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Plight Of An Indian Housewife Part 1

I am 36 years old, married for 18 years now. I have a 16-year-old daughter. My husband is a 44-year-old General Manager in a private firm in Kolkata. I too work in a bank just to pass time, as I do not like to stay at home. Due to regular aerobics at the gym I have a good body. I have a 36C bust, a 28 waist and a perfectly round 36 ass.

My husband says that men stare at my ass anywhere I go. It does make a big curve when viewed sideways. Also the biggest asset I have that distinguishes me from most Indian women is my height. I stand at 5.7". I have dark brown, long hair coming all the way up to my hips, which are always tied up in traditional Indian style. I have a very fair skin making make-up unnecessary for me, though I do put on some lipstick.

The incident I want to narrate happened about a year back. We had moved to Kolkata only some 6 months back from the firm's Mumbai office. Our house was a good 20-25 minutes from our offices. Being new in the city, my husband always used to send the car along with the driver to drop and receive me from my office. Being an inspection officer my husband used to travel a lot within West Bengal. During those days I used to travel by auto-rickshaw. My daughter, who was 15 then, went to school with her friend in her car. It was Christmas Eve. My daughter, Kiran, had gone to Mumbai to my brother's place as her school was closed. My husband had to go to Shiliguri for an inspection.

So I had to travel by auto-rickshaw. It was around closing time in the office when I got the news that the auto-rickshaw union had gone on a sudden strike. So I enquired about the bus number with a peon and went to the bus stop. Unfortunately for me, my only friend in the office, Radha Sen was on a leave. So I had to travel alone to my house in a bus. Being used to the BEST buses in Mumbai, I found the buses here too dirty and too bad to travel in. I had never traveled by a bus in Kolkata.

As I waited for the bus, I had to leave 5 buses, as they were packed to the hilt. But due to that it was almost 6:00 PM and I was at the bus stop for more than an hour. It was getting dark and cold. So I decided to get into the next bus, no matter what the crowd was. As it turned out, the next bus was really more crowded than a few I had left. There were men hanging off the door. I was the only one to get into the bus. Looking at me the men in the doorway got down to let me in. I saw a few of them checking me out. As I got into the bus with great difficulty I felt a few bodies brush against mine. I accidentally brushed against the crotch of an elderly man standing near the door. As I lost my balance slightly, my hand got caught a bit in his kurta. "What am I doing!" I said to myself, as I mumbled a sorry to the person. As I walked ahead, I felt a few hands brush against my thighs and ass. Luckily for me, a couple of ladies accommodated me between them.

The bus was in a very bad condition. There were only a couple of lights at the two doors, and the bus was running at a snail's pace. The speed at which the bus was running, I knew the usual 20-minute journey would take me 30-35 minutes at least. As I tried to look around in the bus, it seemed as if we were the only three women in the overcrowded bus. As I rested my hip on a seat handle to my right, I accidentally rested on a hand. So I stood upright again and looked down to apologize to the person. As it was getting dark I could not see his face clearly. But the person looked at me in the eye and grinned widely. It was clear that he enjoyed the feel of my ass. Even as I was looking at him, he nudged his partner and whispered something in his ears. The other person too looked at me and then both seemed to look at my breasts under the sari. I tried to turn away slightly, but could not do so.

Just at that time, the woman standing behind me got down at the next stop. The lady in front of me was a young girl of about 20-22. The dress she wore indicated that she was from a lower middle class background. She was at least 3-4 inches shorter than me and very skinny. As I turned around to see who was now standing behind me, it was the same man whom I had brushed accidentally at the door. As the bus ran slowly, I felt a hand on my ass. It was definitely the same guy's wrist on my ass.

"I did it accidentally, so can he", I thought.
But as time passed, the wrist stayed there. Then something pressed against my ass-cheek. I looked back with some difficulty at the same person. He looked back at me plainly as if nothing was going on.

"I'll have to bear this for some time", I said to myself.
But with no further resistance from me, the hand turned around and now his palms were on my ass. Staying that way for some time, the hand started moving slowly all over my ass-cheeks. I gripped the vertical bar firmly, my left hand held my purse tightly. Soon the person had both his hands squeezing and massaging my rear. I looked around with the hope that someone would stop my harassment. But as I looked to my left, one person was asleep and another was wearing the dark glasses worn by blind men. So I presumed that he was blind. As I turned my head right, the two men were still staring at my exposed belly and blouse-covered boobs intently.

Just then, the person who was standing right behind me started tracing my panty with his fingers. This made me close my eyes, as I remembered my husband. This made the two sitting horny men looking at me to see what was happening to me. The little hope I had disappeared when the two men looked at the hands running along my panty-lines, and started giggling.
"God help me!" I screamed in my head.

But deep down I knew I was trapped. I knew most men in the bus would be the same as the ones sitting beside me to my right. So I slowly nudged at the girl standing in front of me. She turned around with some difficulty. I looked at her in the eyes. My eyes were moist looking at her. I turned my eyes pointing towards the man behind me. She got the message I wanted her to know. But to my shock, she turned around and even moved forward slightly, distancing herself from me. I knew she did not want to get involved in this.

As I was wearing a chiffon sari, he could easily grip my panty elastic over my ass cheeks with 3 fingers of each hand. I cursed myself for wearing a bikini panty that day. Because of this, as he pulled my panty elastic upwards, it caused the small fabric to bunch up in my ass-crack. Now I was as good as naked under my petticoat for his hands. He frenetically massaged my bare ass for some time. Just then I almost gasped with shock as the man put his bare hands on my bare waist from both sides. My grip on the handle tightened as his palms started running over my flat belly. Very soon he was circling my belly button.

I kept as much a straight face as possible. My heart skipped a beat when he ran his fingers along the waistline of my sari.
"Please don't do that, the whole sari would come off if he tries to enter my petticoat", I pleaded silently.
Thankfully he too changed his mind. But soon I knew he was headed for the place every Indian man dies for. Very soon his hands were palming my breasts. As he squeezed and mauled my boobs, I felt a third hand on my right thigh.
I looked down. To my shock, it was the man sitting on my right. He had his hand running up and down my thigh and the other hand seemed to be moving rhythmically. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized it was his erect dick in his hand.

Indeed he and his partner were masturbating looking at me.
Soon the hands on my breasts moved away slightly. But they came back again searching for my nipples over the blouse. As his thumb and first two fingers started pinching my nipples, making them hard and taut. He pinched my nipples so hard that I had to bite my lips to stop from screaming. Tears rolled on my cheeks due to the pain. The bastard tried to outrage me further by trying to slip the sari off my shoulders. But thankfully, I had the sari pinned to my shoulder.
At the same time, the shagging man put his hand below my knee and started to pull up my sari.
"Why didn't I wear a formal dress today" I cursed myself.
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