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The Real Class

First, let me introduce you to the 2 main characters of the story. The teacher, Mrs. Kaur who is a very hot babe with an amazing figure of 36-28-32, and her student Ashok Kumar. Everyone in college wanted a piece of her tight ass but ashok Kumar’s main interest lied in her amazing 36d breasts. And he was willing to go any extent to get her hands on them…….

It all began during the maths class after the break. Ashok was very horny after the break because of the stories he had heard from his friends about Mrs. Kaur (to be referred as gk) and her tight fitting white kurta pajama she was wearing that day. Ashok sat on the first seat and was eagerly waiting for her. As soon as gk entered the class, ashok’s dick stood up to salute her.

It was becoming very difficult for him to hide his growing erection. It was becoming a bit uncomfortable and therefore he decided to put his hands in his trousers in order to change the position of his dick. This was easily noticed by gk as ashok was sitting on the first seat, right in front of her. Gk was shocked to see what ashok was doing and asked him in front of the entire class to stop what he was doing. This embarrassed ashok and he became as red as a tomato.

gk started teaching but ashok’s mind was fixed on her huge, well shaped and firm breasts which were tightly enclosed in her dress, which left little to the imagination. Ashok’s constant staring made it very difficult for gk to concentrate on her teaching. How could she teach if her student sitting on the front seat was constantly staring at her tits, instead of looking in his books. She tried to ignore him a couple of times but eventually her patience ran out and she had to ask ashok to concentrate on his studies and not keep staring at her. This scared the living daylights out of ashok as he thought that gk was not aware of his actions. He immediately apologized but was still unable to shift his gaze from her beautiful breasts.

Ashok knew this was the last class of the day and he did not wish to get into any trouble with Gk. however, gk had something else on her mind. She knew that ashok was one of the most intelligent students in the class and she did not want to become a hindrance to his studies, even though there was no fault of her’s. She knew that ashok had to overcome his sexual desires if he wanted to do well in studies and it was her responsibility as a teacher to help him. So she decided to meet ashok after the class and help him in whichever way possible.

Before the class finished gk asked ashok to wait in the classroom for her. Ashok knew that he was totally screwed and that gk could complaint about his misbehavior even to the principal. This made him nervous as hell. After all the students had left and there were only the 2 of them in the room, gk asked ashok to come to her desk. Ashok nervously walked up to her, expecting the worst.

Contrary to his fears, gk very politely asked ashok, ``why are you unable to study and concentrate in the class, as you did earlier.”Ashok realized that this was perhaps his only opportunity to confess his breast fetish to gk and maybe try his luck with her. He said, `` mam, it is because of you that I am unable to focus in the class. Whenever I look at you and especially your breasts, I am totally transfixed and unable to think about anything else. I don’t know why but I just can’t remove my eyes from your beautiful breasts.”

Gk was shocked to hear this but she was convinced that ashok was having a serious problem which had to be solved at the earliest. She also realized that she could be the best solution as she was a part of the problem; though it was not her fault that ashok was obsessed with her breasts.

She regained her composure and asked ashok, ``do you have this problem only in my class or with all other teachers.” ashok replied, ``to tell you the truth, my biggest problem is in your class because I think you have the biggest and the most beautiful breasts in the entire college . I have little problem in other classes because no other teacher is as good looking as you are.” ashok was trying his level best to seduce her.

gk could no even imagine that there was a student who was totally obsessed with her, especially her breasts. she decided to do something very drastic which even ashok could not imagine.

gk said, ``since you are so obsessed with my breasts, I will give you an opportunity to see them and maybe even feel them. but you have to promise that you will never tell anyone about what happens in this room, not even your friends.” ashok who was pleasantly surprised with the turn of events promised that he would never tell anyone about whatever happens between them and he was also grateful to her for helping him in overcoming this problem.

gk then stood up and took of her top. ashok was mesmerized by seeing those perfect enclosed in beautiful lacy bra. gk then proceeded to removing her bra and showed her breasts to ashok. ashok instantly had a hard on which was noticed by gk. those breasts were just perfect without a hint of sag. the nipples, which were pinkish in color, were perfectly located in the centre and were about the size of a 50 paise coin. those breasts were so inviting that ashok could not prevent himself from touching them.

gk’s breasts were very sensitive to touch and the nipples immediately became rock hard when he touched them. ashok grabbed both the breasts which gave him immense pleasure. he continued to knead the breasts and touched them in all possible ways. the pleasure he got from doing this was too much and he had to go to the bathroom to masturbate.

he immediately left gk’s breasts and was about to leave the room. gk was surprised by his actions and asked where he was going. ashok said, ``I have to masturbate and it is becoming impossible for me to control it. gk seductively replied, `` I could help you in doing that. moreover, I have shown you my stuff and it is only fair that you show me some of yours as well’’.

ashok took out his dick from his pants and showed it to gk. gk was impressed by its 7 inch length and it’s thickness of around 3 inches. she immediately grabbed ashok’s dick and started giving him a hand job. ashok was in the seventh heaven and could not believe that the woman whom he always fantasized about was actually giving him a hand job.

gk increased her pace and was enjoying seeing ashok’s pleasurable situation. ashok was enjoying watching gk’s huge breasts move up and down and then suddenly without warning his cum exploded from his dick. some of the cum landed on gk’s breasts, some on her face and near her mouth and some of it landed on her salwar. gk was pissed off as ashok had cum without warning and her new dress was totally spoilt and some of the cum had landed on her face. she had never tasted semen before and licked some of her lips. even though it didn’t taste great, she still enjoyed it as it was the first time that she tasted semen.

however, ashok was not finished. on seeing gk lick the semen of her lips, he got aroused and started masturbating. he was again on the verge of Cumming and this time he politely shouted ` I’m Cumming’. gk was totally taken aback and didn’t know what to do. she did not want ashok to cum again on her body or on her new salwar. this did not stop ashok and a few spurts of cum fell on gk’s salwar. gk now had to do something. she did not have any tissue paper or cloth in which ashok could cum. therefore, she impulsively took ashok’s penis in her mouth to ensure that the cum did not spill over.

ashok could not believe his luck. he was actually getting a blowjob from the woman of his dreams. gk was finding it difficult to keep her mouth on ashok’s dick. it had a salty taste and she wanted him to cum as fast as possible. she started licking and sucking his dick to make him cum faster. ashok could not hold on much longer and immediately came into her mouth. at first gk tried to swallow the entire load, but it was too much and she had to spit out some of it.

after the exhausting blowjob, gk stood up. it was then that she realized that her salwar was full of sticky cum which could easily be noticed by anyone. it was impossible for her to remove the cum stains without removing her salwar. so, she removed her salwar and took ashok’s handkerchief to clean the cum.

ashok was really a lucky man. gk was standing in front of him only in her silky white panties. ashok apologized to gk by saying, `` I am really sorry for spoiling your dress. but I just could not control it and the cum flew on it’s own. it was really not my fault.” gk realized his genuineness and said, `` it’s ok. no big deal. and anyway with most men it is true that the penis has a mind of it’s own.”

ashok stepped closer to gk and tried to help her in removing the cum stains. although gk was almost totally naked, she did not show any signs of nervousness or shyness in front of ashok. when ashok was helping her out, his dick which was still out in the open, poked into gk’s ass. ashok did not realise this at first, but when gk tried to push backwards towards him, he realised what was actually happening. his teacher was giving him an open invitation to fuck her.

ashok thrust his dick into gk’s ass, even with the panties on. gk could not control her sexual desires and urged ashok to fuck her. ashok immediately knelt down and removed her panties. it was for the first time that he had seen a woman’s pussy. he inserted a finger into gk’s pussy and felt a soft and warm feeling. her pussy was already wet and was ready to be fucked.

ashok took his dick and inserted it into her pussy. at first he was unable to insert it completely, but after some help from gk he was moving in full flow. gk was enjoying this. it was for the first time in many years that someone was fucking her like this. ashok’s long dick was a welcome change from her husband’s small 4 inch dick, which could hardly satisfy her.
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