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My Hindu Mother Part 1

I am son of a Muslim man while my mother is a Hindu. A marriage between peoples of two different religions is not common in India but sometime such marriages do happen. My parents' marriage surely had its problems. First my mother tried to settle down with my father's family but failed. Then, my father tried to settle down with my mother's family but failed. In the end they decided to split up.

At the time of divorce I was only eight. My father took me with him and my mother started living with her parents in her native town. She belonged to a middle class family of Kerala. My father soon married a Muslim woman but it was no solace for me as she was not kind to me. I yearned for my real mother. It was not until I was nineteen that I saw her again.

My father died suddenly when I was nineteen. My stepmother went back to live with her family and I was left alone to live on my own. It was then a family friend suggested to me to meet my real mother. Through him I learned that my mother never married after leaving my father. As a matter of fact she became very religious after her divorce. Most of her time is spent in visiting various temples.

I immediately wrote a letter to her and requested her to let me meet her. She declined to meet me initially because I was a son of a man she now hated. In my next letter I told her that I am also her son and I wish to convert to her religion. This softened her heart and she asked me to come and live with her. I immediately moved to the town where she was living with her parents. I was not sure how my mother would look like after so many years. My father burned all her photographs so I could remember her only from my childhood memories. In my memory she was a lean and fair complexioned woman.

When I met her again I found her a bit plumpish but not fat. It is common for woman in Kerala to do lot of housework and so it is uncommon to see obese females there. She was around 40 years and her complexion appeared whitish. She had full, round, tits that seemed to just sag a bit under there own weight, a small waistline with just a hint of a slight bulge at her stomach, a nice, and a round ass.

"It's good to see you again." My mother said to me.

"It's good to see you too; it's been a long time." I told her.

"Too long." she remarked.

With that our first meeting was over. There were neither hugs nor kisses. I was told by my grandfather to put my luggage in a spare room.

As I started living with her, my mother changed my name from Mujeeb to Sumeet. Next stage was changing my religion. As I was not well aware about her religion so she decided to take my religious education in her hands. Only in few days I learned as much about Hindu gods and goddesses as many people learns in years. Like a traditional Kerala family there was a favorite goddess of my mother's family.

The temple of that goddess was on a hilly area about 100 km away from her place. My mother used to visit that temple four or five times in a year. Usually she went there in the evening, stayed overnight and after participating in the night and morning Pooja sessions and returned home in the afternoon. Temple has a guesthouse with minimum facilities for pilgrims' stay.

I had no sexual thoughts about my mother initially but slowly thing started to change. The first event happened about a week after I got settled in my new home. One day after mid-night I suddenly woke up and felt thirsty as it was quite hot in those days. I got up and proceeded towards the kitchen where the water was. As I was passing through my mother's room, I heard my mother calling me.

Her room was dark as the light was switched off. She asked me if I am going to kitchen for water; I should bring a glass of water to her too. I went to kitchen, drank water and brought a glass of water for her. When I brought her the water, she asked me to switch on the light. I switched on the light and proceeded to hand over the water.

What I saw surprised me beyond limits. Although she was wearing the sari, which she was wearing in the evening but she had no blouse or bra on. Because of hotness she had taken them off. Her breasts were visible beneath the thin sari. As she drank the water, she gave me a smile. After she had finished I took the glass and switched off the light and went to my room and lay down on the bed. I could not sleep as I was getting aroused. It was perhaps because of the fact that I met my mother after so many years.

A mother's position in Indian culture is very high, as it is in other cultures. Indians, however, go a little farther and put her next to God. The relationship is so holy that to have sexual thoughts about one's mother is sacrilegious in a very serious way. While I felt ashamed on one hand, on the other I couldn't deny the arousal I felt every time I thought about her. It was difficult for me to not look at her as a desirable woman. I was torn between guilt and libido, between shame and sensuality, and between what would in a nutshell be hell and heaven.

Just after the first event a second event took place. One day I went into the kitchen to put some dirty crockery in the sink. My mother was already there. There was not a lot of space in the kitchen since there were cabinets and counters on either side. In the process of going by her she suddenly seemed to have a problem setting the burner.

She said something under her breath and then leaned over the burner to get a better look. In bending over she sent her round pillory ass right into my crotch. The touch of her ass sent a very bad message to my foolish cock. My dick lurched in my pants. My cock got harder and harder till I was rigid as a piece of pipe. I heard her repeating my name in anger.

"Oh God! Sorry Mom!"

"Next time, be sure you're a little more under control," she said half in anger and half in smile.

"Next time I will!" I said and left the kitchen.

Then after about a month or so my mother decided to go to her favourite Temple. It was decided that I should go with my mother to offer some special Poojas at the temple. We packed things for a day's stay and headed towards the temple. We took a bus for that journey and got seated side by side.

In the beginning it was normal journey but when the bus started moving things started to change. My mother kept leaning on my shoulder repeatedly as the bus kept turning all through. My eyes turned to see that after some time her sari had gone ajar, giving me a glimpse of her cleavage through the neck of her blouse. I shook my head and tried closing my eyes so that they don't stray on my mother but every time they opened, I couldn't resist the tendency to have a peek inside her blouse.

Within seconds, I realized that I was hardening beneath my pants and struggled hard to control my emotions. The journey seemed like eternal for me as I was increasingly aroused by my mother tempting me inadvertently. When the journey came to an end, it was a great relief to me. After leaving the bus we reached the temple by 5 p.m. and engaged a room in the guesthouse.

It was really a pleasant experience to stay at that place surrounded by lush green forests. One thing I liked most about the place is a stream. There is a big stream not far away from the temple, which is considered a holy river. As it flows from the hills the water is not polluted. It was a custom to bathe in the holy river before going to the temple.

We took clothes to change, bath towel and soap and reached the 'Ashanan Ghat' (bathing place). There were few people at the 'Ghat'. We walked up stream by the side of the river to a secluded spot covered by woods so that my mom could bathe safely away from the prying eyes of males. It was not unusual for the women pilgrims to move away from the common area for privacy's sake.

As soon as we reached the spot I took off my pants and shirt, dived into the water and started to swim. Mom sat on a big rock watching me swimming and occasionally alarming me not to go deep into the water. After some time I got tired and climbed to a rock in the middle of the river and sat there padding the water with my legs. It was my mom turn next.

She stood up and looked around for making sure nobody was there in the immediate vicinity and removed her sari. Then she unhooked her blouse and removed it. She was wearing a white lace bra. Next she untied the knot of her petticoat and pulled it over her head. Before I could see what was happening she slid into the water and began swimming near the rock where I was sitting.

She was a good swimmer. When she reached the rock she stretched her hand and I pulled her on to the rock. The scene was amazing, any impotent man would have got a hard on if he saw her that way. The combed cotton panty and bra had got wet and become transparent. The brown cherries on her breasts and the black thatch between her thighs were clearly visible. Her white skin sparkled after being immersed in the water. She had a lot of bushy hair under her arms and on the crotch. Her ass looked like big golden pumpkins covered in wet white clothes.

I got a hard on and there was a bulge on my underwear. I folded my knees so that the bulge was not revealed to my mom who was sitting in all her glory in front f me. After a while she swam back to the shore and started to soap her body. She turned to the other side and pulled out her melons out of her bra and soaped them. After sometime she pulled down her panties opened her legs and soaped inside her pussy. This time I could see her naked bums. As she went into the water again, she turned away from me and repeated the process, this time to wash off the soap. I too swam to the shore and soaped my self and went into the water.

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