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Seduction of Young Payal

I’ve posted several of my past sexual experiences. This is a recent real life incident that occurred between January and August this year 2017.
For new readers, I am a mature handsome guy, middle-age, 5 ft. 8”, well settled, travelled all over the world. Worked hard and currently involved in construction and research for my book. I have a doctorate degree. I was divorced long back. I usually look for NSA relationships. Women say they love my company as I treat them with respect and pleasure them any which way they want.
I spend lots of time at my mountain house, writing and doing research work for my book. In January our building caretaker’s wife fell ill and he sent her to his village for his parents and sister to look after her. Her grown up daughter (name changed to Payal) goes to 2nd year college and is studying commerce.
Let me describe Payal to readers: she’s about 5 ft 4” tall, body is very slim and lithe due to doing lots of work helping the family with daily chores and working in the farm in their village. She has wheatish to fait complexion, long black hair kept in 2 neat pony tails, small tight perfect ass, small perky tits, sharp nose and big innocent eyes. From what I had seen whenever she accompanied her mother to my house to do some house work, she did not have much body hair and would always keep smiling. She was very curious about what I did on my laptop all the time among some other things that used to find lying around at my house. I knew Payal quite well as her mother used to bring her every other day to help with the house work and had seen her grow up over the last 3 years from an awkward teenager to a beautiful young girl. I used to help her time sometimes with her studies in economics and SP.
Coming back to the current experience and episode: Payal’s mother had developed a serious back condition and was bed-ridden. So the 4 owners in our building had been informed by the caretaker that she would be indisposed for at least 3 months and that during this time Payal and he would be helping with the domestic chores whenever any of the owners cam to stay at the mountain house.
Whenever I visited, I would be there for about 3 weeks. The day after I arrived, Payal came and told me about her mother’s condition and that she would be coming every day after college to do the house work. She always wore salwar kameez (no dupatta) and for some reason the ‘U’ neck was deep and if she bent unconsciously, her small firm tits could be seen. Sometimes she would wear a bra and sometimes she would not. I would always try and steal a glance whenever possible, as she did work to see her tits. A few times she had caught me staring down the kameez and would smile and hold her hand to her neck area to cover up.
I usually wore boxer shorts and a t-shirt while doing work on my laptop. So she could easily see my legs and I had caught her a few times looking at my crotch. I knew she was in the inquisitive age when girls are curious about sex, men’s penis and that sort of stuff. She had also caught me unawares a few times while I was looking at a porn film or clip, which I had to hastily shut.
On the 3rd day, I had opened my main door to let in some fresh acool air to refresh my living room. After breakfast I had started checking me emails and had started seeing a porn clip sent by one of my German buddies. It was a short film about a Japanese family where the young daughter-in-law was frustrated as her young husband used to come home drink, have dinner and go to sleep. Despite her efforts to please him and arouse him for sex, he would even doze off while she was giving him a blow job. In short she was frustrated and badly wanted sex. She had to look after her old father-in-law (FIL), feeding him, bathing him and helping him with clothes etc. On one such body cleaning session, she noticed that her FIL had a hard on, probably looking at his DIL’s attractive young body. So she had a naughty idea and pulled down his underwear and got shocked to see that her FIL has a nice fat dick with a strong erection. Despite his protests, she started cleaning his dick with a wet cloth and then went on to suck him and made him orgasm with squirts. While I was watching this video, I was so engrossed that I did not notice that Payal had come and was standing behind me and was also watching the video intently.
I felt something and suddenly turned around and saw Payal standing behind me looking at the video. As soon as I saw her, her face went red and she put her hand on mouth and saying Haaaa… ran out of my house. Shit! It was my mistake, I had forgotten to shut the main door before starting the video clip.
By late afternoon that day when she had not turned up and done the usual house work, I called her father (the caretaker) and asked where Payal was as she had not done the housework. He told me she was sleeping and that he would send her soon. About 15 minutes later Payal turned up. I had left the main door open for her and I was in the bedroom. I could hear her making a noise while doing the utensils and after 10 minutes she knocked on my bedroom door. I asked her to come in. She opened the door and came in and started swabbing the floor without looking at me. As she did her work, I asked her how much of the film had she seen. She did not answer me. so I stood up and came near her and asked her again. I could see she was nervous. So I caught her arm and made her stand up and face me. She was looking at the floor and meekly said in Hindi that she had seen “thoda” (little) and that she was sorry and that it will never happen again. Still holding her arm I pulled her to the living room and made her sit on the sofa, which she did reluctantly. I saw some drops of sweat on her forhead, she seemed real scared and was mumbling …. Saab papa ko nahi bolna …. Please (don’t tell papa). Payal used to speak passable English and I had corrected her pronunciation many times. She was capable of fully understanding whatever I could tell her in English, so I spoke to her in English.
I got her a glass of water which she gulped down. I told her to relax and that I will never tell her father and that it would be our secret. She seemed a little relaxed after that and then looked at my face. I told her that it was very normal for any girl at her age to be curious about such things and also that girls must have knowledge about such things when they are grown up like her. I could see that she was now not so nervous, mainly as I was not going to tell her father. I told her that she can do the rest of the work the next day and that she and I will talk about this more later and that I will help her to learn more about man – woman relationships and sex. She seemed happy and left.
By then it was evening and I made myself a drink and thought about what has happened. I wanted to carefully plan her seduction and badly wanted to seduce her and fuck her……!!
The next day Payal came looking happy and started her normal routine work. She normally took about 2 hours to complete all her chores. After that she would go to another house to do their work. I told her to do only half her routine work so that we would get time to chat. I had thought about how to seduce her and decided to take the bold approach. As soon as she had finished the utensils and cleaning the kitchen, I told her to come and sit with to chat.
I seated her on the sofa and sat close to her as if we have secret things to discuss. I took her hand in mine and started taking to her and re-assured her that what we will chat about will be strictly between her and me only. I started off by once again tell her that it is normal to know and be curious and inquisitive about matters concerning the body and sex, at her age. I told her that I had even taught Jyoti about these things….. That surprised her and she looked wide-eyed at me and said … Acchha aap ne Jyoti ko teach kiya tha?? (Oh, you had taught Jyoti?). I knew that she and jyoti were best friends. Jyoti was 2 years older than her and had been married about a year back to a guy who worked as a driver in Dubai. After 6 months of marriage Jyoti’s paperwork was done and she had moved to Dubai and was not in touch with her now.
I told her yes, and then took her hand and told her in the 1st lesson with Jyoti, I had explained to her about the man’s organ. She was wide-eyed. So I pulled her hand and put it over my shorts where my dick was and let her feel my now semi erect dick. She immediately tried to pull away her had looking the other way and wincing … Nahin unlce…(no uncle). I held her hand tight against my shorts and assured her that I am only teaching her. She still resisted and was trying to remove her hand. In this scuffle, my dick had started to grow longer and harder. I kept assuring her that its ok. She had clenched her fist and I was rubbing her clenched fist against my hardening dick with one hand and with my other hand was holding her shoulder so she does not stand and run away. For about 2 minutes this went on with Payal struggling and me holding her hand tight against my dick and talking with her. I then sensed that her resistance was reducing. She was looking the other way and had stopped struggling. She had started breathing hard. Her face was flush and red. My dick was almost at full length and hard now.
I managed to open her fist and spread her had around my shaft over my shorts, telling her to hold it and then I will explain about it. Very lightly, she awkwardly and very lightly held my now thick penis with her forefinger and thumb. So I started talking to her about a man’s pensis, describing that he uses it for passing urine and when a man gets excited it starts to get long, thick and hard, etc. During this time she was still looking the other way, but she allowed me to take her fingers and wrap it around my dick and now she was holding my dick shaft fully in her small hand.
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