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Brother in law my mentor

My story begins from the second week of my marriage. It was a sunday. my husband was to go to calcutta for some office - our own business - work. It was his duty to do the collection and the youngest brother was to get orders. The elder brother was the all in all, since it was his hard work made our company in this position.. Even though bhayya was 14 years elder and was only a cousin ,we consider him as our own. There was nothing personal in between these bros. When I have come as a bride i was welcomed by the bhabhi and bhayya as father and mother. 0I was much annoyed by the extra respect giving to the bhaiyyas. But slowly I came to know that the company and house all are in the name of bhayya. Monthly all used to get a sum for personal expenses. Any thing more has to be taken from bhaiyya or bhabhi. They never used to ask any reasons for that. All were happy. I also found the adjustments as very good. Even I used to think that as a joint family or commune.
The sunday my husband has packed up for his journey. I have even asked to take me with him. But he convinced me that he has to mix with many customers who are of low standard and even has to stay with some and even to have a drink or two. It will be difficult for me and will not like his bhayya. so finally he has left in that noon. BHabby has stayed with me to avoid my loneliness. When her Hus has come she had planed a trip to our new flat complex for a n outing. It was having 8 flats and was almost ready for sell. Booking was completed for 6 and the rest two was told ts for we two brothers. In Fact they have taken me there to ask my opinion fro the interior decoration . .We were alone there . Our flats were with bed and kitchen. It was told that he used to stay there to oversee thr constructions alone or with bhabhi. .I felt happy for their care and love . In the eve a servent lady of 30 or so has come for cooking . A very beautiful lady with tall and malkin like appearance. Initially I have thought her as some relative of bhabby or bhayya. From her careless movements I could understand that she was very familiar to all. In the eve we were sitting at the balcony with a tes looking the beauty of the swimming pool. Suddenly there was a call , and bhayya and bhabby has left for an hour . I was asked to stay with the maid. She was a nice lady. She has helped me to change to a salwar and has polished my nails and to massage my feet. She told me that my fresh ness of makeup has lost.She has advised me not to loose that at least for 41 days. She has told many stories of sex in her and her relatives life. She has even forcefully mended my hours .Then only I could understood that she was a goof beautician. . She has also told the stories of bhabby and bhayya,s sex life. Then even though the money was not much he used to have a great liking for sex and she has watched those days with astonishment. Then when it was about 8 in the night she was worried and has l phoned her Hus for at least 3 or 4 time. Finally I have asked her to leave if she is in problem. By then Brother has phoned that they are on their way, So finally we have taken food and she has left.
I was alone and has called my Hus. Told all about the trip and he has also told about his travel. By the time we had our private talk the car has come. I have opened the door to find that only brother was there. He has told me that bhabby was forced to stay by a relative for that night. We shall go and get her in the morning. . Soon he has told me to change dresses and sleep. By then he has retired to his room. .After waiting for some call from my Hus ,I have shifted to a night and slept. New bed and place made me much worried.I have thought of my Hus. Bit smaller than his brother and fairer he was very easy going. Big Bro was six footer with serious and light coloured with a small beard.I used to think how the small bhabby will be enjoying him. . I being tall is equal to my husband and he used to feel to his short height. Even though short he was very active .He has not even allowed mr to sleep for all three days. Usually I used to sleep in noon to compensate that. But he was so speedy that he used to loose temper before 3 or 4 pumping. I feel that he will able to keep erection by practice. .My family was happy for the god monetary standard of that family. They were thinking that they are the owner of the factory. Theoretically that was not true but I FEEL HAPPY. i WAS ALSO EXPECTING FOR A JOB SINCE i WAS QUALIFIED IN THEIR COMPANY.
bY THAT TIME DOOR WAS KNOCKED AND WHEN OPENED BAYYA HAS ENTERED. hE WAS IN A SMALL TROUSER ONLY. a TOWERING MAN WITH SMOOTH DARK SKIN, had made me dumb. Before telling any thing he has simply carried me to his room. My throat was dry and was not even able to struggle. When I have tried to cry a different type of sound has come out. By then he has told me that " there is no one here and even if tried I will enjoy you. Better to stay calm and enjoy. It is for your information that none of this family like the sisters of your baby and many others who are working for us are free. I used to enjoy then at my sweet will. The so called servent who has come earlier was the wife of my bro in law and was my kept. By telling these he has opened all my dresses. .His mouth has gone to my pussee for a strong kiss and suck. I have lost my life with that suck. Then he has gone to my thigh as if he will eat me in fresh. My cry was too loud ,cry of real pain and a terrible feeling. I have never even tried to resist. Even though tall I was only felt as a child under him. He has sucked my back and feet and sole as if i t is an ice cream. breast has turned to a red piece of meat in his mouth , He was telling as very nice , sunderi, good taste etc for each lick. Then came the face mouth lips and neck. I have changed as a clay like in his hand. Slowly I have understood the real happiness of sex. Then he has intoduced the pennis in to my mouth. A long ted tipped 9 + inch heavy structure. My mouth couldn't even catch that. Still I have made it sucked as far as possible. >He told me that he has a weakness for tall girls. By the end I was almost calm and silent. Then he has entered in to me .Even my Husband has cleared the pussee way ,his entry was great and I have lost all conscious. the fucking has started only after some time . When I have started licking his lips he has smiled and called me as rajkumari and has started pumping with force. .It was the great feeling even though it was breathless condition... I have stayed there for 3 days and all day and night on his broad chest. I have felt that i need not want any moresex in life.Initially I used to have some guilty complex for my Hus. But later I came to know that my hus used to have girls on tours and even has the servants before and after marriage. Bhabee also used to talk all with me as a friend. She knew all from her husband. It seems that there was no secrecy between them.she has told me that the younger bro in law had many a sex with her from his teens ,of course with out knowing her husband. But even after my husbands return I used to get that sex till now. My children were well looked after and iI am with a good job etc. I was asked to maintain my body with out fail. For that I used to spent money than for any other. My Hus also was happy for me ,But for his speed I never used to have the real happiness, still I boost him and make him happy with oral sex.
Since the arrival of younger sis in law I have got some free time. It was after 5 years. The selection of girl was my duty. I have selected a really tall one from a poor family who could easily surrender for him .By then he was 55 and the girl was 21. Perfect age for him and for her taste. He was happy for that. I was given 3 lakhs as a present in the form of a diamond necklace along with a memorable fuck. In her case we have planed in such a way that she was presented to him even before the marriage. She in fact was given a job and was made to surrender to him. In fact I was with her in that room and she was used there even with her protest. .Bur the benefits and marriage and good job has finally made her also his slave. In fact she has became my competitor from that day, But even in my 34 I used to give much happiness to him than her. Even though when we used to go to him together i used to play number 2 to make her happy.. I have tried to have others from the surroundings but never had any one with such carefree and sexy male in my life.
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