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My life during my college time

My name is Jay a young n sexy guy. I am 24 years old at that time. I'm from Surat, India. I had many encounters since I attained my adolescence and most of them you must have gone through my stories posted here. I hope, you have enjoyed them all. Once again I have come with a new one for you all to share with. One of the sexiest among them, which I was thinking to share since a long time, is here.

After schooling I went to Mumbai for my higher studies. I took admission in the college but couldn’t find accommodation in the hostel but I got the assurance from the Principal to get one within a week or so. During that period I had no choice to put up in a hotel. I stayed at a hotel near the beach in Mumbai the first night I was down there I had a few drinks and was a bit seedy in the morning I was just chilling out on the balcony in my boxer shorts and a shirt when I heard a knock I looked around and thought maybe it wasn’t my room and then I heard the door open I quickly ducked out of view and peeked through the sliding door to see who it was and in walked a pretty beautiful maid and she went straight into the bathroom so I had a moment to think on what I was going to do.

I was feeling horny so I unbuttoned my boxer shorts and pulled part of my cock out just so it seemed like an accident I was just staring out at the water when I heard the door slide shut I turned around and she was standing there smiling at me then she just went on cleaning so I walked inside and she said "hello would you like me to make the bed?" and I said "sure that’s no problem" just as she went to walk in the bedroom she glanced at my cock and smiled.
So I followed her into the room I started to pick up clothes and put them in my bag by this time I was semi hard so my cock was protruding out more. I was standing right next to the bed pretending to look at my phone she was on her knees moving around the bed tucking in the sheets she came up really close to me got on her knees moving the bedding around and I was watching her she was staring at my cock she looked up at me and gave me a shy smile
She finished making the bed and went out to her cart she came back and said "Is there anything else I can do for you" she had a big grin on her face so I thought for a second how best to put it to her without getting kicked out so I asked "Does this hotel do massage therapy?" She walked straight up to me and grabbed out my cock I was shocked she led me to the bed using my cock as a leash we got to the bed and she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock I was so horny I thought I was going to cum straight away but managed to keep my composure.

She stood up and slipped off her pants an knickers and jumped on the bed in the doggy style position I buried my face in her backside sticking my tongue in her pussy and moving up and down licking every orifice she was moaning really loud so I got up on the bed and started to pound her from behind she was really tight but I showed no mercy I went as hard as I could I felt like I was going to cum so I pulled out and started jerking off she scrambled underneath my cock to swallow the cum so I grabbed her head just as I was cumming and rammed my cock down her throat. My cock was pulsating in her mouth for a good 10 seconds.

She got dressed after that and cleaned herself up as she was leaving she turned to me and said with a big grin on her face "is there anything else I can do for you?" I smiled and said "come back tomorrow" she smiled and left.

As promised I got the admission in the hostel and my studies started as usual. But in a city like Mumbai, It was very difficult to meet my expenses. I discussed with my friends and they advised me to give tuition to the junior class students and they managed for me. I started getting good amount of extra money to make my both ends meet.

I always had 5 or 6 students at any one time and I was always quite professional about it. But as my luck would have it, I found myself a tall, hot 22 year old skinny student. I remember the first time I met her. She invited me over to her parent's house to tutor. My jaw almost dropped when she opened the door in tight, booty shorts and a little pink t-shirt showing off her belly button and tanned, smooth stomach. She turned out to be quite the slut too. That first night we studied together in the kitchen and she did everything to get me turned on. She rubbed her foot up and down my leg under the table. Once in a while she'd put her hand on my leg as she leaned in to ask me a question. I tried my best to keep focused on tutoring, but eventually my hormones got the better of me. I gave into the teasing and the night ended with us fucking on the dinner table and I holding her legs open spread-eagle, ploughing my throbbing cock inside her tight, shaven pussy over and over again until I shot my hot dick deep inside her.
After that, we had our hot tutoring sessions twice a week. When I came over, we'd forget about even opening up our books, and she'd just take me right up to her bedroom, where I ravaged her perfect 21 year old body multiple times before going home. After a few weeks, we started getting more daring and she'd sneak me up to her bedroom while her family was at home. One time, she was in the middle of deep throating my cock when her mom knocked on her bedroom door telling her that dinner's ready. She casually took my dick out of her mouth and told her mom to go away and then went right back to blowing me. Another time, she was on top of me, riding my cock like a champion and moaning so loud even though her sister’s room was right next to hers. This girl had no shame when it came to getting her freak on.
One day, as I was heading out the door after a sweaty, passionate two-hour long tutor session with skinny, I ran into her older sister who was about my age at the time, 23. She told me that she knew I was not helping he sister with her school at all and that I was just fucking her brains out. I thought she was going to tell me to stop seeing her younger sister, but instead she said that she wanted to give my cock a try too. I hesitated at the idea of getting involved with both sisters, but she threatened to tell her mom about what I was doing unless I did what she asked. The choice wasn’t difficult. The older sister was a skinny too and was very sexy like her younger sister. She was also curvier and had nice DD tits.
So over the 2 months, I was seeing the younger sister twice a week during the evenings. And whenever the younger sister was out of the house, the older sister would text me to come over and I'd have a nice, long fuck session with her. It was a fucking amazing few months where I literally had sex 3 or 4 times a week with both sisters. It was fun comparing the differences between both of them. The younger one had a slimmer body like a model with perky B-cup tits and a really tight pussy. She also loved riding my dick like a cowgirl, which I enjoyed a lot while watching her bounce up and down over and over again. Her older sister liked it when I was in control. She'd bend over and let me fuck her from behind while she put her face in her pillow to muffle the sounds of her moans as she came. I also loved how she finished me off by squeezing her huge tits around my cock and sliding them up and down until I shot my load all over her chest and face. They were both amazing in bed in different ways; it is hard to pick a favorite. It was fun when both of them were in the house at the same time. Sometimes, while I was fucking the younger sister and the older one is in the next room, I'd ram my dick inside her extra deep to make her scream out loud knowing that the older sister was getting herself off.
But all good things come to an end. Eventually the older sister confessed to the younger one that she's been fucking me and the younger one didn't want to see me anymore. The older sister eventually stopped seeing me as well. I think she was only turned on when she knew I was fucking her younger sister. She was a bit kinky that way. Anyway, it was great while it lasted.

I hope you have enjoyed my sex encounters and will like to continue for more depending upon your positive responses
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