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An Awesome Experience Of Fuck

i am a student of diploma in engineering. In vacations I used to come to my Cousin brothers home was 19 and bit short and lean also not attractive. I had very feeling of inferiority. I knew girls are not interested in my appearance. In fact I used to like tall very fair girls only ,which was impossible to me. I had 2 experiences in sex Both were the concessions by our friends. In one case i was taken by a friend ,a rich and handsome boy, to his farm house. There he had a servant lady. He has somehow made her as his slave. When we were there he told that story,but i have not believed IT. Then he told me to stay in a room to see the act through a space.

I was astonished to see the lady who was about 35 and taller and fairer than him is obeying him all his whims. finally when she was lying naked after the act my friend told me to go and fuck her. But she did not agree. He instigate me to use force and fuck or consider myself as a 'hijada'. This gave energy and i could do a nice fuck.. This made me confidant if money and power is available then any one can be fucked,Of course if one has the luck and crudeness..The second was in a red street .the money was of a friend. We both called a lady together.

She was a tall lady with beautiful limbs and black skin. when approached in bed she told that she prefer my friend who was tall and fair. This has again increased my complex. But after the fuck she told me that I am a better fucker and liked me than my tall friend. All further experiences were the masturbation. My cousins family was in al large posh colony. All people there was fair and richer than my society. His mother and father used to be out in the day. and his college has not yet closed. So I used to sit alone ,have a walk to see girls, or to stay ai the roof and see the area with my binocular and camera. I had many good photos of ladies and nature from there.

One hot working day I have noticed the entry of a man to a neighboring quarter. The door was seen in full I tool a snap since camera was with tele lance. No reason just for testing the perfection. Th When I was walking at about 3 pm I saw again the man coming out from that flat. .Accidentally the same has repeated every day .I was inquisitive and has taken photos with interest.I used to wait for him . When inquired I came to know that it was the house of a very rich marvari man. He and his very beautiful wive Swaroop and daughter Rani was there. The girl was in college.. I felt things fishy. Next day I have waited on a window shade as if cleaning or searching some thing with a narrow camera which can be introduced through the air hole. my study has helped here.. The man came in time. A fair tall man with a goof physic He has just knocked the door with 4 times. Bell was not used. It has opened. he went in I saw the rest in my screen. He took her in hand. lifted to the sofa .

The lady was about 40 ans pure milky in co lour hand feet and face was real pink. She has just taken a bath. only one towel was on he body. He has removed it and started licking her from heads to feet. I could mot sit there due to the pressure of my tool. The rest has been seen from recorded data at next day. I was fearing of my cousins arrival. It was a fuck for one and half hour. Since the recording has stopped i could not see the last part.Now I have decided to blackmail her. initially I send the data to my friend for storing. In case something happens to me he can use it. I told him that i shall give her to him for the help he gave in my first fuck..

Next day I went to her early at 11 . I showed the video in mobile. She was very angry. She told me that she can simply crush under her feet. Then i told her that let me die under this beautiful feet but after sending a copy to her husband and daughter. She has started offering money ,job. even a flat. I told her that I have liked her and I will enjoy her at least for 2 or 3 years. B.I knew she had a flat in Bombay where i am studying . I have asked her to come there when i call. She has agreed. Then i have asked to get naked as she was doing with her friend. she did so with out any protest and cooperated with me.. I have licked her total body fucked on all openings.

Her sucking was really a heavenly experience. I felt as a winner and taller and fairer than my real self. I took many photos and send to my friend. and has offered her to him soon. He was astonished. He could not imagine such a lady even with his money. She has agreed to make him happy .and requested not to give to an other. and to keep photos away from others. I have given her a word for that. It was after our second detail foreplay and fuck the knock has come. She told me not to worry and do not open the door. But I have other ideas. I have opened the door and took him in. He was about to run back. but I made him to sit and showed the videos. He was ready to pay or do any thing.

I told him to do a suckling to my dick initially. He has no words to say No. then in his presence I did another fucking. He was asked to massage her calf s while our fuck is on progress. I was very happy to be a male .I took his wife's mobile number to be feeded in my mobile. he did so.. On inquiry I came to know that he has 2 more lady connections. He is a film actor ,Producer in his small way. It was in her young age he has started using hereby taking her interest to become an actress.. So now I have also asked to introduce all his ladies to me . He has agreed.I have asked to show his wife's photo. He has cried and touched my feet,and requested to avoid her. Also he has offered a one room flat in Bombay with in a month. Now I am waiting to see swaroops daughter.If not up to her mother then will not try otherwise have to get her at any cost.

Normally this actor will be enough for girls of all sizes.Now I am getting a superiority complex,I guess. I should be careful for any attack from thii actor. I cannot believe him.
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