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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 01

Asha was newly married to Rajesh Sinha, a young businessman, who had his own auto-parts making factory in the outskirts of Delhi. They lived in a big bungalow with Rajesh's parents. They had just returned from their honeymoon. Asha a voluptuous women had been a virgin before marriage, although she had indulged in heavy petting with a few boys and her house servant. Luckily before she could go any further her marriage was fixed. She was a lusty young woman with a big body, heavy breasts and a tight arse. She had thoroughly enjoyed her honeymoon and was fucked by her new hubby almost 3-4 times a day. Now after coming to her new house she was slowly trying to adjust to her new role as a housewife.

Being an extremely sexed and sexy person she was the target of all the male friends relatives and servants in her new environment. Some women lusted after her too. Asha loved the attention she was getting and had sex on her mind a lot. Her husband Rajesh had to look after his business and was away all day long and returned late at night very tired. Asha's father-in-law felt rejuvenated on seeing such a voluptuous and sexy woman in the house and would waste no opportunity to be near her and fantasize about seeing her naked body. He longed to fuck her and his prick was always in a state of readiness on seeing her go about the household chores. He loved seeing her in her nighty in the morning serving breakfast to the family as she bade farewell to her husband for the day. Such ripe and heavy breasts on a slim and fair body was a heavenly sight for the old man. Oh he thought, how much I can teach this woman to feel pleasure if only I had the opportunity. His mind started working to find ways to create an opportunity for him to fuck her.

Asha was not oblivious to the intentions of her father-in-law. In fact she loved the attention showered on her. Even Rajesh's young cousins would drop in during the day to see her with lustful intentions. One of them called Sushil was a tall hand some fellow employed in the Indian Army and was on leave for 3 weeks. He was a rogue, in that, he had fucked many girls and seduced many housewives. He was a bachelor about 35 years in age and older than Asha, who was just 23. He lived his life to the hilt and had not thought of marriage, especially having opportunities to fuck many woman as it is. He would come over to meet Asha very often . He had a motorcycle and would offer Asha a ride. So far Asha had refused on some pretext or the other, but Sushil was quite persistent, having mastered the art of seduction, he bided his time. With so much male attention Asha would be very horny by the time Rajesh returned home in the night . Rajesh on the other hand would be quite tired, but seeing Asha's obvious horniness would fuck her before sleeping. However the tiredness would prevail and at times he would just ejaculate inside her very fast leaving her unsatisfied. This started happening often and Asha having a strong sex-drive started masturbating to control her desire. She would take long baths in the morning masturbating in her tub.

Her thoughts would drift to her earlier boyfriends, her house servant (who nearly fucked her),her father-in-law, Sushil, her driver and even the maid servant. Asha being highly sexed would fantasize and masturbate to fulfil her need. Sex played so much on her mind that she was attracted to women also and felt rand y on seeing sexy woman in magazines or in real life. One of her favourite fantasy while masturbating was about her house servant Raju. He was employed in her parents house as a chokra to clean the house and do market purchases. He was a boy of 17 years and had been attracted to Asha when she was unmarried. He used to serve her morning tea in her room and used to see her in various poses while sleeping. At times he saw her panties and at times got glimpses of the big breasts. This used to disturb him deeply and he was dying to fuck her, at the same time afraid of losing his job. He controlled his desire the best that he could by visiting prostitutes and fucking the neighbour’s maid. He also knew that Asha's marriage was fixed and the thought of not seeing her near nude body every morning saddened him greatly.

One morning, when he went to serve her bed-tea, he found Asha sprawled on the bed with her legs apart. She was sleeping on her back and the bed sheet had slipped of her body. Her nightie had risen up and her panties and pubic hair could be clearly seen. Her creamy thighs and the dark curly cunt hair was too much for Raju. He immediately got a massive hard-on and was at his wits end about what to do. He quickly freed his prick from his shorts and started rubbing it while looking at Asha's dark bush. Suddenly he saw that Asha was getting up and he tried to put his prick back inside his shorts. Asha awoke to a sight of a large pole in Raju's hand instead of the customary tea- cup. It took a moment for realization to dawn on her that it was a prick, that too a massive one. Asha was transfixed at the sight of Raju's prick and her hormones started acting-up. Although she had seen pricks in magazines she had never seen a real one and that also so near. Raju a short chokra possessing such a massive tool, this sight transfixed her. On seeing her reaction or rather a lack of reaction, Raju grew bolder and stepped nearer her. He caught her hand and placed it on his prick. Asha felt a current shoot-up her body on touching a hot throbbing prick. She felt her juices flowing and her panties getting wet. This was not lost on Raju and he grew bolder by grabbing her hair and bringing her face near his prick. He started rubbing his prick on Asha's face. Asha was in a trance, her face was burning, her whole body was burning with desire. Sensing this Raju brought the head of the prick near her lips and started rubbing the head on her lips. Asha's mouth opened by itself and she started sucking on the head. Raju started pushing his prick in further. Asha felt the hot throbbing prick in her mouth, it smelled and tasted tangy and salty. Raju meanwhile pushed further, however the taste and smell was too much for Asha and she started choking. Raju quickly brought his prick out smeared with Asha's saliva, started rubbing on her face. Slowly he brought it to her lips again and again Asha opened her mouth. He kept doing this routine of taking his prick out and then putting it in and Asha got used to the feeling and sucking of his prick. Raju heard his name being called out by Asha's mother from downstairs. He quickly pulled his prick out of her mouth and started rubbing it on her face. He was too near ejaculation to stop and soon ejaculated all over her face and mouth by holding her hair. Having finished he put his prick in and rushed downstairs. Asha had her first taste of semen just a day prior to her marriage to Rajesh. She often masturbated while thinking of Raju's prick and about having that prick inside her aching cunt. Even after being married now for nearly two months, she often thought about Raju's massive prick. Her husband was satisfactory in bed but the pleasure she had received by sucking, holding, feeling Raju's massive prick was not there. She had always thought the tall men have large pricks but now she knew better.
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