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Lost Virginity To An Elderly Women

Hi i am john am 5.9'hight and 65kg weight and having a very high sex drive. my age is 25yrs and have a very muscular body and.

I lost my virginity to a woman who was much older than me. She was actually the maid servant of my house and as I had all of a sudden become aware of the charms of the female body she became the object of my attention. When I was in my 18 years old the members of the opposite sex of my age were not all that developed or matured and hence I fell for the mature charms of my maid servant.

First let me describe her for you. She was about 30 years of age, married with 2 children. Her husband was employed in another city and was away most of the time. She had the mature body of a woman who had borne two children. However due to the hard work she did in four houses every day she had a fit body with curves in the right places and not a single ounce of extra fat on her body.

She had firm outstanding breasts of just the right size, a flat stomach, small waist and flaring hips and a cute ass. She had a creamiest colored complexion but she must have been very fair in her younger days as was evident from the milky white breasts she hid behind her tight blouse. I spied her boobs every time she bent over to pick up something. It was also evident from the milky white thighs I got glimpses of when she swabbed the floor. She was always decently dressed with the right amount of make up and jewelry and if you met her in the street you could have mistaken her for a middle class house wife and not a maid servant.

She used to come to our house in the morning and once again in the evening and I used to wait for her to come eagerly. I would drink up her beauty with my eyes as I quietly followed her around the house as she did her work. After she left I would go to my room and masturbate fantasizing about how I would seduce her even though I knew it was impossible. However destiny smiled on me and my fantasy became reality one day.

The memory of that day is still vivid in my memory. I had just returned from a football match (as I was a state player that time) and was laid up in bed due to aching muscles in my legs. My parents left for my sisters house and were scheduled to come back only in the night. I was left all alone in the house when the maid came as usual in the morning after finishing her work in the other three houses that she worked in. As she was doing her work as usual, she noticed I was still lying in bed even though it was almost noon. I told her my legs were aching and she offered to massage them with warm oil and hot steamed towels. She quickly warmed the oil in a pan on the gas stove and steamed a couple of towels in the steamer.

She then started applying the warm oil on my legs from my toes to my thighs. I was wearing a t-shirt and Bermuda shorts in bed. She expertly massaged my legs first with the oil and then the steamed towels. In the meanwhile I was enjoying her soft massage as she was touching me for the first time and moreover I could see her deep cleavage as she bent over my legs to massage them properly. This gave me a huge erection and as I was not wearing anything under my Bermudas, it created a tent in front of my shorts. I knew she would notice the erection as she was massaging my thighs about eight inches below the erection. So to avoid embarrassment I pretended to fall asleep. What followed was beyond my wildest expectations.

Initially there was no reaction from her. After a few minutes, she must have noticed the erection and thinking I had fallen asleep curiosity prevailed over her senses and she took hold of my erect penis from on top of my shorts. On confirming it was an erection she said to herself “our little master is little no more”. She then gave my erect penis a couple of light squeezes¸ gauging my reaction. Her actions had surprised me and rendered me speechless as I could not believe my luck. Thinking I had fallen deep asleep she then slowly put her hand inside Bermuda shorts from the open loose leg end, and took possession of my penis. The situation had now become unbearable for me.

I suddenly opened my eyes, caught her hand which was holding my penis and tried to make her hand move in an up and down masturbatory motion , simultaneously squeezing her breasts with my other hand and moaning loudly. Scared by my sudden and unexpected action she pulled her hand away, got off my bed and stood two steps away. We both stared at each other for a few seconds and then smiled in a way as if we were sharing a secret. She then asked me whether I had been with any female and I said she was the first who had touched me in that way. On coming to know I was a virgin she muttered “I must taste your taste your cream”.

She then returned to my side on the bed and pulled down my Bermudas exposing my private parts to her feverish gaze. My fully erect penis was standing up like a flag pole and giving small jerks showing how excited I was. She took hold of my stone hard penis and pulled back the fore skin exposing the swollen head on top of which there was a drop of pre-cum. She then bent forward all the while staring into my eyes. Her tongue snaked out and first licked the drop of pre-cum and then proceeded to take the swollen head into her hot mouth using her tongue to lick all around the head, concentrating specially on the underside of the head. Her one hand was pulling the skin of the penis in a firm up and down motion, while her other hand was tenderly caressing my balls.

She then caressed my balls with her tongue taking each of them in her mouth and sucking on them while still maintaining the up and down motion of her other hand. She then proceeded to deep throat my penis taking it fully in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. While my penis was fucking her mouth my hands were clutching her breasts on top of her blouse and mercilessly squeezing them as if there was no tomorrow. I was breathing hard and moaning deeply in my throat. I could not hold myself for very long and started pushing my ass up from the bed trying to get more of my penis in her mouth.

She understood that I was about to come. So she then is concentrating on sucking my head using one hand in a firm up and down motion and the other hand to lightly squeeze my balls. This was too much for me and I started shooting jets of cum inside her mouth. She drank it all down without spilling a drop and used her hand in the up and down motion to milk out all the come from my balls. All this while I was still fondling and squeezing her breasts. She then disengaged my hands and tried to get up from the bed but I did not let her get up. She said with a promising look in her eyes “let me finish my work and then I will come back to you”. I let her go.

I waited in bed still naked for about an hour while she finished the pending work of that morning. She then came back, removed her saree and joined me in bed wearing her blouse and petticoat. In the next three hours she educated me on the mysteries of the female form and the art of pleasuring ones partner. She taught me that if I paid attention to only my pleasure I might enjoy myself that one time but if I could ensure the pleasure of my partner, then the ladies would keep coming back for more and that my journey into the world of pleasure would be never ending.

She asked me to open her blouse which I gladly did very quickly. She then turned around and told me to unclip her white cotton bra. I followed her instructions, removed her bra and threw it aside. She then slowly turned around and I got my first glimpse of her bare breasts. I lost my senses when I saw her naked beauty. The tan lines on her breasts and contrast between the parts exposed to the sun and the parts hidden behind her clothes were startling. The exposed parts being creamiest brown in color, whereas the hidden parts were milky white in complexion.

I could also see the blue veins below her translucent milky white skin. She had light brown areola the size of a two rupee coin. Her nipples were like small erasers sticking out of her breasts and looked deliciously chewable. Her breasts were exactly the same size as if made out of the same mold and stood high on her chest without drooping at all. They were firm to the touch and had the springiness of youth even though she had borne two children.

She took both of hands in hers and showed me how the breasts should be fondled and squeezed, letting your partner feel only pleasure and not pain. I did as she directed. I fondled and squeezed her breasts for quite some time. Then she guided my face to her breasts and made me take one of her nipples in my mouth. I sucked on her nipples first lightly and then increasing my sucking pressure.

Her nipple expanded in my mouth and grew harder. Some milk also dribbled out of her breasts which I drank. This was because she had had her second child a few months back and was still feeding her child herself. I licked, sucked and lightly bit into her nipples turn by turn using my hand to squeeze her breast in a firm milking motion. My other hand was rolling her other nipple between my fingers. Both of us were breathing very hard and moaning deeply in our throats.

After some time she disengaged herself from me and told me to remove her petticoat which I proceeded to do immediately exposing her milky white thighs, hips and floral pattern panties to my eyes. My hands started to caress her thighs of their own accord. She then lifted her ass off the bed and asked me to pull down her panties. I took hold of the elastic band of her panties and pulled it down to her ankles, removed them and threw them aside. I was seeing a woman’s pussy for the first time. I stared at her nakedness and saw a bunch of pubic hair which had been nicely trimmed.

Her pussy lips were swollen and I could see beads of moisture on them. She then showed me how a woman masturbates using her fingers to caress her pussy lips.
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