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Lust Of Incest

Hi, I’m Raju. I like the incest very much, so here is my story of my first incest edition. This story is purely fictitious and based on my imagination.
My family consists of four members, mom, elder sister Sahana, myself Raju and younger sister Shilpa. My father passed away recently due to heart attack. My father occupation was agriculture and it is our main source of income. We have some land and we cultivate seasonal crops. My mom is tailoring teacher. Sahana has completed her graduation and looking to apply for teaching post. Shilpa is pursuing her first year PUC, she is staying in hostel. I’m working in a factory located 50 KMs far from my home.
I’m the only son; I came back to my hometown to look after our land. It was three months since my father death. He had cultivated banana plantations and sugarcane, now it was like six months old crop. I should wait for another four months get yield from those plantations. So, I used to go regularly to field, look after all labor activities and manage the field work. Mom used to go for teaching tailoring around 8 in the morning and come back to home by evening 6. Sahana will look after all home work in the moms absent. Meanwhile we were also looking good match, but still now didn’t find any.
Naveen is my friend; we met 4 years back when I first joined in the factory. We had become close friends since then. After leaving my job I didn’t met or called him. So all of sudden he directly came to our field to meet me. I was so happy and I asked him to stay for couple of days, so that he can relax and he too agreed. I took him to my home, to introduce him to my mom. Time was around 7.45 in the morning; my mom was ready to go for her work. My mom welcomed Naveen and she left. Sahana was taking her bath that time. We sat in the leaving room chitchatting.
Our house consists of one master bedroom where mom and dad used to sleep. Kitchen opposite to master bedroom, next to kitchen there is store room. In store room we keep all belongings to agriculture work. At the corner there is toilet attached to bathroom. Center it is leaving room, placed with sofa and seating for guests. For dining we will sit on the floor. After 10 minutes time Sahana came out from bath room and went directly into bedroom. She came out after dressing and now I introduced Naveen to Sahana. Sahana said Hi, and asked us to take bath and come for breakfast.
I and Naveen sat for breakfast on the floor and Sahana started serving both of us. While serving she was bending, suddenly her half saree pallu got dropped down. At that instant we both got a cleavage view of my elder sister.
Suddenly she picked it up and went inside in shy. Even I also ignored that incident, finished our breakfast. I took Naveen to farm and informed Sahana that we won’t be coming for afternoon lunch, we had plan of going out for movie and have food outside. In farm we both were discussing about other matters.
In conversation, Naveen started asking about Sahana. In a casual manner I explained about her and we are finding a good groom to get her married. Naveen continued speaking only about Sahana, saying she is so beautiful, good lady, good sister for you like this. I just nodded yes to everything he said. But his intension towards Sahana was different.
We came back to home around 9 pm. Sahana was watching TV, looking at us she went inside. Mom was preparing dinner. We got ready and sat down for dinner. This time Sahana didn’t come forward to serve instead she was just passing food to mom to serve us. All this time I just noticed was Naveen had an eye on Sahana. He was trying his maximum to look at her, but she was vanishing immediately.
After dinner we both went to terrace to sleep. We had smoke together and started watching porn in his mobile. This was our routine when we were staying together before. He had bought huge collection of Indian porn movies.

While we were watching he started speaking about Sahana again. As I was watching Indian porn, suddenly I got back the view of Sahana’s cleavage that had seen in the morning. I was feeling some kind feeling by remembering again and again of her cleavage. We had some more smoke and getting into sexy mood. Time was around 11 pm. It was breezing with cold air. We both thought of masturbating.

Earlier we used masturbate together watching porn movies thinking about some actress. Like that I just asked him whom I shall think to masturbate now. Without any delay he just mentioned the name of my sister ‘Sahana’. I was totally shocked and looked at his face, suddenly he said sorry to me. Then I realized that Naveen is getting attracted towards my sister. He said repetitively sorry to me, I didn’t speak anything and just asked him to sleep.

I was so angry inside; if he wasn’t my best friend I would have killed him. I controlled my angry and just lie down. I was not able to sleep but I acted like I’m in sleep. My mind started thinking about Sahana now. Her cleavage seen started playing slid show in my mind.

Since I didn’t masturbated, I had stored with too much of load inside. Whatever the porn I had seen by now, everywhere it was like Sahana’s. I was getting into incest by now. I got attracted towards Sahana. Her cleavage made me even more madder by now. I felt like I’ve to masturbate to get sleep. So just got up like as if I’m going for toilet, and shagged my dick. I controlled not imagine Sahana, but dirty mind caught her cleavage seen clearly. Within 30 seconds of her cleavage imagination I came with thick loads of sperm and fired like a fountain to long distance possible. I felt relaxed and went back to sleep.

Morning I extended my sleep till 8 am, usually I used to get up by 6 am. It was summer; morning sun light was so hot. I woke up and went down, mom already left the home. When I stepped inside the house; Sahana was wiping the floor by her hand in squat position. She didn’t recognize my entry. Her back was facing towards me. My eyes caught those; I stood just glaring her ass. It was moving accordingly when she was in her wiping activity. I tried to control viewing at my sister, but dirty mind and my age did not listen to me. She came closer to me, when she reversed she saw me and stood properly.

By this time I got view of her front side. Since she was wearing half saree, I was able to view her abdomen region and covered view of her breast over the pallu. My god, my dick stood instantly hard. Sahana said, ‘Raju, take bath and get ready’. I removed my eye from that view and looked down with embracement and said yes to her. I masturbated once again while bathing thinking of her cleavage and navel scene. It was making me to feel so pleasure. Naveen was still sleeping on the terrace; I wake him up and asked him to get ready. Sahana said, ‘breakfast is ready we can have ourselves served’. I and Naveen finished and left to my farm.
Please leave your comments Next part of the story, how we approach to my sister.
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