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She went to get tape as she went I saw her ass cheeks and ass moving like a storm her waist flowing like water oh wow what a babe who can say she is 40 years old? She came with tape and I was standing there caressing my tool..she pulled it out and was stunned to measure it 8''
Varsha: My god it is bigger then your dad
Me: Is it? But u didnt measure with mouth
Varsha: I am afraid
Me: Comon My love Then your cunt has ot measure it
Varsha: I told you no for intercourse
Me: but I want you
Varsha: You can only do to your wife
Me: will you be one
She just smiled and bend down and took my tool in her mouth I know she was doing for first time as she didnt look expert but she was doing good..she kissed it and moved her tongue over it and sucked it hard...I started moving in and out and as I was about to cum she moved it out and i came all over the floor...she got up and went to sofa I follwed her and pulled her panties down..here she was trimmed like heaven and my birth place was inviting me...I bent down and started licking..man she was tight like a virgin and she screamed as i put my one finger, I tried to push another as she opened her legs and sudenly I saw her cum flowing like fountain waiting to erupt after years. We both were naked and she was cleaning our cum as she bent her I got view of her ass as if it was inviting me to ride her and I got erection..I went behind her and put my dick to her ass crack she told no and pushed me away...we went for our bath in our rooms kissing each other and came out in 30 mins...she was dressed in the transperant black nighty without bra and i was in shorts..we came out and sat on sofa she in my lap..I was playing with her boobs and thighs
Me: Varsha you look hot in tmy
Varsha: Yeah...thanks honey
Me: Varsha I love you and want to marry you
Varsha: No parth I am old for you and you have better future
Me: No I want only you and cant think of anyone else
Varsha: I am also liking tmyrelation but....it is not possible
Me: I want to be your hubby
Varsha: We will talk later...
Me: Ok tell me mom, Do you finger?
Varsha: Means..
Me: you finger my birth place?
Varsha: No ways...
I realized that as she was too tight down...
Me: You are sooo tight down
Varsha: yeah We hardly use to have sex as your dad was busy and I neverl iked to play alone..
As we were talking I started playing with her thighs and lifted gown to top...she was wearing a cotton panty.
Me: Waht shit you wear inside
Varsha: What?? It is good
Me: From tomorrow i want you to wear only satin Lingerieor silk.
Varsha: Ok
Me: Remove that now...I ordered like a husband
Varsha: But I dont have satin
Me: Darling dont worry I have few bought for you
Varsha: you naughty
Me: Remove it right away
She obeyed like wife and moved it out...I started playing with her clit and she started moaning...I got erection and she felt it as she was sitting on my lap....
Me: Lets do it...
Varsha: What?
Me: I wanna Fuck you
Varsha: I told you honey no intercourse
Me: But why?
Varsha: It has to be with your wife
Me: But I think you as my wife
Varsha: But it is difference in thinking and being
Me: so lets be
Varsha: I dont want to marry a old lady
Me: You are not old Varsha, you still look like 30 years babe and today you looked like 25
Varsha: Are you sure?
Me: Yes....
Varsha: Prove it...
I was hard like rock and she was hot like bubble
Me: Ok will you do as I say?
Varsha: Yeah
Me: I will dress you tomorrow and take you to some college, if someone approaches you you are young and if not then...
Varsha: Which college?
Me: Some management college you surely dont look like a Graduate student
Varsha: But not in thatm iniskirt of yours
Me: no we will shop something new tomorrow morning.
Varsha: Why to waste money?
Me: Comon I will earn and as I have already got selected from campus it just question of a month.
Varsha: Ok as you wish
Me: and if someone approaches you?
Varsha: I go with him
As she told tmyI inserted my finger in her front hole with anger and she screamed
Me: Tell me what? Do I put another
Varsha: No Please dont I will do as you say..
Me: Then you marry me
Varsha: But...
And I forceed it hard more inside...and go second finger now I knew how to control her
Varsha: okkkkkkk plssssssssssss I will do
Me: Good girl
I started fingering her and she fountained all over my shorts and legs
Me; Baby what you did?
Varsha: Its you who did..let me clean it
Me: How
Varsha: I will get a napkin..
Me: No some other way
Varsha: How
Me: Lick it off
Varsha: Oh it is you to lick mine
Me: I want you to suck my hard cock and lick both
Varsha: you mean drink your cum?
Me: Yes
Varsha: I have never done it
Me: I know it is always first time and I am sure you wanted to
Varsha: Yeah and I want many more things
Me: Like...
Varsha: I have many fantasies which I always hided
Me: Wow...sexy me tooo
Varsha: Like
Me: You need to drink all my cum lick yours and we share it....
She pounced like a hungry dog and got on ground on knees...she pulled my pants down and my rod was up as I was not wearing underwear inside...she took my tool in her mouth and tmytime she was better..she played with my balls and licked precums like a whore.... I pulled her gown from top and now she was all naked....she circled her cum on my thighs and licked her fingers...I was red hard...she started sucking hard making noise and tmytime to my surprise took completely inside till her throat...she started coughing but I caught hold of her mouth and pushed it back in...oh my she was toooo good and in few strokes I exploded in her mouth...oh my god what a sensation I making my mom drink all my cum...bubles started coming of her moth and she was mouthful...she spitted some on my thighs and mixed with hers...she gulped balance...and her tongue was sticky and full of my cum...she then startedl icking my thinghs like a dog and cleaned it completely and then she cleaned my balls and tip of my tool dry...She was like a whore and i Started imaginimg how thirsty she was... She llicked even single drop on her lips dry...
Me: How was it?
Varsha: yummmm...it was hot and salty
Me: and yours
Varsha: Sweet and delicious and she smiled....
She got up and turned around to go and get some water as she was thirsty as she turned I spanked her ass hard and her ass cheeks moved like water...she didnt say anything and I spanked it more harder...and I saw it getting red
Varsha: It hurting me
Me: But I enjoyed
Varsha: let me atleast have water
Me: Nope my whore...
And as I said that she looked at me and with naughty smile she opened her eyes wide as if in anger...
Me: Sorry
Varsha: You want a whore or wife?
Me: Both
Varsha: You cant have both if you win bet tomorrow and i have to marry you
Me: Why?
Varsha: You can have only one woman
Me: yeah its you
Varsha: then where you will get whore?
Me: You are there for me I will have both in you
Varsha: So you want me to be a whore...right and she smiled and went away for water
I was caught thinking I thought whether she had tmyfantasy....Or she was joking...I will ask when she comes...she came in 5 mins..and sat next tome bit away with legs stretched...we both were naked with clothes down on floor
Me: Why you took so much time
Varsha: Went for pee
Me: Oh i wish I could see you doing it
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