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My First True Love

After getting chance in joint entrance exam I got seat at Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College for Electrical Engineering.At first my mother was against sending there only one son to jalpaiguri but my father made her understand and she agreed. Father uncle and I went to college and took an admission there but college said there was no hostel seat available for next six month. So I had to take a hotel cum hostel 20 min far my college. I had to take auto to reach college. My college started and regularly I used to go to college had good time there and again come back to hotel. The manager of the hotel was very kind and generous when I came back from college he used to take good care.

So I was having no difficulty. My room was in 2nd floor outside of the window there was only house other side was lush green field. it was Sunday and evening time I was sitting near my window ,I could see the house nearly three month I haven’t seen any one in that house, but that day I saw young girl was sitting and reading paper, she was so beautiful just like south actress. Suddenly she turn her face towards me and smiled at me I was little shy but I also smiled. Then she wave her hand I also wave my hand , then suddenly power cut off every were was dark. I came back and light a candle and came back at the window but to my surprise no one light a light in that house. After my dinner I went to sleep but I was not able to sleep whole night the face that girl in my mind. Next day I went to college but I could not forget her face. Came early from college and after taking light food I open the window but found the window was closed I was very much sad. I took my chair near the window and sat there.

Around 5 o clock I found that her window opens I saw her face with big smile , I too smile then she wave her hand I too wave my hand, today she was wearing black colour t-shirt and jeans in that dress she was looking very very sexy. This was daily routine for few month one day in the evening she came near the window and smile at me After few min she waves her hand and asks me to come down near the field. I was very nervous and happy too I came down from the hotel and started to walk towards a field. After walking for 10 min I found a river. With great view it was flowing I never saw the river from my window because the river was in little low land. When I reach there I found the girl was already sitting near big bolder. She saw me and said ‘hi’ I said ‘hi’ I introduce my self and said hi ‘I am Ravi’ She said ‘I am Rajani’ We both laugh and said we ‘RR’ Friends what to tell you from window she looking beautiful but when I was so near to her she was like a goddess of beauty I went and sat beside her while sitting I touch her hand it was so soft just like a butter. Then she ask me where I was from what I am doing here and what is my aim All those chit chat was going on we sat there till 6.30 pm then darkness was falling so we decide to return back to hotel. We both got up and started to walk after walking for few min she said now you go straight and I will go other way if some one see us then lot talk will arise. While going she said that we will meet tomorrow same time same place.

These way the days past and we regular meet at same place and same time. Now it was nearly puja vacation my college will remain close form tomorrow for 20 days and I have return to Kolkata. That evening we meet and I said “Rajani from tomorrow my vacation will start I have to return to Kolkata. She sat there with very sad mood and said nothing and all of a sudden she started to cry. She tears was coming out eyes and I was feeling very bad. Suddenly she came to me she hug me and stay there for long her boobs was touching me and I was feeling very hot and my tools began to stiff as rod and started dancing up and down but I control my self. Then we both started to walk back towards hotel. When we came near depart place she once more hug me tight and said what time is your train I said tomorrow at 8 pm. She just nodded her head and she said that if possible can you come to our house tomorrow at 11 am. I said ok then I ask her what about your mother and father then she said there will be no one at that time I was very happy as well as very sad seeing her face. Then she said bye we went our away. Next day I went to rajani’s house and knock at door, after few min rajani open the door, I went inside her house , she came back after locking the door, when she arrived in the room I catch her hug her for long time, after sometime I caught hold of her boobs and press her in my chest for few min we were standing in the same position. Then she lie down in the bed, I thought got a chance jump on her started to kiss on her lips, ear now she also started to responding then I slowly open her dress making her totally nude. Seeing her nude my tools was stiff as rod and started dancing up and down.

Then I started to suck her boobs and with one hand started to press her another boobs, she also playing with my tools, she was making sound aaaahhhh, aaaahhhhhh,ahhhhhh ooopppps this sound made me aroused more I was so much aroused that I was not able to make my self calm and took my tool and insert the tool in her pussy it was so hot and pink but I was not able to insert my tools totally inside due her hole was small and she started to cry in pain, I took it out and with sudden speed I inserted my tool in her pussy, she was shouting and crying ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppp o my god leeeeeeeeeeve meeeeeee, liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee, but withen this period I have totally put my tool inside and stay calm , after keeping there for few min she regain her breath I think I have broken her seal then I started to push up and down now she was also enjoying the moment .slowly her pussy was becoming very slippery and it was much easier and smoothly it was coming and going inside , she was making noise aaahh, aahhh aaahhh, ooooooo aahhh, and was pushing from down word , this was 1st time in a life having sex with any girl and was enjoying every second I don’t know how much time it took all of a sudden she started to push hard and telling me to push fast push fast , she was very near to her cum within a second she grab me tightly and ask me to push fast fast fast hearing all this I was also very near to my cum and started to push her very fast and hard and making sound oooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was to very near cum so I took out my tools and sprayed all of cummmmmm into her chest with this cum I was very tired and throw my body in her chest where I sprayed my cum we slept there in that position for more than an hour, when she pushed me I wake up and saw all the cum was in our body we both went bathroom where we had bath and I put on my cloth but started to change change in front of me with lovely hanging boobs. After changing she came near to me and sat beside me, then I put my head on her lap and closed my eyes now she started to kiss in my forehead then she said darling I don’t know when we will meet again, but you take care of your self and don’t waste your time be very good boy in your studies and enjoy vacation. Saying all this she started to cay again. Then I got up and wipe her tears and said darling I will come back very soon.

Then I look in my watch it was nearly 6.30 pm. I said darling see how the time has passed. Then I said darling now I must leave now other wise I will be late. Then she came forward kiss me and hug me and she give me a latter in a envelope and said please read this after coming back from your vacation before that please don’t open this latter. I said ok Then I came back to hotel manager was standing there in very worried face. Seeing me he came forward and said where were you son whole day I was very worried about and now you will get late come fast with you luggage. I went upstairs and brought my belonging. Manager has already informed a taxi I sat in a taxi said bye to manager. While going I was rajani was standing near her window with crying face waving hand said bye me. Enjoy my holidays in Kolkata with my family then the day has came back to go to jalpaiguri to my first love. I arrived in very dark hotel manager came out and took my bags inside. I was trying see towards rajani’s house but it was so dark I could not figure out any thing. I was very much tiered went to my room I felt very sleep. Next day manager knock the door and awake me up said son its already 9 o clock. Quickly I had bath and breakfast and come down. With a great surprise found rajani’s house has been demolished and some worker was working there.

I ran there and ask one of the worker why you all are breaking this house and what about the owner of the house. With a worried face one of the workers replied “ son from where did you came and why you are asking all these question Then I said before puja vacation there used to lived rajani and her family. Then one old man came forward said “son for last 30years this house is empty no one lives here. Before there used to live a family there was man and her wife and there only daughter I think her name was rajani but in an accident they all died, from then this house is empty. After searching for long time government found no one was there to claim this property so govt has planned to make a park here. When I heard rajani’s name in your mouth I was surprised. I was speech less could not say anything came back to my room and remembered the latter rajani has given me I ran near the table found the latter and open it. It was a colorful paper in that paper it was written Sorry You are my true a 1st love After reading the latter I could not believe any thing how could this happened to me, then I remembered the last world she said she said darling I don’t know when we will meet again I don’t know who she was from were she came but she was truly My First True LOVE.
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