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Decent Proposal

“Good morning raghav, get up from the bed it is already 8.00 AM you have to go to office” My mummy Gomathi waked me up in the morning. “ Oh mummy today some auditing is going on in the morning. I will go in afternoon, allow me to take some rest” First let me introduce myself to you all, I am Raghavendra working in a Leading Auditing Company in Chennai after finishing CA. I am 5 Feet 8 Inch and I am perfect fit and by side angle I will be looking like cricket player yuvaraj singh. Unlike Finance guys, I am fond of girls and my life aim is to my marriage should be definitely a love marriage. But even though I am handsome, I could not get a girl friend till now. I am longing for long. My father is employed in central government and my mother is a teacher working in nearby school. I have one elder brother Siva who is working in a software company.

We are staying in an apartment in Tambaram near Chennai and our opposite house was vacant till last week. But my mummy told that somebody has come there and they are very silent. I was not that much curious about that since usually I used to see some big aunties in our apartment. According to me I consider a girl as beautiful only if she has good structure, beautiful smile and same height as me. So I normally don’t like girls with grim faces. By this way I have rejected many. I am always dreaming about my dream girl and I feel it is my fate which delaying the process of finding one love.

“ Ok raghav I am leaving to the school, your breakfast is in the table, don’t forget to take that, bye. Mummy departed for the school. “ Ok mummy you proceed I will take care” My mummy left and I felt that today is very pleasant for me and I suspect some good thing will happen to me. The calling bell of our house rang. Nobody in that apartment will approach another house. So I thought my mummy would have returned and I opened the door without wearing my shirt. “ Is there your mummy inside “ asked an angel standing outside.

I could not believe my eyes, she is such a beautiful girl, she deserved to be called as angel of Chennai and I have never come across such a girl in my life. She is in saree (which I love very much) and she wears elegantly, her perfume is erotic and I got some divine feeling after seeing her. I have decided that I got a lover at last. One girl for my life. I am in a mesmerized world and started conversing with her. Now I got the curiosity who is she. “ Oh she left for school, may I know why you require her”. “ Sorry I am Shreya we come to your opposite flat last week, I want to have some sugar that’s why I called you, sorry for disturbing you” “ Oh you are in our opposite flat (Oh god for this only you delayed my wish, thank you thank you), it is my pleasure to invite you inside my house. Come in” Without hesitation she entered inside.

“ By the way I am Raghav working as auditor. “Myself working in a software company after finishing BSC ” “Ya Shreya (I feel I am very close to her) please come inside the kitchen and take what you want, I never entered kitchen, your mummy also gone to work. “No Raghav my parents are in Madurai I am staying here with my friends” “Oh you a have a big advantage to be alone without parents, they always instruct or advice, it is good to be alone” “No raghav sometimes it is boring for me, I miss my mummy very much. Conversation goes on and I understood that we both have many common things, common interest and we both have same frequency and I thanked god for giving a wonderful girl that too near Valentine’s day. I hope she will be two years younger than me.

“Yes raghav I have to compliment for your well structured body, you have good gym at your home itself” “No Shreya I am not using that, that is meant for my brother Siva, he is very atheletic and he regularly uses that. “ Ok ok “ ONE YEAR BEFORE BANGALORE Place : Two BHK apartment in outskirts of Bangalore. Siva ( Brother of our Hero Raghav) kissed the lips of Shreya, he lip locked, and he started touching her back. She is not that much co-operative.
“ Hey shreya why are you looking dull ya. You are behaving as if I am touching you for the first time “ asked Siva (mm Brother of our Hero Raghav) “Siva, already two years over after we shifted here, it is not our culture to be living together, my parents are also forcing for marriage, please at least for this valentine’s day we get married or convey this to your parents” “Oh is this your problem, why you are too much worried about the marriage, we are not the only couples like this, take in our office there are around 20 couples living together and they don’t have the idea of marriage.

“ Ok siva I am serious, are you going to marry me or not “ “Ok the moment what I expect comes today, see you are not of my caste, we both are from different caste, for living together we don’t have this caste anomalies but for marriage everything is counted. My parents definitely will not accept this. They are highly orthodox and will not accept this. Let us be friends forever “ “Oh I am of different caste, are you not ashamed siva, like terrorism love is also apart from religion, you loved me for five years, we lived together and shared my bed with you for two years. That time you don’t think of caste or your parents, now you have.”

“Sorry I don’t have that much courage to face my parents, moreover this weekend I got transferred to Chennai, I am moving there. Let us vacate this apartment and you better marry somebody and settle in life. Let us be friends forever” “Good Siva I am asking one question whether you accept one girl for marriage who earlier used by another person” “Apart from this I suspect that you are close with kumar ” “ Hey kumar is my distant brother, can you not believe your love, you are a cheap” “Don’t waste my time in discussing this” “Ok siva I am telling you now, by next valentine’s day I will be daughter in law in your house, I challenge you” “I am not for it how can you do, try your luck, Good bye” PRESENT Raghav and Shreya are sitting in Marina beach. They are separated by half meter distance. Shreya “ Hey raghav I am lucky to get a friend like you, time is moving like anything. I am very much impressed by your activities.
Raghav “ Ya I am also in the same feeling, Shreya today I called you to discuss one thing. I don’t think it is not enough to be friends for both. We should move forward.

Shreya “ I could not follow you” Raghav “ I feel in my mind that “ I am in love with you” What about you “ Shreya “ Raghav is it workable, we both are from different caste, how it is possible to get married after love” Raghav “ Oh how much silly you are. Love has no religion, Love has no country barrier, it is the bridge of two similar minds with enormous energy so that no one can break that” I Love you
Tears rolled on in Shreya’s Face “ I too love you, I Too love you, you are fabulous raghav” Raghav wiped her tears and told “ I should not see any tears anymore” Now their distant between them started reducing and she slept in his lap and asked
“Raghav what you want for this Valentine’s Day” “Shreya you are my gift and I don’t want any more, you know what gift I am going to give for this valentine’s day. “ What gift “
“I am going to invite to my house and convey our love to my parents. Let us start our love with our parent’s blessings” Valentine’s Day “Hey raghav you returned from office so early before your father and siva, what happened” “ Mummy and daddy hope you remember today is valentine’s day and also your wedding day. I have not asked you both for anything from babyhood and I have obeyed all your orders. So today I am going to ask one thing, you both have to happily accept that.

“Oh you are giving great build up what about that “ My mummy asked.
“ I am in love with one girl, I will be happy forever if we marry” “who is she” “ You both know her, she is opposite to us only, if you want to see I call her” “ oh shreya, lovely selection my son “ My mummy told. It is a great surprise for me.
She convinced my father to agree for that. Siva was in silent mode and when
Shreya entered he was shattered like anything.

“ Hi Everybody good evening uncle, aunty, raghav “ She then introduced about herself and my parents are totally convinced to accept her as their daughter in law. But they felt it is only after my brother’s marriage.
So I am happy and I am in cloud nine. At last I have achieved my goal and I got a beautiful and gorgeous wife.
Siva isolated shreya to separate place and he is very much angry and helpless. Siva “ Hey shreya what you are thinking, are you mad, how come you love my brother, you forget everything” “Oh siva you still remember me, sorry I forget you completely, you might have conquered my body, but your brother conquered my heart fully, he is such a gentle man, first of all I just shifted here to intimidate you. But after seeing your brother, I lost my cool, as I challenged I am going to be the daughter in law for your house. But only think the bride groom is different. Another thing don’t try to act smart to reveal our earlier relationship, I have already conveyed this to Raghav and further communication spoil your name in you home. Better luck next time siva
“Happy Valentine’s Day”
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