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Shreya - My Manager And Lover

It was Sunday. I was coming back to house from a party. It was raining heavily. I was driving the car towards my house. As I was passing I could see a car standing with lights blinking. I took my car reverse and saw from the glass. It was not very clear. I down my window glass and saw, there was a lady standing in a shelter and a driver changing the wheel. I just horned and shouted,

Me : Hey Madam, what happened?
Lady : Type flat (she just showed her thumb down)
Me : ohh any help?
Lady : no thanks.
Me : Come I will drop you to your place, if you don’t mind
Lady : its fine thanks we will manage
Me : hey its raining heavily. Don’t worry I am a gentleman
The lady just saw me once. and saw towards the driver.
She told driver “Driver, I will go with this man. Get the car to house directly”. He nodded the head. I took the car very close to her so that she is not wet in rain. She got into the car and we started.

Me : By the way I am Rakesh
Lady : I am Shreya
Me : Nice name
Lady : thanks
Me : you know the meaning of Shreya?
Lady : no. do you know?
Me : Shreya means very beautiful. And also lucky
Lady : ohh is it I never knew this.
Me : mmmm. As the name says you are beautiful and don’t know about your luck. May be I am with you I might get some luck
Lady : I wont belive in all this.

Me : I belive in this. You know early morning I got a dream that I might meet a beautiful girl. See I met
Lady : to correct you I am not a girl, I am lady
Me : what do you mean?
Lady : I am married (she smiled)
Me : so what. Beauty is beauty right
Lady : I think you are just to drop me to my house
Me : I am doing that. When did I tell that I wont?
Lady : but you never asked where should you drop me
Me : you didn’t tell. So thought let me keep driving. So that I can spend some time with a beautiful girl I mean lady untill she tells her desitnation
Lady : mm drop me near Paradise Apartments
Me : mmm so you live in paradise. Waaw so you are angel as you look
Lady : Rakesh are you trying to flirt with me?

Me : Flirt not at all. Sorry if that hurts but you are like an angel and stays in paradise
Lady : Its near MG Nagar.
Me : mmm, sorry I think you want me to stop talking
Lady : as if I tell you to stop talking you will stop
Me : its my habbit.
Lady : I can see it
Me : by the way you never asked me where I stay
Lady : I think its not required
Me : I know but still you can make the requirements
Lady : what do you mean?
Me : hey I just told sometimes if you feel like coming to my house not alone I mean. With your husband and all you 3 4 kids
Lady : what kids? What do you think? If I am married I have kids and that to 3 4?
Me : I just thought you are like that santoor ad. Lady with a kid but still people think she is not married (I just smiled)
Lady : ohh god. Save me. Where did you placed me. It was better stay in rain with my driver.

Me : even I am your driver shreya until I drop you.
Lady : mmm, you wont stop speaking
Me : m sorry, I was just getting bored so I just spoke. Sorry if I hurt you
Lady : its ok you speak very nice.
Me : so you mind having a cup of coffee?
Lady : no no. it will be late. My husband will be waiting
Me : mmmm you are afraid of late or you are avoiding me?
Lady : what does that make different?
Me : you just tell me. I will give you a solution
Lady : mmmmm I am afraid I will get late
Me : ohh then don’t worry. Rain can be the reason to tell to your husband
Lady : you wont leave me I guess. Ok but I wont stay for long
Me : its 8:45 now. In 2 mins we reach café day and we have coffee for 10 mins. And you are in your house at 9:30. if that fine
Lady : (smiled and then saw me keeping her slender finger on her lips) you are very smart.

Me : not with everyone shreya.
We both went inside the café day and order just two cappuccino. She sat opposite to me. Coffee came in just 5mins. Then she started speaking to me.
Lady : Rakesh, what do you do?
Me : I was woking for AAA company. Now I have to join ZZZ compnay.
Lady : you joining ZZZ company?
Me : ohh you know that company
Lady : no I just asked. How is the company? Are the paying you good?
Me : I don’t know about the company. But Igot very good package. Stupids. They are so fools they doesn’t know how run business also.
Lady : then why are you joining that company?
Me : I told you they are stupids. I told them so many tricks of improving business. That CEO bakra he appointed me
Lady : ok ok. So you do bakra to all of them?

Me : no no don’t worry.
Lady : so how is that CEO?
Me : he is the biggest stupid I have ever seen. He looks very handsome but don’t have anything in his mind. But always he sits in office only. Don’t know how his wife is tolerating him. Very short tempered guy. I am sure his wife will have or try to have affair with some (i just smiled)
Lady : mmmm so you think all this rubbish about your CEO.
Me : hey I just told about him. Why are you worried? Drink the coffee soon.
Lady : so what are your hobbies?
We started discussing lots of things and didn’t know how time went. We almost sat for 45mins. Suddenly sherya saw the time. It was already 9:45PM. Now she was worried.
shreya : Rakesh, its already 9:45. god didn’t know how time went.

Me : mmm, I didn’t do anything shreya
shreya : shall we start now
Me : sure why not don’t worry. I will drop you in 10mins
Mean while she got a call from her husband. “hello dear, sorry heavy traffic and my car is flat. Will come in 10mins honey.” She just told and kept the phone.
We both got into the car and she was seeing me for sometime.
shreya : Rakesh, I didn’t know how time went
me : I just love to speak to good people. Especially good looking people
shreya : you really speak very nice.

me : so friends?
shreya : sure friends
me : so would you mind sharing you number?
shreya : don’t worry. If fate agrees we will surely meet.
me : mm ok lets see atleast take my number its xxxxxxxxxx
shreya : ok noted.
me : just in case if we cannot meet for many months, give a call.
shreya : sure now just drive fast rakesh. Its getting late
me : shreya please don’t mind if I have spoken anything wrong
shreya : (we reached her apartments) no at all rakesh, and thank you so much for the coffee and the drop
me : hey wont you call you to you house?
shreya : no. take care bye

me : so rude….
she gave a very sweet smile and started towards the gate. She just turned again and waved the hand to tell bye. I also waved my hand. And started towards my house.
After reaching house I was just thinking of shreya. She was really a bomb. She was wearing a sexy sleeveless blouse and pink saree. I could see her bra stips and bra hook. She was indeed had gone to attend some party. She was really dressed so sexy and revealing. But I couldn’t praise her structure. Her body was still in my mind I couldn’t sleep until I shagged 2 times.
Morning I was supposed to go to ZZZ company to report for the first day. i got up early and then got ready and went to ZZZ Company. As soon as I reached there I meet Mr. Prashanth, CEO of the company.
We both spoke and then he told he will introduce me to my manager whom I will be reporting. He told me to sit and then he went inside a cabin and then came outside and then told me to come inside. I went behind him and there was my manager whom I was supposed to meet.
Prashanth : Rakesh, this is Shreya. Your manager
Shreya : Hi Rakesh, nice meeting you.

Me : Hi Madam, nice meeting you too (my throat was fully dried. She was none other than the lady I dropped last night)
Prashanth : Shreya, he is really a talented boy. He had promised lot of bussiness to us.
Shreya : Good good. We need people like you Rakesh. Prashanth has told about you and I have seen your profile. Good
Me : Thank you madam.
Shreya : Don’t call me Madam. You can call me Shreya
Prashanth : (smiled) Rakesh, shreya is my life partner and business partner as well. Alright buddies. You both carry on. All the best Rakesh.
Me : Thank you sir.
Shreya : So you are the one who will be working with me
Me : Yess….. Madam. I am sorry madam
Shreya : sorry for what?
Me : last night I didn’t know that you are the MD of this company. And spoke so many bad things
Shreya : mmmm you will get nice punishment for this
Me : I am sorry madam. Did you tell Prashanth about what I told?
Shreya : no no don’t worry. I didn’t tell anything about you
Me : madam I will never tell anything about this company
Shreya : hey rakesh don’t be so formal.

Me : ok madam
Shreya : call me shreya
Me : ok madam shreya
Shreya : only shreya
I was really worried what if something happens. What if she tells Prashanth about what I had told. Anyways now I was relaxed. First day was really good and I was understanding all the business concepts in the office.
I started getting the ZZZ company a very good business and it started growing very big. Prashanth and Shreya were so happy that they increased my salary to double and gave me full rights to do anything in the office. Clients started increasing. As shreya was my manager, she used to spend most of the time with me. We both used to go to lunch, dinner and sometimes coffee. She was spending most of her time with me than her husband. Slowly I could feel we both were getting attracted.

Shreya : Rakesh, its been 8months you joined and our company really grew so much
Me : its all your support shreya
Shreya : but your hard work really mean for us
Me : thanks shreya.
Shreya : see you were telling that meaning of my name is lucky. Now I only got that luck
Me : no no because I was with you I got that luck. My salary is doubled
Shreya : I have a gift for you rakesh
Me : gift oh god. Thanks. What is it?
Shreya : wait will give you. It’s a surprise
She just went near the door and closed it and then came near me. She had a small box in her hand. She just opened it.
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