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Confession Of A Cuckold Part 11

Vidya kept her word and she told me whenever she met Akram. Sometimes I also went out with them socially and I was surprised to find the chemistry between Vidya and Akram. They would touch each other on the slightest pretext. And Vidya would often talk to him in whispering tone as if they had some secret they didn't want to share with me. But this excited me even more.

One day, after I came back from office, I found Vidya wearing a yellow colored sari and a black sleeveless blouse over it. She normally never wore sari at home. She was wearing a perfume as well and her forehead sported a sexy designer bindi. She looked sexy as hell with her naked luscious arms. She closed the door behind me.

"Hello, I was trying to call you for almost 1 hour. You were not in network range." I put my bag on the sofa and sat down.

"Yes, I was in a meeting and had switched my phone down. What happened?" I wiped seat from my forehead and turned the fan on. My eyes ran over my wife's luscious and plump figure and immediately sensed that something was up. She was wearing light make up and a bright red lipstick on her lips. She came over to me and sat down beside me.

"I wanted to ask if we can invite Akram for dinner here. But you were not reachable and so I took the liberty of asking him to come over for dinner. I hope its ok with you." I simply melted with dazzling smile she gave me. So there it was; the reason why she was so decked up today.

She slowly brushed my hair with her hand and kissed me. I looked in her eyes.

"Is it just dinner or is he staying over?" I almost knew that this was not going to be just a social call. Vidya touched my face and ran her finger tips over my lips.

"It depends on what you want darling. If you want this to be just a social visit, we can make it that way. But if you allow, we can make it more interesting." She kissed my ears lightly.

“So tell me Jaan what you really want. Would you like Akram sleeping with me in our bedroom while I make you sleep on sofa? Would you like to be cuckolded in your own home? I felt her hot breath on my face as she slowly kissed my cheeks. Her hand went inside my pants as she slowly played with my dick. The images of Akram and Vidya naked in bed flashed in my mind. She smiled as she noticed it was rising. She kissed me lightly and laughed.

"Shall I take it that Akram can sleep over?" She touched my erect but still small 5 inch dick. I smiled at her and then kissed her.

"All right honey, I won't mind. But tell me one thing honestly, in past eight months did you ever slept with him"

“You will not get angry na” she asked being very serious.
‘No just tell me the truth” I said
“Many times. More than three four times I have even spent nights with him in his apartment too.” She looked very calm when she said this.
I was surprised like hell. When? How? I became speechless.

Every time you went on your office tours. But I never slept with him after I promise you that I will inform you when I will meet him. Vidya kissed my lips lightly before she got up from sofa.

"All right then, I have cooked non vegetarian for us and vegetarian for you. We just need to heat it when we have dinner. Can you please take care of that for me?" I also got up and went in the bed room to change.

"OK, I will take care of heating the food." I said and then went in the bathroom for a wash. I watched TV for some time after change as Vidya worked in the bedroom. After that I also went in the bedroom. It was about 7:30 PM and the door bell rang. Vidya turned around and went to open the door. I also got up and went just to the door of the bedroom, but didn't directly go to the hall. I could see Vidya opening the door. It was Akram and he came in.
“Hi…. you look stunning today. But where is Ravi?
"Ravi just came from office. He is in the bedroom” Vidya replied.
The moment she said this, he immediately pulled Vidya in his arms and kissed her hard on lips. She seemed like protesting but soon she melted in Akram's arms and wrapped her hands around him and they continued smooching. Akram's hands were squeezing and mauling my wife's big ass as they smooched. After what seemed to me like an eternity, they finally broke the kiss and Vidya wiped her lips.
with her hand.
She wrapped her hand around Akram's arm and then slowly walked over to the sofa with him. They both sat down side by side and Akram wrapped his arm around her and kept his hand on Vidya's naked arm. I came out from the bedroom as Vidya shouted “Ravi…… Akram is here.”
I sat down on sofa that was kept facing their set.
"So Ravi, how are you?"Akram asked me while he caressed Vidya's arm slowly. Vidya leaned over to him and then placed her head on shoulder. "Oh he is nice. He is great. He had a nice hard on when I asked him if you could sleep with me in our bed and if he would be ok with sleeping on sofa." Vidya spoke before I answered.
“Thanks….That’s so nice of you Ravi” -Akram said and they both started laughing on this.
"Do you want anything to drink darling?"- Vidya asked Akram. She adjusted the chop in her hair. It was tied and neatly spread on her back. As she did so, I saw Akram looking at my wife's big breasts.
"I don't mind some tea if you are ok"-Akram said. He leaned back in the sofa and made himself comfortable. Vidya turned to me and to my utter surprise asked me to make tea.
"I am sorry darling, but I really don't want to spoil my sari. Can you please make it and take it here?" She smiled at me."All right, I will make some tea." I turned towards the kitchen and started making tea. It took me about 10 minutes to make tea and as I came back in the hall, I found that it was empty. Then I noticed that there was some noise of laughing in the bedroom and turned towards it.
I saw Akram sitting on our bed and Vidya sitting in his lap. They broke their kiss just as I entered the bedroom. Vidya gently removed the pallu of her sari and pushed it aside as her sexy breasts came in full view of Akram. She looked sexy as hell as she sat on his lap. Just as I entered, she turned towards me.
"Ravi, how can you be so late? Anyway, Akram has changed his mind now. Instead of tea, now he wants my breast milk. So we may not drink anything." Akram also laughed. Then Vidya wrapped her arms around Akram's head and pulled it towards her lovely breasts. Akram buried his head in her big cleavage as Vidya threw her head back and sighed. Then she said to me “Ravi, I feel Akram’s mother didn’t gave him much when he was a baby” and started laughing.
Akram didn’t say anything; He was slowly massaging her breasts hard as Vidya moaned loudly in front of my eyes. I wanted to protest, but instead was intensely excited at the sight that Akram feasting on my wife's big breasts. Her breasts were still trapped in the blouse, but Akram's rough handling was arousing Vidya and she was twisting and turning in his lap. Suddenly he stopped and slapped her breasts with his hand. Vidya cried out slightly and opened her eyes. "Open these milk pots for me darling. I am so thirsty." Akram slowly rubbed Vidya's breasts once more. Vidya looked towards me and said “You know Ravi, we both enjoy breast feeding very much”. I understood they were playing a game to arouse me as much as possible. This is also a type of role playing. While they will enjoy each other they want me to observe and enjoy being humiliated. Vidya knows very well how much I love breast feeding. She always used her breasts to control me when she wanted something.

She slowly unhooked her blouse one by one and then pulled the blouse cups aside. To my surprise, she wasn't wearing any bra. She raised her hands and then slowly pulled the blouse aside. Akram immediately buried his head in her sexy milk pots even before she had removed blouse completely. Vidya's body shivered for a moment before she threw her blouse at me and then smiled.
“Why don’t you smell this blouse while I am feeding him.” She laughed with contempt as Akram started kissing and licking her big breasts. Akram was making a peculiar sound while sucking her nipples hard.
Suddenly she cried out as she looked down on Akram's face. "Oh god Akram, I love it when you suck me like this. She took her left breast in her hand and slowly pushed it towards Akram's mouth and said “Akram suck this one also na”. Akram obliged her again. "Oh Akram, please suck my tits hard. It feels so good when you do that." Akram's hands were roughing up her big ass as he sucked Vidya's tits. She was running her hands through his hair and was sighing wildly as she twisted in his arms. "You have got sexiest pair of breasts I have ever seen Vidya. I feel like sucking them all night." Vidya turned her head towards me and said “Ravi if we ever decide to make babies you have to promise me that you will keep Akram away from me, otherwise your baby will not get any nourishment from me”. I didn’t like that bad joke but obviously my cock liked it.

Akram then buried his face in my wife's breasts as she moaned and sighed. Her face was contorted with pleasure and excitement. Akram was rubbing her naked breasts hard as he feasted on them. “That’s enough” Vidya cried. “Let’s finish our dinner other wise you will end up fucking me in front of my husband”. After Akram released her Vidya started wearing her blouse. She quickly served our dinner and we also finished it more quickly.

After our dinner was over they retired to our bedroom and closed the door from inside. I sat on sofa and switched on the T.V. I then tried to concentrate on a discovery channel program but failed to do so. I was in a constant aroused state. Suddenly I saw one bedroom window was slightly open, they somehow forgot to close it properly. I went near it. My heart was beating like a drum when I found that I could see them inside. I saw vidya was benting forward so that her ass was raised high in the air.
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