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My Husband's Business Partner Part 2

He gave an amazed look at my breasts and adoringly touched them with his hands. He took his time to observe every square inch of my tits and very lovingly moved his fingers over them. He very lightly licked the silky smooth skin of my breasts and that sent shiver down my spine. He looked fascinated with my long nipples and started sucking it. This ignited fire in me and I pressed his head hard on my tit and fiercely pulled at his hair. He alternated his licking and pressing between the two boobs and I deeply moaned. His Skill of licking my nipples with his tongue, made me wild and I urged him to bite hard and tear the nipples off. He did bite me hard and I screamed in pleasure.

He demanded that I take off my shilwar to let him see me completely naked. I unknotted my shilwar string allowing it drop at my feet. Now I was naked before him, totally as naked as the day I was born. I want to correct that this is a country where still arranged marriage are still the rule. The couple doesn't even see each other until the wedding night, majority of the couples even don't see each other naked when they fuck, may be thousands young people are starting to find their own matches and experiment with sex but this country of more the one billon peoples.

Now he laid me on my bed on my back and sat between in my spread legs as I was expecting him to fuck me now but he bent on my belly and his mouth moved down kissing and licking all over my belly. He spent a lot of time licking inside my deep navel. I was moaning breathlessly. He tightly pressed and squeezed the fleshy waves and curves around my hips.

He went down to my thighs and hid his face between my thighs and rubbed his face all over it. I was wishing and dying for his mouth to reach my pussy.

He touched my pussy with his lips. It was like he gave me an electric shock! I bounced up off the bed shaking the bed violently. I asked wildly, "Sarath, what are you going to do? Are you going to kiss between my thighs?" My heart nearly stopped that I have never touched there by tongue.

He said to me excitedly " yes, Bhabi You will love it," he assured me looking up "I'm going to lick and suck your pussy my sweet Bhabi, I have found the treasure, for which I was dying for, for so many years, Lay back and let me have a feast, for what I see here it's going to be a scrumptious meal!"

I giggled excitedly and said, "This is dirty Sarath, don't do this," but in my heart I was praying for him not to stop," in my heart I was saying to him, " that is Bhabi's cunt, it is yours and your mouth feels so good on it. Eat it! Lick it! Taste it and suck it well! Drink all my juices they are yours too. For years too, I have been longing for this kind of loving attention from you.

He dived again into my pussy and pressed his lips very hard onto the middle of my pussy in a very hot, deep kiss. Then he went on kissing all over my love triangle. I think he must have planted at least one hundred kisses all over it. Then, from the bottom of my pussy he ran his tongue licking deeply and strongly upward. My whole body jerks and quiver. I was yelling in utmost ecstasy. He continued his licking and wiping my entire vulva with his tongue several times. I went into a state of trance and I could feel my cunt muscles get tensed and relaxed.

I said: " Sarath, my husband never did this to me before and I can't tell you how good that feels. You know all erotic spots in the body of a woman to arouse her. Don't stop it is so exquisite. You are strumming all my nerve ends. It is excitement I am experiencing new way of life."I was about to cum in his mouth; I thought time was right to get fucked. I moaned "Oohhh Please, Sarath" I pleaded "Don't tease me any more do it. Do it now' I started pumping his butt with my feet and almost sobbed in frustration.

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"Don't worry, I'll fuck you till you scream, Bhabi, you can be sure of that. "

He quickly moved over me, on top of me between my widespread thighs, and rested the head of his cock at my entrance. I spread my thighs wide as could as I do for him. He started rubbing his hard cock into my slimy slit, teasing me. "Do it now" I said in a half whisper

But he didn't hear me and was rubbing his hard cock into my slimy slit, teasing me. "Stop teasing me and put it in Me." and once again I reached down feverishly to grip his hard erect cock, placing his cock head in my pussy hole.

I felt his knob and bucked my pussy up to meet it. My hands reached over his hips as he slowly started enter into me. He finally he gave a bit more pressure and pushed really hard and the huge thing penetrated me. It pained a lot and as he pushed the whole gigantic thing fully in I felt that as if my passage would tear open. At the same time it gave a maddening pleasure to me, I shrieked and a strong Aaaahhhh sound came out of my mouth. Oh, what a strong thrust it was. "Oh yeah. That was good. I needed that." I said, breathless. I hooked my leg and my heel dug into his back.

He slowly thrust in and out, in and out. I moved my legs a little more widely for him. So he could get all the way in he grabbed my leg and bent my knee and brought it by his side. He pumped back and forth with a slow pace several times, Very slowly all the way out and all the way back in. I was sighing and gripping me tightly, my legs striking the air at each gentle inward thrust. I felt his knob knocking on the door of my womb, which made me grunt. He was getting now pace. I felt that my cunt sucked his cock like a baby sucking a feeder nipple.

He kept moving within me, in a steadily increasing pace. I felt like he was getting harder and harder inside of me. I loved the feeling of his cock sliding into me; I felt extreme sexual pleasure the way he was sliding.

"Bhabi, your pussy is so fucking tight, I could stay in you forever, " gasped Sarath as he continued to flick his cock like bit of flesh at the entrance to my pussy.

"Yes and I 'm proud of it but you've also a thing to be proud, Sarath."

"I think your husband left you sleep too much in nights," he again teased me.

"And what you have in mind?"

"Yes! Bhabi, I wanted you're little pussy from the day I saw you first. And would try my best to show you how I want you," He told me how he had been watching me and wanting me from the day he had first set eyes on me. . Sarath grabbed my legs and pushed them so that my knees were bent against my tits. I was wide open now for him. He thrust me deep. My hips lifted off the bed and my leg tensed on his shoulder.

I couldn't stop myself to confess, "You don't know, Sarath, that all that time, you were the one I wanted. You have always made me feel horny. I have always wanted you since you first sat opposite to me at our dinner table. Even with Ritesh there in the room my knickers were getting wet thinking what you could do to me."

I became wonder when he stopped and pulled his cock from my pussy so I shouted," what are you doing?"

"Be patient" he replied.

" Turn around, Bhabi, Get on your knees, I want to fuck you from behind.

I turned over and bent on my knees upping my ass like doggy. "Like this?" I asked.

He quickly knelt behind me and aimed his cock at my pussy and I felt the head of his cock touched my wet pussy hole. He teased my pussy with his swollen cock. He thrust forward and his entire cock entered in my pussy. I moaned loudly and in a few seconds I was pushing back against him.

I began to push back in just as his tip slid out of my pussy hole. He fucked me in long, slow, steady strokes. With every stroke I raised and pushed my ass to meet him.

Her tits were hanging as pendulum, so I reached in front to pull and pinch her nipples, while fingering her clit and cunt, she moans so loudly from the pleasures I steals from her and I began to fuck her deeply in her ass. She feels so full and her juices flow freely for me to ride her, she me not to stop,

I was asking his to fuck me hard, deeper, rub my clit, fuck me hard, fast and deep. This was incredible fuck I've ever received.

Sarath fucked my pussy like this for many long minutes before he rolled over on his back while holding on to me. With his cock still in me he asked me to ride his cock. He lay on his back and I climbed up on his lap, rubbing my wet pussy lips against his hard cock, moving up and down but not putting it in. I was teasing him and myself with his cock, playing with it, pressing my cunt against it and moaning as I moved up and down against it. "Oh Sarath this feels so good," I said. He grabbed both of my tits in his hands.

I then got up, grabbed his cock, placed it at the entrance of my cunt and slammed down on it so hard. I screamed, "ohhhh, Sarath you're so huge." His cock was hard and hot. I lifted myself up and came down hard. I was out of control and yelled, do me! Do me!" I was sitting straight up as I rode his cock. He had his hand on my waist as I went up and down, my tits bouncing and my long hair flying all over the place. I then leaned forward, so that my clit rubbed against his cock. Oh, Sarath! That's it! Oh Sarath! I love you. He I then put his finger in my ass hole, moving it deeper and I shuddered and shivered. An orgasm was sweeping through me and I rode him even harder. Fuck me, do me, fuck me ohhh Sarath. Here its comes, I'm coming." I collapsed against him. His cock was still in me still hard as he entered me first time.

"Lay back," he said again firmly. He then lifted me up and lay me down on the bed on my back. He grabbed my legs and pushed them so that my knees were bent against my tits. I was wide open. He put his swollen cock at my entrance and then thrust into me with a loud grunt and then started ramming my hot wet cunt.

"Ufff I feel so tired. Now it's hurting me," Sarath.

"Do you want me to stop?" I said.

"Oh no! Please don't stop, I love you, Sarath, I love the way you make love. Please never stop.
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