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Mom will you marry Me ? -4

She was wearing red stalking under the lehnga and matching Red high heels .She was fully ready like a bride.

I was shocked to see. She said son come inside otherwise someone will see. I closed the door and looked mom properly. She was also standing as if she is giving me a pose to see her beauty.

Her 36 boobs were looking awesome in the choli. Her ass was protruding from the lehnga. Her thighs in stalking were looking like a marble covered with silk.

The innocence on her face was making it a perfect mix of beauty.
I was just starting her and moved forward to hug her. She stopped me and said no not so soon son. I want to make this moment a perfect moment.

In these three days I have learnt a lot about you by exploring your system. I was shocked as her videos while taking bath was also stored in that.

She said I know what you like and what you dislike. So leave it on me. Go to washroom and get ready. I went to washroom. There I found a fresh pair of clothes and bottle of Perfume.

I took bath in hurry and when I was leaving I thought to shave my pubic hair also. I did that thinking mom also keeps her clean so should be the same.

I was not at all aware how my life going to change after this, what all is there for me today night. I was keeping my mind normal and away from thoughts.

I came out and saw mom waiting for me.

She said why you take so much time.

I said sorry mom.

She said its ok son now come to your room. We have some ritual to do. I was as happy as it was like a dream come true.

I entered my room and it was well decorated and in between was arrangement for the pooja . She lights the fire and started the music system which was playing some mantras.

We sat together and pour Ghee in the fire with the end of every mantra. Then she told me to stand up and we exchanged the rose garlands.

Then she said Beta what we are doing is not a normal thing. I am going to accept you as my husband from today. Please keep the respect of this relation. I have lost your father and I cannot take one more loss in my life.

After this we are going to take seven rounds of fire which means that you will be my husband and I will be your wife.

It’s a sin for society but I can’t deny your love for me that is the reason I am taking this step.

After these even rounds, I will be yours totally and as we have one more relation which is also one of the purest relation of being Mom and son. So you have to balance in between.

We took the rounds and all the oaths. After that mom touched my feet and handed over the mangal sutra to me saying make me yours from today.

I tied the mangal sutra and kissed her forehead and said mom thanks for understanding my love.

From today I am the man of the house and I will take care of you.
My love is always for you. She touched my feet again and said I love you Anand that was the first time she said these magical words and better then that was when she said I am all yours from today.

I said but mom my room is changed into pooja room so where will I sleep.

Mom : it’s no more your room or my room beta , it’s our bedroom . So let’s move to our bedroom.

I left my mom in my hand and said lets go together mom. I took her to our bedroom (earlier mom room) It was also well decorated.

On the side table my brand of cigarette and beer was kept. I was shocked to see I said Mom how did you know that I Smoke.
Mom said Beta I know it. You can make fool to others not me.
I kissed her forehead once more and said you are truly great mom.

I lay mom on bed and turned on Night bulb. After that I Come and sat with mother and start looking in her eyes. I could clearly see the love for me.

I went close to Mom and for the first time I kissed her on her lips. She opened her mouth. We both had Hug each other and without uttering anything just smooching each other. My hands were on the mother's back.

Slowly I move my hand on mother ass and start pressing it. It was so soft. It was an amazing feeling.

I was smooching my own mom and she was now biting her own son lips. She was moaning loudly now.

Mom’s lehnga zip comes into my hand and I opened it. After that I opened her blouse too. We were not taking but passionately smooching each other and in the mean while I removed mom choli and lehnga.

She was only in her bra and panty and stalking. She was looking mind blowing. Her bra was silk red color with net and red color thongs which was very small to cover her.

Mom realized that she is nude by now. I removed my clothes also and I just stayed in inners

After that I told mom to stand up. Then I start sucking on the mother's neck.

Mom hand was in my hair and she was breathing hard. I have start sucking mom’s cleavage.

Mom said Anand I love you please make me feel you today.

I told mom that do not worry mom. Today I will give you all those things for which you are suffering from many times.

I remove mother's bra too. She was bit shy but was exited also.

I took her left boob in my mouth.( till this time I always saw mom as very educated and well - mannered women who always speak very descent language but this belief of mine was also broken ) .

Mom stood in front of me in just Panty and that panty was itself not too much to cover her. I remove her thongs. I want to see her nude for the first time in front of me. She was shining like anything.

Her vagina was clean shaved and was wet by this time.

Mom came closer to me and said “you made your wife naked but when you will be naked with that she removed my inners”

My dick was fully erected. Mon saw this and says not bad. This is grown much and winked at me. I said mom its 7 inches I don’t know its small or big. To which she said it’s perfect for me son . Now talk less and show your love. This is our suhag raat (Honeymoon night) not talk night. I smiled.

I laid mom on the bed and start kissing on her entire body.
First I lick her boos. It was very soft. I am getting mad and I have start biting on her boobs. My love bites are clearly visible on her boobs. She was also enjoying it.

She told me to bites more. So I continue to bite on her body.
Then I slowly suck on her tummy. She is playing with my hairs.

I put my finger on her pussy and found that it was totally wet. I start rubbing mom’s pussy with my fingers

Mom was enjoying all this , in between she use to say anand I love u . Then I moved bit lower and for the first time I saw her chut (pussy) so closely. It was the same chut (pussy) where my father entered, from where I came out in this world and today the same chut (pussy) will be mine.

I start licking it like a mad dog .I like did for almost 20 minutes and suddenly I could feel that mom grip was becoming stronger and her body was rigid. She was jumping on my mouth.

She says suck it baby. Till today no one has licked me. It’s you only you who showed me the fun of being licked. Out your lounge inside yes beta (son) more I want more from you.

It was becoming difficult for me to control so put my hand over her tummy to stop her from jumping and I start biting her outer lips. She was crying in pain.

She forgot the whole world suddenly and said anand common give your mom pussy coolness. It is yearning for you. Listening all these words make me more aggressive in my actions and inserted my fingers also in her chut.

I was out of breath by continuous licking. I put all forcee on her chut (pussy) and felt some juices on my mouth.I t was such a great Taste . Mom becomes silent for some time and her grip got loose too. I also lied on top of her stomach.

Mom : Son. I never felt this much happiness earlier. From where you all this thing.

Mom it’s my love for you . We both were nude and talking to each other I was caressing her boobs .

For 5 minutes we just talked then mom stood still her staking and sandals on. She said you like girls with stalking and sandals while doing sex right.

I said ya mom.

She said then enjoys me with this. She sat on the floor and took my dick (lund) in her hand. Within seconds she was sucking it like a whore and her words also proves the same.

Anand put it full in my mouth. I stood in and I took mom head in my hands and started mouth fucking her.

She was doing it like a professional. She was pressing my ass and in between she used to take my lund (dick) out and licks my balls and ass. I was about to come and told mom I can’t control. She said come inside my mouth beta, if you can drink all my juices then I can also.

I came in her mouth and she took all in her mouth. It was a scene just shown in porn movies some of my cum was on her lips which she wiped with her tongue. We both have already cum once. Then I took one cigarette and mom took the lighter to light it.

It was more than a Wedding night. We bother were aggressive. I was smoking and mom was licking my dick.

Then she said beta now I cannot control it put in my pussy.
After hearing this, I was excited and said what’s going on. On that day, you are slapping on me and today you are saying to fuck me. So much change in three days

Mom says that day was a mother and today is one wife whose pussy is hungry

I lined mom along with wall and inserted my dick into her pussy/
My dick was inside her pussy in just one stroke. I heard abuse words from mom’s mouth first time.

Mom said oops rascal not so fast.

I told her that you want to be fucked and not painful that’s not possible and with saying this I lifted her in my lap.

She was in air and her legs were around my waist. My dick was in her pussy. I am not letting setbacks so I put her on the bed and put her legs on his shoulders. Now my dick was in perfect position.

Then I began to stroke faster. She was taking fun with every stroke and she was making me excited by saying dear fast.
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