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After a Fight with my Hubby

Hi, My name is Surbhi and this is about one of my real life incident where I unintentionally cheated my lovely husband. This fateful incident has happened 4 years before, when I was 23 years old and married for almost 1 year. My husband is a Lawyer by profession and those days he was working with a company as a legal advisor in a small town called Paradeep in Orissa. We were living there in company provided house. My in-laws as well as my parents were living in Allahabad, which was ours, both mine and my husband’s home town. My husband, Rakesh is very jolly and soft in nature but contrary to that I am very ill-tempered.
Those days were our early days of married life and we were settling and adjusting with each other with everyday’s love and fights. Our sexual relationship was also healthy and we having sex atleast twice or thrice a week.
This incident also started from a small fight, when I found my husband, Rakesh were doing some silly jokes with one of his female colleague. Being ill-tempered, I objected on his limits and level of jokes he was making to a lady. But instead of making justification he made fun of me...and slowly our small fight converted into big action. I angrily took decision to leave his house and returned to Allahabad immediately. Though, Rakesh changed to his back foot and tried convincing me a lot....but my blood was boiling and within couple of hour I was ready to leave with my packed luggage. I was not listening even a single word of my Rakesh plea, just crying and speaking my ugly feelings. My husband even proposed to come together with me till Cuttack where I had to board the train, but I purposely rejected his offer just to show him that I do not need any of his favour.

I took an Auto and came to Bus stand and took the first bus to Cuttack. The bus was full, but somehow conductor arranged a seat. It was 6.00 of evening and my train to Allahabad was on 11:00 night at Cuttack. Normally, bus takes 3 hours to reach Cuttack from Paradeep, therefore by 9:00 night I should have reached Cuttack, and would have enough time to reach Cuttack Railway Station from Bus Stand.
But, things didn't went as thought. After half an hour of bus ride, heavy rains were started outside, which continued for whole night. Because of heavy rains, the road got flooded on most of the intermediate small towns, which makes traffic slow and by the time I reached Cuttack it was 10:30 night. I had around 30 minutes to reach Station, which was not enough and so to cut the route short, I get down from the bus at OMP Square, which was very near to the station (15-20 minutes from Auto). But to my bad luck, there was no Auto. There were no power and the complete area was indulged in dark and deserted. Rain was on its peak with strong wind, and only few trucks and buses can be seen on road. I was hiding under a tree, which was least effective for that rain. I saw a small shelter outside a house at some distance. It was not so far from road, so I ran and get myself under the shelter.
I was eagerly praying for an Auto, but no luck. It was 11:30 at night and I was just waiting alone for an Auto in such a deserted rainy night. Although, I had already missed my train, but I wanted to be atleast in City on a safe location.
After couple of minutes, I heard some sound and saw an old couple at the door. I just greeted them, saying ….just taking shelter because of heavy rains. They just asked about me and my situation and then offered me to come inside as its very dark and raining and standing outside alone is not safe.

Though, I was convinced with them, but wanted to wait for some more time for an Auto and so I politely excused myself.
Another half an hour passed and no luck. The house lady again appears at the door and requested to come inside, which I unwillingly accepted, I had no alternatives.
It was a small mud house having a common hall cum kitchen, a room and a common toilet. The couple were living with their only son, who was almost of my age. By their getups and house condition, I could guess that they were daily wager and belongs to muslim community. Rahmaan uncle, the old man was approaching his 50 while her wife was in mid 40’s. Uncle seems a bit religious with long beard and no moustache. Rahmaan uncle convinced me to take rest till morning as it is not safe for a lady to travel alone by midnight and he also assured me that he himself will drop me to the station by early morning.

Aunty, the old lady asked me for food, but I declined by saying that I had finished my dinner already. Then they asked me to take rest on a bed on floor, which was just a thin carpet over a matt on floor. They had limited stuff and offering me that bed they were sacrificing their comfort somehow. I was very tired and feeling sleepy and so with no other option, I took the bed. They lady took the small room and both Uncle and his son, Atif also settled in the same hall on separate floor beds. For my privacy they made a partition inside hall by an old curtain, which was quite thick to make me comfortable.
Though, I notice Atif, their son was eying my body through his corner eye, but as their parents were also along, I was not so worried from him. And, men luring at my body was quite normal to me as I was owning a lovely body with burning assets.
I was half wet and so took my one piece nighty and changed myself. After some time, they turn off the only lamp, making it complete dark and slept.

As I was badly tired, I felt asleep within minutes, I fall on the bed. After some time, I woke up by some strange sound. I looked around and found totally dark. I could not see anything around me, but I felt somebody’s hand on my legs. And, as, I woke up, the hands were gone. First I thought of some nightmare, but it got confirmed when I felt the hand again on my knees after few seconds. I got scared and thought of scream but don’t know why I couldn’t. I was confused between their earlier generosity and present act. I pulled my leg up and shrunk inside. The hand remains still for some moments and then started caressing my lower thigh. I couldn’t get enough courage to react and so pulled my legs further inside till I could and stayed quite, praying silently to get spared.
He continued rubbing my lower thigh, then moved to upper and then inner thigh. After bearing his action for some time, a temptation also started inside my body. It might because of the mix effect of his caressing, feeling of his rough hand, a wet rainy night and a complete stranger.. not even knowing it was Rahmaan Uncle or Atif or someone else…. . I was with mix feeling of fear and enticement. I remain quite and waited to see his further action.

At first, I guessed him as Atif, but soon I heard his mild cough while his breathing, which made me sure for Rahmaan Uncle.
After few seconds, he moved his hand to upper part of my body. Now he was laying exactly behind me. As I was on my side, he was facing my back. He was so close that I could feel his fast and hot breadth over my ear. He was trying to insert his hand inside in between my arm and chest. I could guess, what he was looking for and as a protective measure, I closed my both arms together to cover my boobs. After trying unsuccessfully for some moments, he got furious and increased his force. He brought his other hand from opposite side by encircling my neck and clamped both of my hands and then inserted his one hand inside and clutched my right boob. He then whispered to my ear......"thodi der bas dabaane de....main kuch nahin karungaa...". It was basically meaningless to me, I was knowing well and he do as well that where this play is going to end. His grip on my boob was so tight, I couldn't able to bear the pain and unwillingly a hisssssing sound came out from my mouth.
He was mauling my breast hard with his rough hand. His palm was so big; it was easily covering most of my boob. Compare to my tiny frame body, I have bigger boobs. My husband even couldn't able to grab it fully by one hand. I was trying hard to save myself from his assult, but simultaneously the hard and rough feel of his hand over my boobs, his hot breadth over my ear and the dark rainy night was triggering a different sensation inside me. Now, he was lying very close to me, I could feel his board chest sticking to my back and also his hard long beard was brushing my neck part. I felt some hard thing at my ass and it didn't took long to me to recognize that. He started pressing his groin over my hip and I could feel the heat and throbbing pulse of his cock over my ass crack.

The feeling of his fierce assault over my boobs and ass crack was building my temptations rapidly. But, then my mobile started vibrating. I usually keep my phone on vibration mode but the humming sound of vibration was quite audible. Even, I had kept my mobile beside my pillow and so, the lights from mobile screen was also making our condition quite visible. Anybody could have awakened and see our positions. I saw the screen and it was my hubby who were getting worried for me at 1: 00 AM midnight. I had no courage to take it. I was feeling guilt for him but more than that I wanted to hide my condition quickly so that nobody else in the house could see me with Rahmaan chacha in this condition. Hurriedly, I long pressed the power button and turned -off my mobile, which sent different wrong message to both men. My hubby thought, I am still angry but more damaging, Rahmaan Chacha understood that I am so carved for his fuck, I switched off my mobile to avoid any interruption.
Rahmaan chacha was thrusting his lund vigorously on my ass crack as he wanted to tear my nighty and shoved it directly to my pussy. My resistance also got weakened considering my efforts as useless and my inevitable tarnishing. At the same time, my body was also responding as per his assault. My boobs got tightened, nipples were hard and I could feel the dampness inside my cunt as well.
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