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Renuka-the slutty housewife Part 9

She hated the first day back to school after a little time off. It didn't matter if it was spring break, summer vacation, Christmas break or something as short as a one or two day teacher's conference, it always took the students one or two days to get their heads back into having to be there. She smiled to herself as she thought that she wasn't helping matters much - at least for the boys who sat in the front row in front of her desk.

Her desk was one of the few desks in the school that didn't have a modesty panel. Before her transformation in the hotel room the lack of a modesty panel on the front of her desk meant nothing since she usually wore pants suits to class. Since that night in the hotel room when her exhibitionistic tendencies were awakened she had taken to wearing skirts and dresses to work. That meant that whoever was sitting directly in front of her desk could look up under her skirt and see what ever it was that she chose to display. She could control what the boys saw by how much she let her skirt ride up when she sat down and how she positioned her legs.

Luckily, she was assigned one of the "short" rooms. Most of the rooms had platforms in the front of the room which raised the teacher and the blackboards so that those in the back rows could better see what was going on. The rooms without the platforms were referred to as "short" rooms. If she were in one of the rooms with a platform - a "tall" room - she couldn't do what she was doing because then the entire class would be able to see up her dress. In a short room only those in the front row and directly in front of her desk could get a look.

The problem of how to make sure that she got boys instead of girls in the front seat was solved by a couple of girls. The two were constantly disrupting the class by whispering and passing notes to each other and so she announced she was going to have assigned seating from then on so she could separate the cliques and knots of friends. Somehow it seemed that boys ended up in the seats directly in front of her. She was careful in her selection of who got to sit in front of her. She picked the boys who appeared to be shy and who the girls didn't pay much attention to. She did not want one of the more experienced boys sitting in front of her and maybe getting ideas.

For her it was all about exhibitionism, about teasing and nothing else. She had seen the photos of female teachers being led away in handcuffs because of sexual affairs with students and she did not want to become one of them Granted, most of them were caught playing around with inexperienced boys and not the twenty year olds she had in her class, but a student was a student. Teasing, but no, absolutely no touching. As long as she kept it to teasing the worst that could happen is that she might be called into the office and told that she needed to be a little more modest in her manner of dress. Then she would gasp and say, "I had no idea. Oh Lord, I am so mortified" and then go back to wearing her pant suits. No, she would be fine. Some boys were going to get a treat and she would get her thrill and then go home and fuck Rajesh to death.

It was her fourth hour and she had just given the class a pop quiz. While the students chewed on their #2 pencils and tried to think of the answers she sat at the desk and looked out over the class. She looked from boy to boy and wondered which of them had gotten hard ons looking at her and thinking about her. She knew that several of them had because she had seen the tents in their trousers.

Her eyes settled on Suresh Iyer. She had given him a woody several times and that was back before she decided to tease. She had held him after class to discuss an essay he had turned in. She was sitting at her desk and he was standing next to her and she could see that he was doing his best to look down her blouse without being obvious about it. The top she was wearing that day allowed him to see the upper slopes of her breasts and out of the corner of her eye she had seen the lump grow in his trousers. She remembered wishing that she had gone bra less that day.

Sameer in the back row was another one she knew she had made stiff a time or two. She had asked him to stay and help her move some desks one afternoon and before they were done she saw that his pants had bulged a good bit. She remembered thinking that Sam must have been pretty well endowed if the size of the lump in his jeans meant anything. She also remembered wondering if he would have bent her over her desk and taken her if she had been brave enough to make the offer.

She was looking forward to the end of the hour. She had already asked Ajit Nair to help her move some books during the break between her fourth hour and her final class of the day. She had chosen Ajit because she had noticed him trying to look up her dress and she had seen the lump in his jeans. She smiled to herself as she thought of how hard she was going to try to make him burst through his pants. Ajit had helped her before but that had been back before she had been changed by her night in the hotel room.

These shelves had accumulated books over the years and she had never understood why the books hadn't all been moved to the library, but they hadn't and they collected dust. It didn't seem as though any of the custodial staff figured dusting the books was part of their job description so she had taken on the duty herself.

She got a ladder from Cortes, the day custodian, and when Ajit got there she climbed the ladder, took the books off of the top shelf and handed them down to him. Once the top shelf was cleared she wiped the shelf down with a dust rag and then got off the ladder and wiped down the books. When the books were all wiped clean she went back up the ladder and had Ajit start handing the books up to her.

Ajit was maybe two feet from the ladder when they started and she watched out of the corner of her eye as each time he handed her some books he moved closer to the bottom of the ladder until he was standing right at the bottom looking up. She knew he could see up her skirt and she pretended not to notice as she took the books he handed her. As she set the books back on the top shelf she felt that little tingle that told her that her pussy was getting wet. She was turned on knowing that the boy was seeing her panties and she wondered if they had a wet spot on the crotch band and if so, did Ajit know that he was the cause? She knew he was excited because she could see the bulge in his trousers.

She was so turned on knowing that her could see her panty covered pussy, but couldn't touch it that she just had to stop what they were doing so she could go to the bathroom and masturbate. She asked Ajit if he could help her the next day and he said he could and she thanked him and as soon as he was gone she rushed to the women's bathroom and fingered herself to a powerful orgasm. She cleaned herself up and then hurried back to her room for her final class of the day.

The next day she was still so wired about what she had done with Ajit that she spent most of the day thinking about what she was going to do again that afternoon. At the end of her fourth hour she went to the bathroom and removed her panties and put them in her purse. That afternoon started out much the same as the previous day had with Ajit standing just a little away from the ladder, but as he had the day before he inched closer and closer to the ladder until he was at the very bottom and looking up. She saw him looking, but again pretended that she didn't. She could see his hard on throbbing inside his trousers and she knew he could see her pussy so open and with the lips swollen with desire and she adjusted her stance on the ladder to spread her legs wider to give him a better look and she overbalanced and the ladder wobbled. Ajit stuck out his hand to keep her from falling and he touched her leg just as she moved down a step and his hand slid up her leg to come to rest on her bare pussy.

She froze!

"Oh my God," she thought, "A student actually has his hand on my pussy."

That thought galvanized her into action and she scrambled back up the ladder just as Ajit jerked his had away. As soon as Ajit had his hand clear she hurried down the ladder. Ajit was trying to stammer out an apology and while she was turned on almost to the point of screaming she tried to settle Ajit down.

"It wasn't your fault Ajit; it was strictly an accident. And you did keep me from falling so I thank you for that. But you know that we have to keep what happened here to ourselves. We could both be in trouble if anyone ever found out that you touched me, even accidentally. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good. I think we had better stop for the day. I need to settle my nerves before my last class. And again Ajit, thank you for keeping me from falling."

As soon as he was gone she hurried from her classroom to the bathroom and masturbated over knowing that one of her students had not only seen her naked pussy, but had touched it. When her last class had ended she was still so turned on that she had to stop at the bathroom for one more finger session before heading home.

That night she went after Rajesh so hard that she left fingernail scratches on his back.
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