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Story of my Wife- Smt Poonam Mishra

Dear All,

This story is based on some real life incidents, and few fantasies. Hope you will like the plot.

Chapter 1 . The Marriage

I am Raj, now age some where in mid 40s and my wife Poonam, some where close to 40. We have been married for almost 18 Years. I work for Merchant Navy. This is story of my wife, Poonam, who I love a lot, but unfortunately she was used by few men, whom I trusted and admired in my life.

We got married, it was an arrange marriage. My Dad Mr Harish Mishra, was a very strict father, with my mother passed away at a very early age, he brought me with lots of discipline and strictness. He never got married again. I his image, am also handsome and lots of suitors will roam around my self in my college days. Similarly, there were many Aunties, who would roam around my father at his younger days. Still, few of them may confuse him to be my elder brother. He has done is best to maintain a strict diet, and strict routine. But I guess, for our happiness he decided not to get married again. Sometimes, I was to think, how can he survive without sex!!

I cleared my graduation from a very prestigious college and joined one of the biggest Shipping Corporation in the country. Soon I was selected and my journey in Shipping started. As soon as I got into shipping my father wanted me to get married. I met many girls and finally choose, my wife Poonam

Poonam now is little chubby, like a normal Indian wife, but at the time of Wedding, she was like hot doll. My first night, was very successful, and though blood came out of her Vagina, which proved that she is Virgin, but it never looked as if she is fucking someone for the first time. I got tired, but she wanted more and more and more.Which is generally not the case with Indian Ladies . Anyways our honey moon, was full of lust and sex, perhaps, most of the times, whenever I was to put my fingers inside her pussy, I found her juices only. So in all my wife is a very horny women and there was no reason persume, that she had an affair, as her pussy was intact. It was going around all ok, till the time I got my call for Job.

Now I will add the story from my wifes' side, hence there will be a change of sex....

Hi friends, as my husband shared, I always loved sex. Perhaps from my teenage time, I was used to see some porn movies, but never had a courage to have sex, due to conservative family. But I never shied away from pleasuring my self in bathroom or while taking shower. My husband , is a very romantic person, I enjoyed each and every moment of love making with him. He satisfied me from all angles. I was only 22 when I got married. It was all going on fine, till them time my husband left for 5 Months tour on his ship. As if I felt some lightening had fallen on me. It was tough , I decided to go to my moms place for few days, as I was a house wife. Somehow, I let him go for his job.

I stayed at my mothers' house for few days, but my father in law, health became little worse, so to take care of him, my mom, asked me to return back to my house.Little I knew, that my life is gonna take 180 degrees turn because of this decision!

My life changed after that forever, it was never the same!

I came back to my husbands house, my father in law, was suffering from some viral infection. I did my best to take care of him. This taking care , made him really admire me, and we became closer as buddies. He was very strict with my husband, but with me he was an affectionate father. As I didnot have my father alive, I felt as if God has gifted me back him in his shape. Anyways, life continued for few days, and he joined his work. Offlate, taking care of my father in law, was able to help me control my lust, but the moment he joined work, desperation and uneasiness came inside my body. I needed a dick! I wanted to fuck my husband , who was so far. I felt a vaccum in my life. AT that time we didnot have internet or skype like these days. Also in shadow of your father in law,you could hardly explore other avenues. Not that I wanted to be unfaithful to my husband, but somehow, I felt unsatisfied. I didnot know what to do! My husband would send some postcards, or call once in a blue man. It was very difficult for me to sleep like this!

One night, when I was unable to sleep due to lust inside my self, I went down to get some cold water to drink. I saw some noise from my father in laws, room. He was to sleep generally by 9 PM, or max 10. But today it seemed unusual for him be to awake so late. Concerned about his health, I started to walk towards his room. I heard a female voice coming from his room, which made me not shout or scream . The door was locked. I tried to peep in from the key hole, inside .The shock of my life was waiting for me. Our Maid, was seating on my father in laws, lap and fucking him with full pleasure. The maid seemed to enjoy the fucking she was getting. I immediately wanted to knock the door and confront him, but, slut inside me stopped me from doing it!!

And this is where my father in law, from my father, became someone who can satisfy my desires!! If not his son, why not him!!! I played played and played till I reached the orgasm!! I wanted my father in laws dick, but question was how???

Seeing my father in law, fucking that maid, took away all the senses of mine heart. Till that time I was not able to see his dick, as she was on his top. But after they finished their job, and when he got down from bed to tie wear his underwear, I was into a shock of my life. His dick, was far thicker and bigger than my husbands. First the way he fucked that maid, and second his big dick, what else a woman like me would want.

Whole, night I could not sleep. Question was how to start, I must have fingered my pussy many times that night, but the juice would not stop from coming out. My thought, my mind was only stuck with one thing, the 8.5 Inches, thick dick of my father in law. How come his son's dick was so small!!There was no peace, I was sweating whole night. But I am in Indian house wife, it is not so easy as it seemed. Plus I was a newly wed , so it was not easy to make a start, but for me, now I wanted to sleep with this man, my father in law. Nothing else could satisfy me, I knew it is immoral, but who cares. Satisfaction of my Vagina, is more important than anything else. I could never break the limits when I was single, but now what better than fucking the father of your own man, no tension, plus everything will be between the four walls. I decided to make a decision!!

Next morning, the first thing I did was to remove the maid, as I was jealous with her. She and I argued, but I was very sure about it. How come you fuck the man I want to fuck. Plus I also wanted pure privacy, as if she remained it was not possible for me to implement my plans.Yes Smt Poonam Mishra is a slut, and she can go any far to satisfy her lust.....

My father in law, had gone for his morning walk, when I threw away the maid. She I guess understood, that I knew about her affair, and hence left the house after taking 3 months salary and my self started to make breakfast for my prey- Mr Harish Mishra- my great father in law!!!

I made items, he loved to eat. Aloo ka parantha is his favourate, and today I give my all to make it for him. It was around 9 am, he came back from his walk and went to his bedroom for his routines. He was particular about timing, and hence by 9:30am, he came back to the dinning room. I was in kitchen making food ready for him.He called our maids name.

I replied- "Papa, Usha chali gayie hai, I caught her stealing, you donot worry I will cook for u , till the time we find a new one"

He seemed to get affected by this, ofcourse his sex toy has gone!!

I purposefully, was wearing my see through night gown , I didnot change it.

I came out with his breakfast. He seemed to hardly notice my sexy dress.

"Ok beta, magar, you should have asked me, she was working here for long"

I didnot reply, and started to serve him paronthas, with very close to him.

He seemed to be taken back by this sudden change in my attitude. Trying to avoid my touch, " it is ok beta, I will take my self"

I was little disappointed, as my first step failed. But I was not some one, who was in a mood to give in very easily.

He ate, less breakfast than his normal, and though I was seating besides him, with my nighty, up till my thighs, he hardly observed it.

He finished his breakfast and left for his room, without saying any other word. I was very disappointed.

But I decided to follow up. I again peeped in from my favourite key hole, and here my father in law, was masturbating!!

"Oh I thought, I am on right track, my father in law is cumming thinking about his bahu!!

I got my cue, and confidence, that it may take some more time, but day is not far when I will get it. He ignored me, but he observed everything of mine and that was enough for me, to increase my penetration inside his lust!!!

Morning incident, was just a testing I was doing to see his reaction, as my husband hardly every raised any voice against his father without knowing that his father's all sacrifice for him were just a bluff!

I was smiling inside my heart, and was preparing for my next step!!

Can you guess what Next step I must have taken!!

Though I could have easily black mailed my father in law, into sleeping with me after nights experience, but I wanted it to be a natural and coming from him. I wanted to make him so desperate that nothing can come between him and me.I wanted that lust should come from him, after all I was his daughter in law.

I remember, washing my self, in a better way. I took lot of time in bathroom, as i wanted to look fresh and approachable for my darling-father in law. Generally, he was to go out for his work, after breakfast. So he followed the routine, I guess he must have felt little guilty on cumming thinking about me.
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