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Little Anu

This is Vinupk from thiruvalla, kerala, Inda. this is not a story, its a real case. It’s only 5 days since my darling wife had urgently left for her home town . I was feeling lonely. With no wife to chatter , the whole house was silent like a graveyard. Strange isn’t it. When your wife is beside us, we don’t value her. Its only during her absence you start realizing what important role she plays in your life, both physically and mentally. In my wife’s case, she is an excellent wife , as well as very adept in running the house. Since I fully concentrated in my work, I have little time to look after the affairs of the house, which she has been taking care of very ably. the door bell rang .
The bell rang continuously – apparently whoever was at the door, was terribly impatient. Cursing whoever it was, I hurriedly got up, wore my … the bell was still ringing. “Wait a minute, I am coming”, I shouted and ran towards the door and opening. Standing in front of me was Anu with an apologetic face. This 15-year old girl Anu was our neighbour’s younger daughter. “Sorry Uncle” she said apologetically “can I watch your TV please’ Ours has just gone out of Order and I hate to miss the Hip Hip Hurray serial”, she pleaded. “No problem dear, come in and make yourself comfortable”, I hesitatingly replied. There goes my pleasure, I thought as I let her in. As she passed me, I could sense a faint smell of her body odour, a musky kind of smell which aroused me. For the first time, I started really observing her. Though 15, her physical attributes made her appear to be a 20 year old. She was about five-feet, three inches tall, an exotic maiden with long, with black hair trailing down to her shoulders and slender shapely legs. She was wearing a short dark blue skirt and white shirt. She walked with gaiety, put on the TV and plopped herself on the couch – in the same spot where I was about to enjoy my masturbation. I asked her to enjoy the movie and told her my intention to spend some time with her Dad. “Sorry Uncle, Daddy & Mummy have gone for a party and they will return very late, only after midnight”.
Then all of a sudden I head a loud bang followed by crying. I ran into the sitting room and saw Anu lying on floor crying and holding her knee. A packet of potato chips and bottle of Pepsi was lying beside her. Apparently, she must have tripped on the rug and fallen down, I thought. I knelt beside her to examine her paining knee. I could not help but notice that her skirt had ridden up to her waist, and as I checked out her left knee, my eyes kept wandering to her red cotton panties. Her sobs were subsiding as I ran my hands over her knee - there was no damage that I could see. But I prolonged the moment, my mind reeling madly as I noticed the ***** curls of pubic hair that were peeking around the leg bands of her underwear. All of a sudden I was being turned on by this girl - my dick was hardening, my heart was beating faster, I felt my breath coming shallow and quick. I could barely see the folds of her labia, or imagined I could, through that thin white material. My attentions to her knee had caused her legs to spread slightly, and I found myself pushing the knee farther, pretending to look for damage, watching feverishly out the corner of my eye as the edge of her pussy began to barely peak out from the elastic. I began to slide my hand down a bit from her knee, feeling the taut youthfulness of her thigh. "Ow!" she said, and I looked up. I had spread her legs far enough that she'd felt it. Her face was red with a blush. "Um, your knee looks OK," I said. "Thanks Uncle," she whispered, then stood up and ran to the bathroom. Had she seen me looking at her pussy’ I was not sure, but something seemed to have made her react.
Confused and turned on, I returned to our bedroom. I sat on the and my mind filled with what had happened. I was no child molester; that I knew for sure. Anu’s young body had turned me on, but that was natural, wasn't it’ And all I had done was look - how could I help myself’ The girl was a knockout, though she clearly did not know it. I mean, to have ignored that pretty little cunt when it was staring me in the face would have been inhuman. Wouldn't it’ My dick would not soften. I tried to think of mundane things like work and reading, but no matter how hard I tried, my thoughts ran back to Anu’s thighs, Anu’s pussy, Anu’s little hands wrapped around my cock shaft, the sheer madness of sinking my prick, centimeter by centimeter into that tight little slit. Oh god, this was insanity - how could I get this girl out of my head. I took out my cock and began to beat off feverishly. I shot off in about a dozen strokes, pouring my sperm into a towel that was sitting on the bed-side-table. No sooner had I finished wiping of my dick and wore my pants, there was a knock on the door and lo – it was Anu. With a strange look in her eyes, she came and sat beside me. “Can I ask you something Uncle’” she asked. I just nodded. “Uncle, I noticed a swelling inside your pants when you touched me” she asked innocently “what was it’”. Embarrassed at her question, I said “Nothing Dear”. She asked again. I said “Anu, this is not the right question a young girl can ask an adult like me”. Looking at my eyes, she slowly inched towards me touching my thighs insisted “Please Uncle, I am curious”.
There was a strange mischief in her eyes. To avoid this embarrassing situation, I said “Look Anu, what you are asking is related to sex and I just do not think we should keep talking about... sexual things." "Why not’" "What do you think your parents would say’ I'm a grown man, and you're very underage. If they thought..." I stopped myself. She was asking me to talk, not to fuck. What was I assuming here’ This was a 15 year old girl, even though she looked older. Her face was a confused puzzle. She looked curious, unsure, a little scared, a little sad. And a little excited. I patted here arms and said . "OK. If you have questions, I'll answer them. But you absolutely have to promise that this conversation will stay between the two of us." "I swear," she said, solemnly. She came still closer to me and I thought I noticed something different about the way she looked, but I could not place it. "What did you want to ask me’" "Well. It's just that.... I saw something swelling in your pants..." she asked nervously “what is it’”. "I got a Hard-on," I replied. "Why did get hard ‘” “Because I saw your naked things and your panties, I should have turned my head." "Oh. That's OK. But why would that make you get hard’ I mean, I'm just a kid." I smiled and leaned forward a bit. She leaned too, and I noticed then what that difference was in her appearance. She'd taken off her bra. Through the low scoop in her thin material shirt I could see most of the curve of her right breast, and even the edge of her nipple, which was pink and perfect.
I shifted on the bed, feeling my cock rise, and tried to concentrate on my hands as I spoke. "You have not looked in the mirror lately, have you’ You're no kid." It was true. She could pass for 19 or easily. “But Uncle, my parents and my brother still treat me like a kid. I can't go on to discos with my friends, I can't stay out late, I can't even watch certain movies – they don’t allow it. It's stupid." "Well, your folks are used to thinking of you as a child. I'm not. I can see you for what you are. A beautiful young woman." I looked up, but she had turned her face away, obviously embarrassed. "But why’ Why did you get a hard on looking at me... Uncle" she drifted off. After a moment of silence, she turned back to face me. Her face was bright with nervous excitement. It was as if she had hoped someone would notice her, and someone finally had. And now she was not sure how to feel about it. "Why’" I said. "Well, it is very simple, actually. When a man sees a beautiful woman's body, part of his brain automatically responds, sending signals to his..." "Oh, I know that. I mean, I figured that out from what you said before. But why me’" "I told you. You have a lovely body, Anu. "Oh’" She looked surprised and a little pleased. "But I was not naked" . "No. But I saw your panties, and... well, that area. It had a similar effect." "Really." That mischievous look was back, and something in her smile told me that she was pretty happy at the notion of having so much control over an adult. She was realizing the effect she could have, whenever she wanted to. "So, um, are you hard now’" She was examining her fingernails closely, trying to appear casual, as though the question was purely conversational. "No," I lied. In fact, I was about 40% hard, and rose to about 50% at the question.
With one deft motion, and without any warning, she unbuttoned and took off her shirt. I think I gasped a little: there she was, stripped to the waist. Her young breasts, bigger than a handful on each side, stood pale and proud in the warm light of our bedroom. Her rosy pink nipples were perfect, and had been pressed flat by the shirt. They were not erect, but her breathing, shallow and quick, told me she was excited, or scared, or both. Her smile was quivering, her gaze steady. I wanted to touch her so badly. My dick had sprung stiff and straight as a steel beam. Her titties looked so inviting, and I could not tear my gaze away from those nipples. "Anu," I whispered. "This is really not a good idea..." "But does it make you hard’" she asked, her voice strangely gentle. "I mean, is this enough to do that, or do you need to see my poochy too’ My pussy, I mean." My hands were shaking. For some reason, I glanced at the clock - it was 9:30. Her parents would not be home until midnight or 1:00am. I wanted to see her little pussy more than I wanted to take another breath. I wanted to run from the room. I did not know what to do. Some sort of instinct had taken over in Anu.
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