussy is mine. But women always have the first choice. So even if your cock wants to meet in depth, my pussy may only wish to ignore the cock after introductions or at best shake hands. You get it? So let us first only introduce them to each other. They are seeing each other after such a long time. They hardly know each other!!! I will make them shake hands and then let us see what they do with each other."

I snuggled closer to my lover and hoped that he will try to change our position such that our genitals can touch. And that electric shock passes through our brains and I get to lie down and flay away while he violates me -- leading to our reaching heaven and back -- however short that trip.

But. Mintu. He is unique. He kissed me on my face repeatedly and said, "I want to kiss you all over -- to let you know that I love you -- so much."

He hugged me closely and the slowly made me lie down, with my legs wide open and placed on two sides of his flank and our genitals dangerously close to each other. He placed my head on his pillow and then leant over and started to kiss me, asking, "Where is the pain in you?? Tell me. I will kiss that place to remove that pain."

He propped himself up and kissed me all over my face; kissed my ears and slid his tongue inside my ears; he kissed me behind my ears and then came down slowly to my neck. After every few kisses he would tell me, "I really love you -- darling Khuku."

Shortly he shifted to lie next to me. He said, "Just leave this body to me. I will give it all my love."

He kissed and caressed all parts of my body -- sometimes lifting me off the bed and feeling my back, sometimes pulling me up by my hairs to kiss me on my mouth and sometimes caressing my body with his finger tips.

AS he came near my breasts, he stopped and made me face away from him and cupped both my breasts together.

Suddenly he stopped and said, "You have lost weight - have you? Your breasts feel smaller. What is happening?? Aren't you taking care of your health??"

All I could say is, "No. I am fine. I have not lost any weight."

"Then why are they a little smaller?"

"I don't know."

He continued to kiss me all over and caress my whole body. Soon enough he came down to my hips. He made me lie face down and he cupped by naked buttocks and felt the whole expanse. The again he stopped and asked, "Khuku, you have lost weight. Again your buttocks were juicier earlier."

I did not answer. I was enjoying Mintu's ministrations far too much to say anything. I was flooded and the bouquet of my musk filled the air.

Mintu flipped me over and said, "Now let me love this side too." He lifted one leg at a time and kissed it from all sides and finally, he held both legs apart and looked deeply into my open pussy.

The room lights were on. He could see me very well. He held his hand to obscure the slit and kissed my thigh joining near my pussy base from both sides. Then he took both his palms and cupped my wide open pussy and then pushed back. He again said, "Khuku. I insist you have lost weight." Your pussy is less puffed up. Why??"

"You know I like a swollen and pouting pussy!!"

"Your arm is fine. Your thigh is a little thinner than before. But your special parts are all thinner. What is the matter?? You are not eating well. What is wrong?? Are you unwell? Are your periods taking place on time?? Are you bleeding too much?? What is it?? Khuku please tell me."

It suddenly struck me that he was complaining only about my breasts, my buttocks and my pussy and not about any other part. I realized what the problem was. I whispered, "All women become fuller when they are made love to regularly. More Estrogen get released that make our bra become smaller, our panty tight and the pussy swells up -- asking for more of that love."

"You have been away. And you have forbidden me to masturbate. So, my sex is crying for attention."

Mintu kissed me on each of my pussy lips and said, "Don't worry. This pussy will be given its due share of love. I want to see that your eye lids are heavy with love, your lips redder; your breasts fuller; your thighs like trees and your hips luscious. "

As he kissed me on my pussy lips, I felt a flush of desire pass through me and I pleaded, "Just don't kiss. Do something."

Mintu answered, "You are mine. I will fuck you when I want to. Just let me kiss you and tell you that I love you."

Next ten minutes, he kissed me all over -- while his finger tips tantalized me. He then sat up and placed two pillows below my buttocks and lifted my pussy high up, as if he wanted to penetrate me deep -- as deep as possible. He then caught my ankles and parted my legs as wide as they could, and ordered, "Keep them wide apart."

He now started to slide his finger tips deliberately near my slit and stop just as the slit would be reached. His finger tips would trace my thigh down from my ankle right down the inner surface and reach my wide spread slit and then stop.

A small gasp left my mouth as he neared very time to my magic button.

He asked me, "Want to get fucked?"

My womanly pride stopped me from saying, "Fuck me. Fuck me now." I kept quiet and continued to writhe under his ministrations.

He then sat up and knelt between my legs and firmly said, "Pull the clit hood up and take out the clit knob."

I had to pull the abdomen skin back and stretch the lips apart with both hands. I am sure, the clit hood peeped out -- looking red and raw.

He said, "I am going to let your cock meet my pussy," and slowly ran his cock over my slit right over the vagina opening and reached the clit hood. With his cock held in his hand, he started to tease my clit with his cock tip. He said, as if telling a little child, "Clit -- say hello to cock." He added, Khuku, please teach your cock to kiss my clit. Come on tell him to behave. Or else he will not ever learn how to please my clit."

I got desperate. I hissed, "Please hold your pussy apart, and give my cock. I will introduce them properly."

With my left hand I pulled the clit hood up, while Mintu spread the pussy lips apart, I held Mintu's cock and started to masturbate by clit with that hard dick tip.

I was so hot; I did not need more than a minute to break into an orgasm. In the urgency, I pleaded, "Finger me. Please finger me. Make me come. I can't take it any longer."

Mintu slipped out from between my legs and let me close them and do my contractions, while he violently fingered me. With one hand I played with my clit, while the other grabbed the solid edge of the pillow. In the next one minute I had my first orgasm in more than nine months. I hissed and made moaning noises and came into a sweat as the orgasm got over.

Mintu was not happy. He insisted, "One more orgasm. Just get one more. Okay -- this one to help your boobs become juicier."

I hissed back, "Take your finger out -- let me close my legs and squeeze one more orgasm out."

Mintu just let me free. I masturbated for a second orgasm by just clasping my thighs tightly together and flexing my cunt muscles.

When it was over, Mintu, said, "Now one more orgasm -- please."

I pleaded, "I am exhausted. Please not anymore."

He said, "No. One more. To help your pussy to get puffier. Now."

I knew that he would not let me go, unless I had as many orgasms as he wanted. I told him, "Please help me. I will turn over to my side. You caress my buttocks and boobs and I will get several more in quick succession."

I jack knifed one of my legs open and let Mintu caress me without any stopping while with my fingers, I masturbated openly. I came in small orgasm after orgasm -- wave after wave. I swayed from side to side - for some unknown reason saying, "Mintu , Mintu, Mintu, Mintu -- I love you. I love you. I love you."

I was exhausted and breathing like an athlete. Sweat streaming down my body. Mintu held me in a loving embrace and kissed me on my forehead. As I calmed down and I was getting to be a woman and not only a pussy, Mintu said, "Khuku. You must be tired. You better go to sleep tonight."

I wanted Mintu to atleast once give me his sperm. I reached for his dick. He softly said, "You can hold it and sleep. I will fuck you mercilessly -- many times over during this trip. So. Right now just let us sleep in each other arms." He kissed me several times. But he was right. I was tired. I just zapped into sleep -- entwined in his love.
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