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That Day Before My Marriage

I am lalitha 20 was from a upper middle class family. I was a typical tamil but with a fair skin. Sexr with a back and heavy boobs. My class mates used to tell me that i have a good smell. ButI could not feel so.They always mocks me telling that the would be husband will not leave me till you are fully sweat. During that period My marriage was fixed. We had a talk for about 2 hours. He was in bombay. So further telephonic talks were very difficult due too the trunk call systems of that time. And also the land phone was in drawing room. We had a large house with a lot of trees all around. It was the largest house in that village.
I had a elder sister who have married and a chotti just 2 years younger.

We had a purchase of series and some gold in connection with my marriage. we have hired a car to go to the nearest town for that purpose. In the eve sisters have gone to my aunts house with father for inviting them. But bro in law and mother was inhome. Bro in law was a dwarf man with a dark colour. While sister was taller and fairer. He has some inferiority for this. He had a good job and was from a rich family. He was 35 yrs of age . He also was very serious type man .I have never had talked with hin freely. He was seeing TV in his room.

Mother was very young only 45 and was still in her youth. It is told that she was only 18 at the time of marriage. She was bit dark but was one of the tallest and beautiful among our society When we have returned from the shop mother has forced father to keep the gold in our bank locker. She has felt that the thieves may get attracted to houses before marriage. After the dinner we have slept Then I have felt someone is touching me I have looked the door and found it as locked. I thought that it was a dream. Again the same feeling of touching my new gold payal by some one was felt. I have got up and switched on the light. To my surprise I found a tall man with a gun was in front. He told me not to shout.

I was asked to obey him ,and if objected all will be killed. I was asked to remove all gold and asked for the new ornaments. I have told him that it was in bank. for that he has given a slap on my face. .He has taken me along with him to my bro in laws room. He was still sleeping. He has kicked him to get up. Similar threatening has continued. Then he has also told that the gold is in the bank. He has abused him and asked to fuch me ,as a punishment. He has objected that and was beaten and told him that the buddi will be killed first. He was to go to mothers room.,by then bro in law has pulled me and kissed my mouth. Then the thief has sat on a chair and has started directing us to do as he tells.

Slowly bro inlaw has started removing all my dresses and has started fucking me in full force .When the fuck was in progress he has left fo searching other gold. he has warned for not stopping the work till his arrival. By then I was fucked with his dick and I have cried in a big sound. I thought mother may come. But nothing has happened. Slowly I have started enjoying the fuck. It was not our fault and then why to cry and shout. Better to get maximum enjoyment He has also told the same as an apology. He told that I am just like a sister to him bit since the thing has happened let me use it happily. He has licked my whole body and crushed my breast and thighs. He has continued fucking for more than three times ,till i have got unconscious. Then he has left the room and locked it from outside. When I have got up I saw I was alone in that room. Later he has come and made me to get up and took me to my room.

Next day we found that many series and my gold and mothers gold were stolen by him. I have not told the other facts to any one as told by bro in law.
next day mother has repeatedly asked me if he has touched me or not. I told the truth. He has not done any thing and has only taken my ornaments. .By repeated asking has made me a lot of doubts of some thing between mom and with that thief. I have also found many scratches and bite marks on her cheeks ans hands. Any way I have not asked it further, The marriage was done and we have left to bombay.

We were about 15 KM away from sisters house. So she used to come along with bro in law and stay for a night. My husband was generally going for tours to foreign countries. Sister used to come or I used to go to her in those days. During one day Bro in law has come instead of her. It was told that her child was not well. He as usual stayed in his room playing with his lap top. After dinner he called me in. He requested me to sleep with him. Any way we have done it so there in no problem. I was terrified .By then he has pulled me to him and has started kissing . When i have objected he has got wild and made me to sit at his feet and forced to suck him. Naturally I have surrendered and slept with him .

He have fucked me from all the ways. all this was new to me. Oral and anal have never done between us. He has used me as a prostitute till the morning. He has taken photos in his laptop. He told me that He is the first man to taste her and be ready to obey his command. From that day I was his keep. It was only after many days I could know the real thief who has forced me for our fuck. It was his chall(technique). He has used a friend of him and he has got me and the friend has used other. I have seen their photos in his laptop. Both sitting together and drinking. Now What I can do ? Later I could collect many derogatory informations about my bro in law. He is a top of actor supply agency. He is told that he has never taken any actresses with out tasting them. Tall girls are a weakness for him. Here I came in that category. I fear my chotti also will come under his grip. If I have objected he can finish me ,sis and mother in a sweep. Better to behave as a n obedient keep, till getting a chance to escape.

It was after about one year when i have got a child. I was careful to have one from my husband only. Luckily it was done . But he used to enjoy me even in my fifth month. He became more and more possessive and was telling that I wa s best in those months.Now after delivery he likes milk. Now a days if he comes alone I should have opened his shoe and dresses and have to start sucking with out his order. That is the protocol. Then one day accidentally i could see his lap top to see mothers sex photos along with sister. sisters's was with him .There were many girls in birth suit and some in copulating way. I have taken a copy of some to my P.C. who knows when it can be used against him. who knows he has still using mother or was it the one taken on that day. So now we all are his keeps. Poor sister living happily with out any knowledge of her step wifes in her own family.
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