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The Desi Housewife's Fantasy - I

Kavita was in bed with her husband Ravi, kissing and fondling each other. She took his semi erect cock in her hand and started to caress it with soft hands. He pulled her over him and kissed her lips.

"You look so fresh and lovely," he caressed her long hairs.

"You know what happened today in office," she spoke casually. He was all ears.

"Narang, my boss, you know how he is!! He was getting naughty with me," she felt his cock twitch.

"Ohh, What did he do," Ravi looked excited.

"Well I told you earlier also that he is always trying to get into my pants."

"You never told me that," he looked at her accusingly.

"Ohh haven't I... Well... Ah... Umm... I had...," she stopped as if not able to find words.

Ravi opened her gown and slipped his hand inside grabbing a handful of her titties, "you must have been giving him all the wrong signals." Kavita squirmed at his touch and giggled.

"No I am not; he is the one who is coming on to me."

He kissed her boobs and flickered his tongue around her tout nipples, "Keep telling."

"Well he cornered me in the store room," she spoke.

His cock sprang into life and was rock hard; he groaned and sucked hard on her nipples.

"Why you seem to like it, don't you," she spoke stroking his cock.

"Tell me everything, you naughty girl," he grunted.

"Ouch!! Not so hard," Kavita grabbed his hand trying to stop him from mauling her boobs.

"Tell me," he gritted his teeth and pinched them harder.

"Uggg, Ahhh... he grabbed me in the store room during lunch hour... I was alone..." she kissed his head which was buried in her breasts and caressed his balls.

"He pulled my Saree above my waist and bent me over the table," she continued her story, "and placed his hard cock on my pussy by pulling aside the panties."

"Was he rough with you?"

"Yesss... he was very forceful, he forced his cock inside my pussy."

"Was he big?"

"Mmmm... he was big and strong and he pinned me under him." She pushed Ravi on the bed and climbed over him, she knew that he cannot continue to caress his cock or else he will cum in her hand. She guided his hard cock into her wet pussy and slides down on him.

"Ahhh... you are so hot and wet, ummm," he moaned as his cock felt the warmth. Kavita started to slowly move her ass and fuck him while continuing to tell her made up story. Ravi was not able to take the teasing for a long time and threw her on the bed and climbed over her.

"I will fuck you so hard that your pussy will ache for weeks," he gritted his teeth and started to ram his cock into her. Kavita closed her eyes and prepares herself to flow with the waves of the strong orgasm building inside her.

"Why don't you do that for real," Ravi spoke as they lay in each other's arms after the very satisfying sex.

"That was real," she teased him.

"Don't bullshit me... you are so lovely and sexy," he moved his hand across her nude body, "any men would be willing to kill for you."

"I know that but I don't want any bloodshed," she laughed.

Ravi sighed; he knew this would remain one of his fantasies she will never agree to do it in real.

"At least do it once," he pleaded but looking at her smiling face he knew it was all going to deaf ears.

Kavita had collage education and was working with a company as accountant. She got married to Ravi at the age of nineteen and now even at thirty eight years she looks stunning. She had not gained any extra flesh even after the birth of two daughters. Having an average height and a beautiful 36C boobs which look bigger than the size suggests, she turns head wherever she goes.

Ravi was also a smart looking guy but the middle age was catching up with him, a little bit of pot belly and greying thinning hairs tells the story. His father owns a jewellery shop and also a flourishing diamond business and he was the only son, so he joined the business immediately after completing the studies. Although financially Kavita doesn't need to work but once her daughters were old enough to go to school she needed to do something.

Kavita remembered how naive she was when she got married. Although she was not a virgin at the time of marriage she had experienced sex couple of times but still she was unknown to so many facets of sex. She remembers how giving oral was a big issue for her and how every time Ravi has to bribe her to get that. As the years passed by she started to know the power she has over Ravi when it comes to sex. During the early days of marriage he was ready to do anything for oral sex, giving as well as receiving. Same was the case with anal sex or trying any other activity, be it sex in unorthodox places, taking nude pictures, filming them while having sex. Those times she felt very powerful having a hold on him and moreover the sex was still very exciting between them even after being married for over nineteen years.

Ravi always had a thing about Kavita with other men. He always felt excited when he notice any guy checking her out, he felt proud that no matter how much the other guys wish but she is always his. It took him years to realize this and then to admit to her.

At first Kavita was appalled, 'how could he even think like this,' she could not understand. When he continued to bring up the subject, she Googled it and was surprised to see tonnes of material on the net regarding this kind of fantasy. She was fascinated to read it and understood Ravi's behaviour. Her point of view changed and she started to play along. She found her control increased manifold and now she has to just mention about another guy and he is hard as rock. The sex improved tremendously and she started to enjoy it although she never contemplated doing it in real. She would make up stories during foreplay and Ravi would be charged like a bull, although she has to be careful not to overdo it else he ejaculates prematurely.

Ravi woke up in the morning and saw Kavita already taken bath and was looking like a fresh rose.

"Good morning honey," she smiled handing him a cup of tea.

"Good morning darling," he pushed back on the bed rest and admired the beauty; she loves to wear Sarees and was wearing one today. Tucked far below the navel, her flat abdomen and belly button were presenting an exotic view. The blouse seems to be tight on her ample bosom and the crevice between the tities was tempting.

"What are you staring at," she blushed. He attempted to grab her hand but she slipped back giggling, "don't try to get naughty early in the morning, everyone is awake in the house and you have grown up daughters."

"Just a good morning kiss," but she giggled and moved back, "finish your tea and get ready you remember today we have to go to Delhi."

He remembered the wedding of his cousin's daughter at Delhi and the two of them were attending from the family as his daddy was busy with the business and daughters were busy with their classes. He nodded and watched Kavita's ass as she walked out 'I will get you in the train,' he murmured.

It was a big fat Punjabi Indian marriage and they enjoyed their three day stay at Delhi. While returning to take a train to Mumabi they got a bit late in the Delhi traffic and by the time they reached the railway station the train was about to leave. His cousin who came to see them off, hurriedly pushed their luggage inside the AC first class compartment door as the train started to move. They waved good bye to them and the train picked up speed.

"My god just in the nick of time," Kavita breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yeah," Ravi breathed heavily, "now help me with these suitcases and pull them inside our coupe."

Kavita pulled one while Ravi was behind her struggling with other two, she looked for 'D' and found a tall man standing on the door.

"Let me help you," he got hold of the suitcase and dragged it inside.

"Thank you so much," she smiled. Ravi manages to pull the other two and was breathless.

"Hello, I am Manoj Narang," he extended his hand, "Travelling to Mumbai," he enquired.

"Yeah, I am Ravi and she is my wife Kavita," Ravi shook hands with him while Kavita greeted him with folded hands 'Namestay.'

Kavita felt jittery as she heard his name 'Narang' his fantasy lover and boss, she looked coyly towards Ravi who was smiling sheepishly probably thinking same.

"See the vast difference in climate while it's so cold and foggy in Delhi at Mumbai it's hot and humid," Narang spoke to start a conversation, "I was to travel by plane but last moment all flights cancelled due to fog."

"Too bad, it's always dicey taking a flight during winter season from Delhi," Kavita spoke while Ravi was still catching his breath.

"I am SP (Superintendent of Police) in Mumbai police department," he continued, "came to Delhi for a meeting... you belong to Delhi?"

"Wow!! SP... You don't look like a policemen... you don't have the big belly and ugly face," Kavita exclaimed.

Narang didn't seem to mind at all and burst out laughing, Ravi also smiled customarily, "You seem to be watching too many Bollywood movies." He felt proud that at the age of forty nine also he was in good shape and don't have that pot belly synonym to Indian police.

"We belong to Mumbai and came to Delhi to attend a marriage function," Ravi explained. The small talks continued, Kavita and Narang soon started to chat like long lost friends.

The train coupe was a separate enclosure for four people, two sleeper opposite to each other and two sleepers on top of each one. They were three so they were expecting that maybe the fourth passenger would board the train from next station. Ravi dug out a book and settled down while Kavita moved to Narang's side of sleeper and sat beside him.

It was four thirty in the evening and the train will reach Mumbai next morning eight thirty five, it's a long journey but is comfortable in first class. Ravi glanced towards Kavita and was surprised finding her engrossed talking with Narang.
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