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Goa Spice

I am still single, working as Software Engineer, In Silicon Valley, San Jose, this was 2 years back. I was 25 and working in Goa, as assistant manager in Iron ore Export Company. I was in-charge for the iron ore shipment in barge loading; the place is in remote village, with thick forest cover, clean Zuvari River, its wonderful & beautiful place. I used to stay 4 days in week in small guesthouse. I was staying alone in the well-furnished guesthouse. No one stays except some times trainee from railway station, I found the trainee is South Indian; she will be taking a week training in quality control. Her name is Pravallika, 22yrs, she is 5ft 6inch, pony tail, well built, fair, wearing jeans and T shirt, even with that long journey also, she was looking so cute, I made up my mind, Man this is it! I decided not to mess up the chance, some how I should get her beautiful body. I took her to my guesthouse, I gave next room to my room, and I told her stay in guestroom at free of cost, so she can avoid hotel expenses. She was quite happy with my suggestion. I did not reveal any of my true colors on first day, and I was friendlier and very helpful. Though I have other intentions, I treated her with respect and never am pushy with her and I never tried to touch her entire day. I took her to site and explained every thing; I appreciated her looks and the way she dressed up. She am, I was smiling with out answering, she stood beside me raised her hand measuring her relative height with me, she Just slipped her balance and touched with her left big boob on my shoulder, I hold her hand made her stand right, she said “ sorry”. I said; “It’s my pleasure”…She really shocked & felt embarrassed, I smiled and said, “ Ok take it easy I am “6ft -2 inch. Friendlier by evening, since I was so nice to her and attending her needs. That night I have to leave for Panaji for Company work. So I asked cook to sleep in Pravallika room. First day nothing happened. Next day we went to site came back to guesthouse.

We had nice supper and pravallika also gave hand to my cook to make supper.
That was nice food. I was appreciating cook for nice supper, then cook gave credit to Pravallika and then cook said she has to go home, Her husband is shouting at her Pravalli room. Cook was reluctant and said in Konkani to Pravalli here ,this place is free of crime , don’t worry , more over Assistant manager sir is here. He is very nice man” I told what she is saying with a smile. I know anyhow cook will leave, I was still saying her to sleep in her pravallika room. I got a fear that she may say yes also. But finally cook went off saying good night. That left pravallika and me alone in that guesthouse. It’s only 8 PM. I asked her to come in my room to watch cable TV. She was wearing blue T-shirt and black night pants; I was sitting and seeing her curves, my God! I can feel the strong magnetic force .I was really hot with her thoughts, and I was excited more and more don’t know how to break the ice. I was shaking and feeling very hot in that cold climate too. If I sit and watching that girl I would go mad, she was watching star TV and very occasionally She was looking into my eyes and smiling. I told her I was going for shower. I went in shower, the water was so cold, I took shower and I was dressing in my bedroom. Suddenly She called me, “ Mr. Miller “ I just came out with out my shirt and I was wearing only blue night pants. I was still wet and I was exposing my upper part of body. She was staring at me. I told “ Don’t call me Mr. just call Miller” and I asked what she want “ she forgot for what she called me by looking at me, she said slowly could you change channel to star movies. I smiled and changed channel; perhaps she must have called for other reason she forgot to say immediately. I was sitting next sofa to her couch. She is watching me more than TV. I was smiling whenever she meets my eyes.

After 5 minutes, She broke the silence “ Do you exercise regularly “ I said “mmmm… some times, but I swim and jog very often, why you are asking that” she said “ No! You look in good shape “ suddenly I felt like Dara Singh (Indian muscular man, I am ok not too muscular but perfect athletic shape, tall and fair). I said “ You look cute in that dress” she was smiling and said, “ you mean I look cute only with this dress ” I said “ No you look more cute with out that dress’ She blushed, that was green signal for me. I got on my feet and sat in-front of her couch said.” Pravalli let me kiss you” she was smiling and saying NOOO…In such way that it sounds to me like “ YES” I hold her head and started French kiss, She was good at that, our tongues touched and played, she was getting more exited and trying to reaching my chest. I pushed her gently back in couch and told her to keep her hands on couch, and enjoy what I am doing, I started kissing her fore-head, eyes, nose, lips, tongue, chicks, neck, ears, What not every centimeter of her skin, it took me 20 minutes to reach her firm boobs. I unhooked T-shirt buttons. Slowly and pulled it off over her shoulders. I can see her boobs are rising like a high tide of sea. She told “ I want you to remove my bra with your teeth, and fold your hands back” Man its not that easy, I struggled like hell to get her bra with my teeth; she raised and kept her hands on couch. I was fighting with my teeth to get her bra off! With my hands back folded. She was laughing with excitement. I was impatient.

I was biting those hard nipples. Those boobs are getting firm and firm and bigger “ keep your hands back “ again I was on my task to get her bra off with my hands back! With lot of struggle I Got the bra lace finally, I pulled down lace with my teeth; I can see her boobs from down. I pulled one by one her bra silk by the view of it, I pulled the lace with my teeth very fast, her boobs are begging for release I got the bra off: those two big boobs are jumped out and pressed my face I unfolded my hands to catch those fucking boobs, she yelled “ No hands” I obeyed her order and folded my hands back .I took her nipple and sucking hard, she has 36 size, its hard get boob in full mouth with out hand .I got gulped her firm boob in mouth and sucking very hard and licking it very hard, she put her hands on my shoulder to push me back. She was too exited for that sucking! I smiled and said “ HONEY PUT UR HANDS BACK “ she obeyed my order. She teased me like a hell with her breast moving off away from my mouth, I was moving my head like a dog to get those boobs. She has managed quite some time to tease me. Some how I got her left boob in my lips. I got it finally I moved along with her with out loosing her boob.

That was her game and I am leading she was moving up and down and raising like a sea wave. I was moving with her pace not leaving her boobs; I got 2 lips one big tongue, its not that tough to defeat those teasing boob. She could not take it with that high pleasure she put her legs on my shoulder try to push me away, I was so firm on my knees, I did not use my teeth to grab her boob but firmly holding her boob in my lips .It was tough fight, I teased hell of it, Our couch was making “ Big creek sounds” and she was laughing and moaning so loud and saying in Telugu “ wadhu” its noooo .She begged me to stop that boob teasing, she gave up, I saw her boobs turned red and full of my wet kisses every where and its turned pink color in some places ..She was smiling and said “see what did you do.” with a sexy smile. I smiled and said, “it’s your own game babe. You asked for it” I had put my two hands on her waist and pulled down her pants threw off! I asked, “ do u want to remove your black panty with my teeth”. She smiled said “ No…next time “ she was scared to handle me she only pulled her panty down with fear of excitement. I laughed at her and said, “ so are you accepting your defeat” she throw her pants off! I was so exited to see her triangle shape. I was so hungry to reach her triangle. She suddenly pushed my shoulder with her legs.

I felt with my back on floor, in no time she kept her hands on my waist pulled my night pant along with my under wear in one shot. My dick was hurt. She was about to fall on me. I removed my pants, which were till my knees and threw off! and I got on my feet warding her away from me. I got on my feet .she was staring my dick, said “wow! Nice dick! Come on babe its my turn.” well no 8 inches lies I have only 6 ½ inches. And 2 inches wide. She was on her feet and removed her pony tail band, She shook her head and loosen her hair and moved like cat looking at my dick and saying ”Meyow!” I moved back two steps to tease her. She came suddenly, jumped on me with two her two legs apart on my waist and her arms around my neck I hold her in air and hugged her, her boobs are touching my face and my stomach can feel the rose water of her pussy. She has put her whole weight one me. She weighed around 130 lbs. she was kissing my lips I was full tensed and I was holding her back and hugging her so tightly. She was moving so widely in my grip, it was really hard for me to bear that weight. But “ izath ki sawal hai” I did not loose the grip, slowly I moved to my bedroom. Holding her in my arms and pressing her body against my body. I made her lie down along with my body. I was not able control I was about enter her cunt. She hugged me got on my top. I moved her down, I got on her top, and we were trying to take top riding position, we moved 360 to 720 degrees left and right.
Trying to get on top of each other, My God! She was good at this I knew she would not let me not ride on top. I didn’t want to give up either…suddenly I reached her pussy and start licking. She forgot top ride fight.

I just raised my hands and asked are there any rules, she smiled and said, “ No rules do what you want its all yours.
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