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Dawn at Midnight (B1 Ch8)

Dawn at Midnight.

Book 1: Transmigration. Chapter 8: Sapling crushed

ChotoMa came on that day to take me back. My Mom was almost in tears as she bid good bye.

As usual, Babu sent a car to pick me up. While returning, ChotoMa asked me as how I spend my holidays. I asked her as what she did when I was not at home.

She looked at me, rubbed her palm on my head, and said---“We both missed you a lot.”

I looked at her face smiling face, hugged her, and nudged my face on the curve of her shoulder. She asked me---“What happened?”

---“I missed you a lot.”

---“Ok, your first year exams are coming near. Now onwards, only study and nothing else.”

College started. Days passed. There was no communication received from him in any sense. With every passing day, I grew more restless. To overcome that turbulence inside my heart, I dipped myself in my studies.

The day was midweek of July. First year exam results were declared. I came out with good colours in my mark sheet. Both ChotoMa and Babu were happy by my progress.

It was raining from the morning. On that day one year ago, all our dreams shattered. From the very morning, I observed that Babu and ChotoMa were acting very indifferent towards me. I sensed that they were missing their son very much. I understood that I was not their daughter “Why should someone lose their own son due to some other’s daughter’s fault?” That day they were very much agitated and after I returned from college Babu asked for my mobile. I could not understand at first.

Babu asked me---“Paree, can I use your mobile? I have to make a call.”

I was sure that he wanted to check my call-logs so as to find that whether I have received any call from him or not.

I gave him my mobile and went inside my room to change my dress. The showers were still pouring from the heaven. Thunders were rattling the air and the walls of the house. After sometime, ChotoMa also returned from her school. I was in the kitchen preparing the dinner.

ChotoMa came to the kitchen after changing her dresses. Her face was sullen.

She gave a fake smile at me---“How are you today?”

I shook my head “I am fine.”

She started to chop the onions along with me. I observed with the corner of my eyes that she was wiping her eyes frequently. “Was that due to the onions or she was missing her son?” I was also missing him very much that day.

She said in a low voice---“Few things in life, we fail to understand why that happens.”

I looked at her, tried to understand as what she wanted to say.

I was not a child, unknown to the facts of this harsh reality of the world around me. Both ChotoMa and Babu were very quiet during the dinner. They only asked about my studies and nothing else. Their perturbed face was killing me. That night I wrote the most painful thoughts in my “Optics Notebook”.

---“I was a girl, who posses just the opposite nature of Midas touch. Whatever touches my life turns into stone instead of gold. I was born, my father passed away. I wanted to pursue my studies which brought Abhimanyu near me. He went away, squandered off in this world away from his own parents. ChotoMa and Babu lost their own blood and flesh. What should I do? Where should I go? Only those eight months, he was by my side. I felt as if conquering the whole world. I felt the world at my feet. Now he is gone. Suchismita left her native place as a Paree. Time transmigrated her to Mita. What more dark nature, the life has to unfurl before me?”

From that day, my reactions for my foster parents started to change. Gradually the way of their conversation and behavior changed.

Days turned to months but there was no sign of his communication. Gradually his memoirs were fading away from my mind. The “Optics Notebook” came out of the shelf seldom. I dived deep into the abyss of my life. I wanted to relieve my pains only through my studies. All that I wanted to do was to study hard and lead a life of own. I did not want to tie anyone’s life with my desolate fate. I cursed myself for my life.

On my birthday, I woke up as usual. Mom called in the morning to wish me good luck. I felt crying when I heard Mom’s voice over the telephone. I felt that time that how much alone I was in this world.

Mom asked me---“Are you ok?”

---“Yes I am. I miss you very much.”

ChotoMa was near me so I told her---“I will call you later Ma. I have to go to College.”

I bathed and entered my room to change my dress. I found a beautiful gift pack on my bed. I opened that pack. I found a beautiful sky blue salwar suit. ChotoMa came to my room and I bent to touch her feet.

She placed her palm on my head and asked---“Love that dress?”

I shook my head “Yes, it is beautiful.”

---“Are you going to take out your friends for any treat?”

---“I don’t know.”

---“Then return from your college on time. Your Babu will take you to the shop to buy you the deck he promised.”

I looked at ChotoMa and said---“What’s the need of that? I don’t want that.”

She rubbed her palm on my head and said---“You are upset.”

A huge wave rose from the abyss of my chest and was about to crush on the shore of my face. I looked the other way to control that wave and nodded my head.

---“I am fine. I am missing my Mom.”

She understood everything and let a deep exhale to come out of her chest.

---“Be a good girl. Don’t be upset. Today is your birthday. Enjoy yourself.”

She handed me two five hundred rupees note and said---“Enjoy with your friends, but don’t be late for house.”

In my college, I had a mixed feeling running inside myself. For the first time in my college days, I saw Teesta in a beautiful red and yellow coloured salwar. I smiled at her. She smiled back at me and waved her fingers.

She came and sat beside me. After a long time I felt her touching my shoulder.

---“You are looking beautiful. Happy birthday.”

I smiled back at her---“How do you know?”

---“You told once.”

I contracted my brows and asked her---“What made you to wear salwar today?”

Her voice was low---“I feel I should change myself.”

Debobroto entered the class room and directly came to me and wished me.

He screamed almost---“Ufff! Are you going to kill everybody?” All laughed out in the class.

My face turned red in coy. Delisha and Pushpanjali also wished me and asked where I was going to take them out?

Debobroto came near Teesta and whispered in her ears. I heard that because I was sitting next to Teesta.

---“What happened to you? Today you are also looking very different?”

She looked at him and said---“I just lost myself somewhere in last few years.”

From the voice I fathomed that the old Teesta whom everybody knew, was not present. May be she died or she was hidden somewhere.

Debobroto ruffled her braids and went away.

After the college all friends surrounded me to treat them.

Rajat and Pushpanjali were adamant to take them to “Peter Cat”.

I smiled back at them and said---“I don’t have enough…..”

Teesta came to my rescue---“Why do you worry? Till I am here.”

Debobroto said---“No outsiders. No Danish no Tirthankar. This time only friends.”

Teesta smiled painfully at him and said “Tirthankar is past.” She looked at Delisha and then said “Danish is always welcome.”

Debobroto joked at her---“Really. I was waiting for this moment for a long time to court you, sexy.”

The old frolic Teesta was again out of her den. She started beating him.

The rain started as we came out of the college waiting for the taxis. We were seven friends and all wanted to go together.

Debobroto said---“Hey we can’t go in one taxi at least. Else girls have to sit on the laps.”

I shook my head in dismay.

My umbrella stuck and was not opening. Debobroto came near me and held his umbrella over my head. I looked at him with grateful eyes and thanked him.

The drizzle has already soaked sides and back of my dress. I tried to hide my bust by the dupatta.

Just then, I felt Debobroto has left arm on my left shoulder. I felt his touch like a shock, send goose bumps on my arms. The touch did not have any lewdness or lecher. It was a friendly loving touch. I looked around, Teesta and Delisha was smiling at me.

My creamy bare upper arm touched his left chest. Cold, humid breeze were blowing around us. I tried to feel the warmth of his palm on my shoulder. I looked down on the footpath.

Sankho called two taxis.

He looked at me and ushered me into the taxi.

In one taxi, I, Delisha, Teesta, and Debobroto boarded. He sat on the front seat.

Both of us were very quiet. The touch of his palm, send a string of thoughts racing in my brain. I looked outside the window. The raindrops splashed continuously on the glass panes.

Teesta asked me---“Why are you so quiet today? You should be happy. It is your birthday.”

“Nothing, I miss my Mom, everyday” I hid my pains.

“Was he coming back? Was there any type of communication he was going to have with me?” I could see the old wooden mast on the horizon of the ocean. Gradually the old mast was going down the line, the separator between the blue sky and Prussian sea.

Debobroto was quiet for a long time. I felt that he was also not in his old composure.

I tried to bring myself out of my confinement and slapped the back of his head---“Hey why are you so quiet?”

He smiled back at me---“Nothing.” He joked at both of us. “Today every girl is in salwar and I am having three most beautiful girls with me. Huh… everyone would be jealous of me I am sure.”

“Come on at least leave Delisha.” Teesta scolded him.

In the restaurant Debobroto sat between me and Teesta. I observe that Teesta was showing lot of concern about Debobroto.
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