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Taken On The Bus

Baljeet and her husband Mahindar had been on the bus on their way home to Bhundar, Punjab for several hours when at one stop most of the passengers disembarked in a university town along the way, leaving the bus wonderfully empty and allowing people to spread out a bit for the long, overnight run. Baljeet remained in her seat in the back of the bus on the 3 seat side of a 3+2 aisle and Mahindar went forward a couple of rows to stretch out in another 3 seat bench that was open on the other side of the baggage area.

With so few occupants, each passenger was free to sleep or read, and even though people generally kept their conversations respectfully low, it wouldn't matter anyway as the road noise and loud drone of the diesel motor drowned out most other sound. Baljeet slumped against the seat and curled her legs into her chest and let sleep take her.

A couple of times when the bus stopped, Baljeet stirred from her slumber but usually immediately fell back asleep as soon as the bus pulled away from the station again and the night wore casually onward. At one point she noticed another passenger had taken the small seat across the aisle from her but she thought nothing of it and kept sleeping.

The way she curled into a ball on her seat left enough space for someone to sit next to her, however, as she hadn't fully stretched across the seat and when she woke again, she found a man sitting right next to her. By the way he was stroking her face, she thought it to be Mahindar and in the darkness at the rear of the bus she didn't fully grasp who was actually there or what he was doing until he brought her hand to his erect cock.

"Mahindar!" Baljeet hissed as quietly as she could, finally looking over at the erect cock he was stroking in front of her. "What are you thinking?" She asked in incredulity.

"I think that if you don't want me to tell everyone how dishonorable you have been seducing me and cheating on your husband that you will quietly do what I want... otherwise I will see that you are shamed and dishonored for your adulteress ways!" The man whispered as he leaned into her ear.

His words had been carefully selected to gain her willful compliance—he would not need to squeeze her to do anything—in fact, it would be better that she chose to do it herself. Baljeet knew it too... she did not need to feel the blade of a lancet at her throat to do what he wanted, only to consider the punishment for adultery in her village and the death sentence it would attach to her husband's honor if caught.

"You are despicable. No one will believe you!" Baljeet said in response to the man. Perhaps a strongly reply would cause him to abandon his misguided attempt on her honor.

"Do you want to find out?" The man asked in a slow, cruel, calculated tone. Message delivered.

Baljeet looked up at the man and looked in the adjoining seats to see if anyone was awake or stirring about. Seeing no one within view and with her husband's view back to her seat completely obscure by the baggage area, Baljeet cursed the man several times in Punjabi as she reached for his erect cock. The man slid closer to Baljeet so that she lay with easy access to his lap, obviously positioning herself to give the man a blowjob.

"Do not make the mistake of getting my cum on my pants." he said to her.

Baljeet's mind flashed with rage when the man reached directly inside her saree and began fondling her breasts with one of his hands while she brought her face to his cock. "Bastard!" she thought to herself before thinking of her husband and her desire to get this over with as quickly as possible.

She began stroking the man's cock and noticed the size and girth of his cock were very similar to Mahindar's. Although she had no desire to please the man in any kind of emotional or physical way, she already decided that giving her best efforts would cause the man to cum more quickly and reduce the chance of being discovered so she indeed did her best to excite him.

Baljeet licked the man's cock shaft down to his balls while rubbing and twisting her fist in a pumping motion over the head of his cock, and then she moved further down and licked and gently sucked his balls while stretching the sliding motion of her pump-twist on his cock to go all the way from his head to the base of his cock.

"It's smart of you to do it so well." the man whispered, "your husband is a lucky man."

She felt him already beginning to buck his hips up to meet her downstrokes on his cock and she wondered if he might cum straight away just from her handjob and from playing with her tits... she didn't leave it to chance however, preferring to end it as quickly as possible—and so she began sliding her lips sideways up and down the shaft of his cock—his fevered anticipation building the closer her lips came to his cockhead. Baljeet knew he was desperate for to slide her open mouth far enough up his shaft that he could poke the head of his cock past her lips and she continued pumping his cock with her fist at the base and her tongue flicking away past her lips.

When she finally neared the head of the man's throbbing erection, Baljeet looked up into the man's face and washed her tongue over and around the head of his cock, rubbing the shaft along her bottom lip but not quite going down on him—had he been ready to cum, it would be the perfect position to shoot down her throat, but he held off a bit longer. His cock had grown a bit longer, quite a lot harder, and had swelled a bit thicker from pure lust and from her expert treatment—so much so that Baljeet knew that if she went down on him now he would likely explode in her mouth.

In her desire to ensure that the man would ejaculate quickly and escape her predicament, Baljeet decided it would be better to fully give in than to continue playing wait-and-see with the man's orgasm, so after an amazingly sensual buildup, she enveloped the head of his cock and sucked deeply, turning and pumping his throbbing shaft in her hands. She heard him moan and knew she would make him cum quickly so she upped her game even further to bring things to a close...

Baljeet began sliding her mouth up and down the man's shaft, from the head of his cock to as far down the shaft she could go without choking, keeping her fingers next to her lips to increase his sensation as she fucked him with her mouth. Still, the man did not cum... Only time and the man's stamina would dictate when he came and released her at this point, so she maintained her focus and kept him in complete sensory overload to try to bring it to a close.

A few moments became a few minutes, and a few minutes became a lifetime to her, though, as the man incredibly remained erect and aroused, and completely into it but did not cum. She changed positions to add more downward pressure on his erection—it frequently made her husband cum and finally after what had actually been about 20 minutes of nonstop fist-pumping, cock-sucking perfection, the man leaned over and whispered, "You have done well."

Baljeet knew what the man meant—she could feel him holding back but losing control... his body began shaking and she could feel his balls tightening and the underside of the man's cock spasming, then pulsing powerfully. Long, thick blasts of cum began splashing against the back of her throat and settling on her tongue—ropes of the gooey hot cum filled her mouth, and cognizant of his desire to remain clean, she sucked hard and swallowed quickly. As frequently as he pulsed into her mouth, she consumed his load—his hips bucking up into her face with abandon until his rhythm finally slowed, then stopped.

Baljeet kept the man in her mouth until he fully softened and as she hoped he would do, he quickly pulled up his pants and made his way towards the front of the bus, leaving her alone on her bench with her thoughts and a belly full of cum. Scared to even peek over her seat for fear of finding anyone else's gaze, she lay there for a while, gathering herself and thinking through what had just happened.

She considered going up a few rows to be with Mahindar, but did not know what she would say to him or what reason she would give for waking him, so she chose instead to stay put and hope the next several hours would pass and become part of her past. Looking back on it now, this was a critical mistake for her—because in the moments that passed while she thought things through, another man—younger and fitter than the first came up behind her and sat immediately next to her, resting his hand on her thigh.

"Do not worry," the main said calmly to her, "I am the only person on the bus who knows what you've just done, and I know you and I both are better off if we never speak about it."

Baljeet looked confused, trying to decide what the man intended although he made it immediately clear as he reached into her saree and pulled both of her boobs completely out and into what little light the moonless sky could manage through the windows of the old bus.

"That's right." he said to her as she failed to find the words to question him. "I see that you are more than an expert at sucking cock, and I intend to have your pleasures for myself."

Baljeet stared in utter disbelief at the man's brazen request... he literally had nothing to do to coerce her—the man before had done it. He need only recognize it... call attention to it... and the result was the same.

Baljeet looked forward towards the front of the bus—hoping, praying that Mahindar was standing in the aisle, waiting to smite this man down... but there wasn't another man awake on the bus except the driver. She looked around behind her and realized (perhaps mercifully) that the rear of the bus was completely empty except for the man next to her and herself. He looked down at the slight bulge in his pants and said, "I think you know what to do."

"Please tell me you'll go away when we're done.
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