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Confession Of A Cuckold Part 14

From then on, Vidya started meeting with Akram even without my knowledge. Every now and then, Akram would also take her out for a week end. She would spend the week end with him either at his flat or some resort where they would go. In fact, this started to happen too frequently and Vidya started to spend almost every week end with Akram. Akram would pick up her on Friday evening and she would come back on Sunday evening when Akram would drop her to our home. And soon I started to get frustrated with this. I had expected that our sex life would because of her affair with Akram. But as it turned out, our sexual life was disintegrating right before my eyes. Vidya clearly was giving all the attention to Akram and was simply neglecting me.

When I tried to talk to her about this, she just laughed and told me that I was being jealous and just ignored the subject. But there was no denying the fact that she was intentionally avoiding any real sexual contact with me. One Friday, when I was in office, I received a call on my cell phone from Vidya.

"Hello Ravi, are you free?" I sensed that she must have called me to tell me that she was going with Akram this evening. So I moved out of cubicle and went towards cafeteria. It was fairly empty so nobody could have heard me there. I sat on a table near the window and spoke to her.

"Yes, I am sitting in the canteen." I noticed that it was almost 5 PM now and cafeteria staff was preparing for evening snacks.

"OK, I called you to tell you that I am going with Akram now. He has come here to pick me up. I will spend week end with him at his Hiranandani flat. But he asked me to ask you if you would like to join us for the week end. So why don't you come to his home after office?" I brushed my hair with my hands as I watched people slowly coming in.

"I don't mind, but I don't know the address." I slowly got up as one couple sat just next to my table and started to walk towards the exit.

"I will send you a SMS. Please come after 8:30. We won't be home until that time. Akram is taking me for shopping." I disconnected the call and soon after I received a SMS from my wife. It had the address of the flat.

I had planned to leave early for home, but now stayed in the office till almost 7. I left at 7 and was soon hurtling towards Hiranandani Thane. I reached Hiranandani gate at about 8:30, but it took me some time to find the building and finally I parked my bike in the parking. I entered my name in the security register. The security guard meanwhile picked up the phone and called a number. I guess he was calling Akram's number.

"Hello Parveen madam, there is someone to meet Akram Sir. His name is Ravi. Do you want me to send him?" I was surprised to hear him calling Parveen. I was sure that there was only one female in Akram's home. And he had called her Parveen. He listened in the instrument for a moment and then nodded to me before putting the phone down.

"It is on 17th Floor. Use the right most lift." He said as he showed me the lift. I nodded.

"Who did you talk to just now? Didn't you talk to Akram?" He looked up towards me with interest.

"I talked to Akram Sir's wife Parveen madam." I was almost shocked. So this was how Vidya was known to security guard here. From his tone, it sounded as if he was fairly comfortable with her and he knew her very well.

"Do you know her well? Since how long do you know her?" He got up from the chair.

"I have been working here since last 9 months and I have known her all this time." I was once again surprised as Vidya and Akram had met almost 1 year back. So she must have been coming here just after we had met initially. I had come to know that she had cheated with me. But even then she didn't tell me that she was cheating for such a long time.

I thanked the guard and then walked towards the lift. I reached the 17th floor and rang the doorbell of Akram's flat. Soon it was Vidya who opened the door for me. She was looking ravishing in a black sari and sleeveless blouse. She was wearing light makeup and a red bright lip stick on her lips. Her petite frame looked absolutely sexy in the thin georgette sari. Something about her had changed, but I just couldn't figure out what. She normally wore a bindi, but now she was not wearing anything. She smiled at me and then closed the door behind me. Her lovely black hair was spread on her back. I looked at her luscious swaying as she walked.

"I will get some water for you." She went inside as I walked in the hall. Akram was sitting on the sofa and he got up and smiled at me.

"Hello Ravi, how are you? Come in and have a seat." I got close and sat on the sofa chair.

"I am good. How are you?" I replied cordially.

"I am good. We both thought that Vidya was almost spending all her weekends here. So we both thought maybe we should invite you here so we could all spend it together." Vidya walked in the room bearing a glass of water on a tray and she stooped before me to offer me the glass. I picked up the glass.

"That was nice of you although I suppose I myself could have come in any time, isn't it?"

"Of course, any time you want." Akram smiled and replied.

I slowly drank water from the glass as Vidya kept the tray on a tripod beside chair and then sat down beside Akram. She was sitting very close to him that his thighs were touching hers. Her sari was very transparent and she was not wearing a petticoat underneath. So as she sat there, I could see her panties from the sari. I finished my glass and put the glass on the tray. Akram slowly wrapped his arm around my wife's petite frame and put his hand on her naked arm. He caressed her arms slowly as she looked on me.

"Did you have any difficulty in finding this place?" Vidya asked me as she ran her hands through her hair.

"No it was pretty straight forward." I replied. Vidya's hand was resting on Akram's thigh. I was surprised at the level of intimacy between them. I knew that they had been in a relationship with each other for almost a year. But even then I was surprised to find how close Vidya was with Akram. There was nothing awkward when Vidya touched Akram's thighs or he touched her naked arms. They were pretty easy with each other. It was almost as if they were a real husband and wife. I felt as if Vidya was not my wife, but Akram's.

Just as this thought struck me, I suddenly noticed the difference in her. Her neck was bare. She was not wearing her mangalsutra. The sudden realization of this coupled with the fact that the guard had called her Parveen and not Vidya now had full impact on me. My eyes were riveted on Vidya's neck and it seemed to me that she also noticed it.

"So you noticed it huh? I was wondering when you would notice it." She smiled at Akram.

"Yes, I noticed that and I also noticed that the guard called you Parveen madam." Akram slowly turned Vidya's head towards him and they both kissed slowly. As they kissed, Vidya wrapped her arms around Akram's waist and then she slowly put her head on his shoulder.

"That's how she has been known here ever since we met. Everybody here knows her as my wife Parveen Shaikh. Everybody thinks that she works as sales manager in a company as she is travelling. So she comes home infrequently." Vidya slowly extended her arm and touched Akram's face and kissed him lightly.

"So you had planned this all along?" I was surprised at this. However as I thought it was the only decent way of doing it. Akram really couldn't have disclosed Vidya's real identity to everybody.

"Yes, you can say so. Vidya didn't want to reveal her real identity to everybody here, so she herself suggested this. And she was right in every way. Now everybody here as well as in my social circle knows her as my wife. She even joins me to parties or any social events in the society as my wife. Vidya has respect of everybody and she preferred it that way rather than to be known as my mistress. She was very particular about not being known as my mistress. So we chose her a new Muslim name and introduced her to everybody here as my wife. And she definitely is enjoying her new social life with me as her husband." Vidya got up from the sofa and came near me.

"It was only way of not spoiling my name. I didn't want to be seen as somebody's mistress. I wanted respect, not scorn. And no matter how you are, you can only get scorned by everybody if you are someone's mistress." Vidya seemed conciliatory in voice and gesture. I nodded as even I felt that this was the right way. Vidya brightened as I showed my agreement.

"Thank god you understood this. I was really wondering if you would be angry with me for doing this. Let's go to the bedroom. We will show you around the house." She walked up to Akram and extended her hand towards him. Akram took her hand and then they both walked in front hand in hand as I followed them. Akram wrapped his hand around my wife's waist as Vidya enthusiastically showed me around the house. I was pretty impressed with the flat. It was a wonderful flat and it was showing off Akram's wealth all around the place. And the way Vidya was showing it off to me, one would have supposed that the flat belonged to her rather than Akram. Her eyes were glowing and her face was almost contorted with pride. I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched her gloating about the flat with her hands in Akram's hands. Finally we both came to a door.

"And this is our bedroom. We have a surprise for you here, but it will have to wait till we finish our dinner." Vidya smirked at Akram as he slowly pulled her closer to him and he kissed her lips. Vidya melted in his arms as they shared a passionate kiss. Vidya moaned as they continued kiss. I could see Akram's hands moving on Vidya's big ass as he slowly stroked it. They stopped the kiss after a few minutes but not before she was almost breathless. Vidya patted heavily as he boobs heaved before my eyes.

"Let's go and have dinner.
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