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A long long time ago

Well - finally I wrote my story after reading many of DF stories- a comment while some stories are true..a lot seem high flights of fantasy- who cares? as long as we get our kicks?? right? This is how I nailed my maid.- (probably she tells her version to her bai friends as how she nailed her employer) who cares ! Well, over the years we had many maids in our house in Bombay- the bai’s who come to do the housework morning and afternoon One I remember very well was mungai - a Tamil lady with hu-mungos tits.. the stuff that could not be held within the cheap bra/blouse combi she wore.
Whenever she swept the floor, she had this great spectacle offered for view. I would capitalize on the situation and strategically hover around.. And drink in the view.. too bad it was before the time of web cams and spy cams.. else I would have recorded some- but I was in school that time- so it provided me enough thrills for a quick download of my teen cum. Overtime time I think she noticed. But never stopped the show. well she was kinda middle aged and I was a in 9th and didn’t have the guts to do anything more. Then came another one, Rajni from UP - expecting something from her too. I “instructed” her on where all to clean on her initial days.. And discovered.. her choochi’s were small but the view was still there- added to that she had a gr8 bum. So the same schedule followed, I had perfected the art of hovering -instructing and viewing, I used to have a quivering hard on by the time she was finished- then as she left a few minutes of frenzied stroking a “oooombha” Then as I got bolder, I started brushing her “accidentally ” in the ass, and sometimes stroking her tits and even touching her back with me hardon. I should have understood when she only looked at me each time that she was willing.. but I am late reactor. Whenever my parents were out. We used to have these loaded statements to each other..maza aa raha hai, thund lag raha - coffee pee kar garam ho gaye types..
I used to ask her to make coffee for the two of us.. And drink it while she was in the kitchen and make small talk-. well as long as she was game.. I was. Once she was trying to open a door to the backyard that had a tight latch, with some difficulty (I had closed it tight !!)..I moved forward while she was trying and “helped ” her while pressing the full length of my dick against her soft bums.. She said ” hsssssh” and looked back at me and I looked back innocently as matters progressed - I knew she was willing, I used to wear a lungi of sorts (only that) and would be in my room - when she came to sweep and sometimes when she was in a corner would ask her if she wanted me to move the bed, and move ahead to push the bed, each time there would be arse to dick contact.she was getting in the game too, though once she said she would tell my parents. I said, I do whatever I do after asking and no zaberdusti- and pointedly asked ” have I been forceful or attempted to manhandle her” she said no. And smiled, But she looked pointedly at the tent in front of my lungi and said “you are having maza” I said yes… I said school is closed, nothing to do, am bored. She said ” maza kar lo..thik hai” and continued Getting bolder..a few days later - I seized the opportunity and fondled a breast while she was sweeping my room, she did her hss thing and continued (parents were at home) - the very next day, she got her own back I was standing there surprised as she came forward and grasped my erect dick and gave it a quick squeeze and said “maza le raho naa?”–
A cousin was in an other room, so I was left there with a open mouth and bursting prick while she went on to the other rooms. By now I knew she was ok for anything- at the next time we were alone I started coming on harder and she continued flirting and parrying with double meaning words. “after all the game was important- the longer the game more fun” and I was in no hurry.(?) then one day, we reached the climax, and I that its time and held by the hips while she was bent and pressed fully into her arse and grabbed her tits… She reacted and said stop. I will complain etc- I stopped, and she left with a remark “bathroom mein maza kar lena”. I that what a klpd, and said maybe I went too far- the next day I did not do the usual routine and she said “naraaz ho gaye kya ” I said I don’t do zabardasti.. She stood facing me and said she is fine to do anything, but nobody should know… And close the curtains.. I closed everything and the room was in darkness, she sat on my bed and said “maine yeh kisi ke saath nahi kiya- tum apne girl friends ke saath karte honge..I said no I go to this extent with you..and a whole lot of other stuff- now that she was at this point I was using all the verbal persuasion I could.. Sitting side by side on the edge of my bed, she said its a big thing for a women to give her izzat - its worth lakhs - She moved her hand onto my prick and fondled it, I made her stand and took ofd her blouse, and slowly caressed her breasts and rubbed the nipples, (all that I had read - the pondies and blues were being processed by brain..what to do next???) anyway — I licked her nipples and caressed her all over while she stood there shyly..turning her head and saying slowly don’t bite.
The feeling of soft breasts is like nothing in the world..what do u say? she resisted my efforts to take of her lower garments saying nahi nahi and preferred to lift the saree upto her waist. I stood in front of her and asked her to open my pajamas.. She undid the knot pulled the pajamas..i stpped out and asked her to do the same with the undies. She put her hand on the elastic band - and pulled then turned her head..and said nahi..sharam aata hai.. I lifted her onto the bed..while she got into position adjustng the pillow and razai.. And pulled her sari up and said “quickly ” I whippd of the undied and clambered on top of her- she held my dick and squeezed and rubbed up and down.. bringing it to full erection.She continued to rub..and I felt a wetness of pre cum.. I rubbed her nether area, opened the folds a bit and inserted my finger..she squirmed, saying it hurts..
I continued rubbing slowly relishing the crinkly feel of pubic hear and the sight of the pinkish lips on her fair skin.it was very fascinating to see it in real life. I had imagined fucking her very often- and here I was doing it- what a rush. being my first time I made a couple of out of target shots on her pelvic area and then she held my dick and placed it at the entrance of her choot - I pushed and in it went and popped out when I pulled back. I had to get the hang of it and get into position… Afte fumbling for some time.the rhythm got set and we went at it.. in out in out her legs were in a V shape bent at the knee, breast bare.. And eyes looking at me.. I remember the window outside was open so I said shh,cos someone was outside walking in the gali… we went on for I don’t know how long and I came in her and fell on her.. After that her expression was nice to see, a new look of was in her face- she seemed shy but bolder.. As she put her stuff on.. I did give her some money- but I said this is a gift. Thinking back- it was not so much fun - the act but the chase and the climax was fun.
After that we had sex, the next day- it got better- while she did the basic house work.. I took a bath, then when she came to my room, I stood in the nude in front of her.. while she said “oh..no shame..standing full nunga”..and moved her eyes down to my dick which was rising to the occassion- I said I have just bathed..I want you to put it in your mouth.. She said no… I insisted- sitting her on the bed and moving my dick to her face- first she put the tip in the mouth and then stopped saying ajeeb hai.. And saying yeh gandha hai, put it inside.. I insisted then she took me fully in her mouth and being inexperienced really sucked like a dussheri mango. the feeling was fun- but too the feeling of forbidden acts and being my first BJ was what I experienced - then I lay her down, slowly peeled of ALL her clothes — all the time chatting with her then we lay side to side I kept caressing her all over she said to climb on top.. I did, and as I slid in it was so incredibly warm and oiled- that I said today it feels much better- she smiled, and said ais hi hota hai- I realised the foreplay made the difference.. I plunged in and soon was sweating away in the motion.. She held my back..and dug in with her fingernails. I took her tits in my mouth while I was plugging away and she gave little cries of aah ooh finally when I felt I was about to come..
I gave a hard push and let go. She had a little smile and I continued to feel her tits.. tits are a marvellous invention. Any way - after that we were at it for inumerable number of times… only change in the schedule being that she asked me not to let go inside..as it would drip out when she walked back, and I would pull back at the moment of climax and let go on her stomach.. And she would say ooh its so hot., once when we screwed after a long time.. I came and the jism hit her breast.. She said careful- it will hit my face so please aim lower. we had a laff at that..and I still smile thinking of it- As time went by I went away to study..sometimes when on vacation — if we were alone, we would have a fling- possible… this continued till I went to the US, I came back and while I was finalising the bridal selection — we had more than a couple of fliings.. I brought a blue movie on a CD and saw it with her while she was sitting in my lap, me fondling her breast- I showed and rewinded the parts where the BJ’s were being done and then asked her to do it…and boy she did it.. well. now its been a long time.. I have 2 boys and live a life of a family man— having sown my oats in my youth.. I think it is easier to keep faithful to my wife - I have no craving for forbidden fruit.
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