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An Author Is Caught

"So, you are a porn author," the female voice stated simply.
Sundar jumped out of his skin. He had been writing erotica for his next post on literotica. He should not have tried that in a public place like an airplane.
But he thought if he kept the font small, no one would have noticed.
He looked up from his writing. The woman who had plumped herself in the aisle seat was a woman who was probably his own age, in her late forties. The seat
between them had no occupant.
"Er, no. Erotica," explained Sundar. "I am sorry if I offended you," he said lamely.

"No, I am not offended but I found your story very curious," she said.
"Anyway, what you call erotica is probably what the rest of us call porn?" she quizzed him.
"No. Porn is crude. Erotica is very arousing and inoffensive," said Sundar not knowing of any academic or profound explanation to offer.
"Okay. That is a point of view," she said, sounding reasonable. "But why? Why do you write it?"
"Because it arouses me," said Sundar.
"Well, you could read someone else's erotica. Or just watch porn. That would arouse you too," she asked.
"Yes, but my stories arouse me more than those written by others," he explained.

"Why?" she persisted.
"Well, the situations I describe are plausible. In fact, they are based on real episodes that I see happening around me," said Sundar.
He looked at her a little more closely, glancing at her chest for he was really, a breast man. She had large breasts, heavy as would be with her age group. But
the rest of her seemed quite trim.
"So this young maid is really someone who works in your house?" asked the woman.
"Did you really read my story fully?" he asked in wonderment.
"Yes," she said indicating the seat behind him. "From where I was sitting, through the gap between the seats I saw every word appear as you wrote it."
Clearly, the font had not been small enough. He thought of his own reading glasses and this woman's superb eyesight was a fair contrast. She had indeed, every
detail of the story he had just finished typing on this long flight.

"Well, yes she is," admitted Sundar.
"And you have such designs on such a young girl, just over 19 years?" asked the woman.
"No, not really. Just that it would not be too difficult or improbable for that situation to develop," he explained.
"Do you want it to develop?" she asked.
"No," he said simply. "It would be too complex. Much better and harmless to empty out my mind into the story and get rid of the thought."
"So what do you get out of writing this? Does someone pay you for your erotica?" she asked.
"No, I just post it on literotica," he said.
"There is a website for this?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes, there is," he told her. "Go have a look."
The woman looked down thoughtfully.
"So it is not money. Do you get any recognition?" she asked.
"No, I do not publish under my own name," he replied.
"Then why bother?" she wondered aloud.
"It is very arousing. I get completely excited to a level nothing else is able to excite me to," explained Sundar.
"Oh? And what is the use of this arousal?" questioned the ever inquisitive woman.

Sundar started to find this bothersome but for the fact that an attractive woman was conducting the inquisition. And he had set himself up for this for by
writing in public.
Sundar shrugged at the question. "Just," he said.
"I know men," she said slowly. "You guys just can't allow your erections to fade away. You do feel the urge to do something with it."
Sundar nodded in agreement.
"So?" she asked. Sundar did not reply.

"So do you have an erection now?" she asked in a low whisper, leaning across. The whispering seemed seductive. As she leaned across, her breasts stretched the
tight blouse she was wearing and he looked at them appreciatively.
She brought her hand to cover her cleavage and the deeper view she had created. And then mischievously moved her hand to finger her locket.
"Hmm?" she asked looking at him closely.
"So what?" resisted Sundar.
"Do you have an erection now?" she repeated her question.

Sundar nodded that he had one. Actually he did not have one. The story had taken well over two hours and his erection, unattended in the public place had
shrunk. But he had leaked all the while and he felt the front of his jeans was possibly wet and his underwear certainly was drenched.
"So what do you do with your erection? Hard--on. Cock," she said teasingly.
"The bitch!" thought Sundar, without rancor. "I masturbate," he said, deciding to take her on.
The lady indicated a tight fist moving up and down an imaginary phallus and nodded in question, her eyes lighting up.
Sundar formed a fist with his hand and slowly opened his fingers to show her that it was not such a tight fist and that his cock was a handful. A wider open
fist on a thick cock.

She sat back in her seat at that and laughed. It was a hearty laugh and Sundar saw her breasts jiggle. Lovely breasts.
"You need help," she said.
"With the erection, yes," said Sundar.
"Is that a come-on line? Is that what you get from writing erotica? Female fans willing to pleasure you?" she asked.
"No it is not and I don't have the guts to do what I imagine," he said truthfully.
"So what will you do now?" she asked.
"I will write about us," he said.

"What will you write? That you met a sexy woman on a plane and you had wild, animal sex?" she asked. She was leaning forward again not wanting to be overheard
having this loaded conversation.
"No. The plot is not plausible. There is no space on a plane to do anything. And definitely not in the toilet," he told her.
"Why we could if it had very few people and both of us were in a mostly empty section," she surmised. She now gave him full view of her heaving bosom. There
were all the signs of a woman mildly aroused.
"But there is not enough space for man-on-top. And woman-on-top would get noticed," explained Sundar.

"We could get blankets and under the cover, we could masturbate each other," she said, suggestiveness and seduction creeping into her voice. She was now really
leaning across that empty seat and he wondered that if he looked hard enough whether he could see her nipples.
He leaned towards her and they were close enough to smell each other's breath. "At the height of masturbation the desire is to actually fuck. We could get
desperate and make a mistake," he said.
She stayed close and looked deep into his eyes.
"We could find out right now," she whispered.
"I take a lot to cum," he cautioned her.

"Oh?" she said in reply. "How much time I take depends on how good you are."
"I am good," replied Sundar, taking on the personality of one the characters from his story.
"Such an interesting man, I am sure you are good," she said. As she leaned back in her seat, unmistakably she ground the base of her palm on her crotch. He
wasn't sure she was conscious of the signal she sent because she did not seem the kind of woman who would carelessly touch herself in a public place.
"So what will this story about us say?" she asked.
"It will recount this conversation exactly as it happened," he replied.
"And how do I get to read it?" she asked. "Will you ask for my contact details?" She played with her locket and looked at him sideways.
She got up to return to her original seat as the flight prepared to land. She looked at him for his answer.
"No. I remain anonymous," he said. "Just check on Literotica."
She nodded and moved away.
"Look for misterwho," he called out.
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