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Encounter with my Anni at the Mall

This story is about my sexy escapades with my sexy anni, Manju.

Just a small short intro about me. I am pursuing my 3rd year engineering. Good looking
guy but do not hit the gym regularly and not so keen on building six packs. Though i look bit lean but quite strong. Guess, will stop here and move on the heroine of the story Manju my beloved anni married to my cousin.

She looks like a real south Indian actress with a perfectly sculptured body to die for. Mostly wears sari and always conscious about her dress and the dirty look of onlookers. She is perfect homemaker. Oh forgot, she has a son of age 5. Even after a son, the beauty of anni just didn't fade, in-fact she has matured and ripped fascinatingly. Have been watching and eyeing her from the day she married my cousin. Even though i get along well with both the burning desire inside me hardly seizes to fizz out.

Now coming the most important of the lot the stats of my sexy manju anni, weighing around 60 kg. The most tempting of the lot is her boobs measuring around 34 they are like pointed bazookas erect and firm. Then comes her meaty ass bums which is really hard to resist. with anni often in sari tied tight her ass bums really protrudes out wanting to pat them gently at first and then madly spank and bang them.

Though we live a same gated community, but separated by towers. I love to spend considerable amount of time at their home as my cousin is busy with his
business which he has just started. More than that she has degree in engineering, the same stream as mine and i get lot of doubts cleared from her. If you read
the fine lines i always love to be in the company of hers, lustfully enjoying her beautiful body, the erotic fragrance of her and most importantly her boobs and ass which i am a fan off.

She repeatedly asks me, "you are smart, but why do you always have lot of doubts ?". To which i always grin wide and tell, "No one clears my doubts better than you".

And she also asks about my girlfriends. All i have are girls who are real good friends. With my sexy anni completely occupying me there is no chance of anyone taking that place.

Like said, she always prefers to be in sari, true to her tradition and rural upbringing. And mostly importantly she would wear sari in such a way that her navel is exposed when she is at home and when she goes out she would properly cover them. The choice of her blouse always amazes me. They are always transparent and its easy to make the color of her bra. I have poked fun at this and anni always says you talk too much but have never changed.

When i am at her home i always catch the arousing glimpse of her sexy jugs swaying to sides when she walks around and a glimpse of her boobs. Couple of occasions she has caught me staring at her boobs and ass, but as never shown a stern reaction to it. It encouraged me, but had to really careful as it could jeopardize the complete relationship between the family.
Though their sex life was perfect. But now-a-days with my cousin being busy with his business, he hardly spends time with her. There was a growing depression within her which was quite evident from her talks.

There was wedding coming up in the family and everyone was busy with their shopping. I was at home enjoying my study holiday and instead of busy being with
books in my room at home, i was busy spending time with my sexy anni in the pretext of clarifying some doubts.

Me: Anni, have you completed your wedding shopping ? Almost all the family members are busy with it.
Anni: Huhh !! No. (she said in a stren voice)
Me: Why ?
Anni: Your cousin just doesn't have a tiny fraction of time to spend with me. How could i expect him to accompany me to shopping ?

There was genuine sadness in her eyes which i could not take it.

Me: Plz dont feel. Since its the early days of his business, brother is busy with it.
Anni: Huhh !!
Me: If you want i could accompany you to shopping.

I could see a spark in her eyes.

Anni: I don't want to disturb you. You should be concentrating on the studies rather than accompanying me to shopping.
Me: no problem anni. when shall we go and where ?
Anni: If you are okay, we can go tomorrow.
Me: What are the things are you planning to purchase ?
Anni: a nice sari, matching jewels and sandals.
Me: thats all. no other accessories.
Anni: No, thats all. others i have, the chain etc.
Me: I did not mean that.
Anni: then what ?
Me: Plz dont take me wrong. a friends of mine owns a shop of inner garments. In case you want will take there. A new and big shop stuffed with latest and imported ones.
Anni: Ummm, will think it out.

Felt happy that anni has not rejected it out right. I was guessing, tomorrow she would surely ask me to take to the shop.

Nexy day left early to manju annis home. she was ready and waiting for me to come. She was dressed in a black sari which was suiting like hell. Being fair skin the sari simply enhanced her beauty two folds. With a slight milky skin of her waist seen it was real tempting view. just cannot resist looking at them time and again. Abandoning any further thoughts asked her,

Me: Anni, can we can start ?
Anni: sure. was waiting for you.

Anni after closing the doors was leading me. Always allowed her to lead so that i could i can see her ass bums sway to sides. We reached the parking lot and hopped on the car and started driving. I was bit tensed since she did not open her mouth about the inner garment purchase.

Me: Where should we head to ?
Anni: shopping.
Me: I know that. any shop that you have in mind.
Anni: Shreya's boutique.
Me: Okay. Thats all.
Anni: Yes.
Me: Sure ?
Anni: Yes.

Guess, she was teasing me. A thought occured to myself.

Anni: Have you purchased ?
Me: went lask week, accompanied with parents.
Anni: You were telling about the shop yesterday. owned by your friend. Can we go there first.
Me: (was jumping inside) sure .
Anni: just wanted to see ... not sure if i would purchase them. You know your cousin is orthodox, not sure if he would like them.
Me: No problem. If you like we could buy.
Anni: Ok.

With all the happiness, was driving towards my friends shop. Had called him yesterday and told will be coming. Unfortunately he is not in town (happy for me)
and he told will inform the manager named sapna to take good care.

Reached the shop. Its was big with large mannequin of females in kinky dress. Seeing them anni was taken back. I without any second thought moved inside, introduced to the manager and was looking at anni, she was gazing at those dolls.

We were taken to a room inside, which is were special customers are treated. They would bring in latest collections, imported stuff and they would dress a doll to get a feel and then one could try them if needed.

Anni: It might be a little odd if someone sees me here with you in this underwear store.
Me: Anni, its Victoria Secrets lingerie shop. None of relatives would come here.

Anni, ignored me and went ahead to check the inner garments in there.

Sales Woman: Mam whats the size.
Me: (shamelessly, ignorantly and spontaneously) its 34.

Both my anni and saleswoman were shocked. I recovered and knew the blundered that i had committed, but actually had a catalog. Pointed towards it and told just
read the measurements from there. They were bit revealed. my sexy anni had a wicked and mischievous smile on her lips.

Anni: its 34C

I had decided i am going to surely suggest some. She has creamy white skin so white would have worked well, but I was looking more in the area of dark colored ones. Who knew they had so many different dark shades ? I fingered the fabrics as my mind wandered thinking about her and as if caressing her assets. I was mad and horny. I had to readjust my cock as it started to harden while I fingered through the pile of panties. I just hadn't found the one that excited me on that particular level.

She started at the bras. She was touching and alternately holding onto various bras, holding some against her chest, checking tags.

And so, I helped. I picked out lacy panties, and pointed out the special padded bras which the ads said would push the breasts together. Then I picked up some thong bikinis and held them out to her. "Have you tried these?" Her eyes got wide.

At last i found out, a black satin bra and matching high cut satin bikini panties. Was impressed with the softness and loved the way they failed to cover. Moved closer to anni and held it to her.

Me: Anni, i really like this, can you try ?
Anni: (bit taken back) What ?
Me: sure this should suit you. Please try it.
Anni: (unable to show her anger) keep it there.
Me: Anni, this is real soft.

Was actually touching the inner portions of that satin bra and was shamelessly looking at her bazookas. Was feeling as it i was touching them. And then showed it to anni asking her to take a look at it. Repeated the same with bikini cut pantie. Was having a hard time controlling my erection.

The sales woman came to my rescue. She was telling that this is one of the latest imported models which is selling hot. She convinced my anni to at least try them.

she has selected few models kind of regular models, which was not so impressive. So gestured the sales woman to promote the bikini styled and padded bra to which she nodded promptly. She took out few smooth bra and pantie pairs and started detailing to my anni, was able to convince her to try them instead of regular ones. She took out few padded bra and matching panties and my black satin bra and matching high cut satin bikini pantie.

Once inside the trail room, she was greeted by the giant mirrors on all sides expect for the door. She gazed at her beauty right from head to toe. She saw how her boobs protruded and her meaty ass. She smiled thinking how every men ogled at her beauty and shamelessly raped her with their lustfully eyes.

She was already intoxicated by those kinky clothes and just made her think of fucking.
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