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A Wife's Dilemma

Anita packed her small duffle bag with her cosmetics. This would be her third photo shoot in so many weeks. The agency liked her and so far got her several jobs. She had never thought that she would be a model. But her friends told her to at least try out for it and she did.

Her husband's lay off and mean didn't want her to do anything but stay home and make meals for him while he drank himself into a stupor. But they had the house to pay for and a small child to support. Anita was at her early 30's and looked even younger being petite and beautiful. Her long golden blond hair and green eyes were some of her best features.

But according to the agency her best features were her small curvy body. She had full pendulous breasts and a tight heart shaped ass that looked perfect for swimsuit shoots. Once the first photo session was in the bag more requests were forthcoming. She had no idea that modeling was so demanding. Long hard days of posing and changing into dozens of swimwear. Her agency manager told her to get good sleep and take lots of vitamins. But mostly keep in shape.

She got the call early in the morning that some clients wanted her for a special photo shoot that paid extremely well. She jumped at the chance. The money would pay for the upcoming house rent and electricity bills. The session would take place at the client's studio on the outskirts of Pune. She knew little about the clients other than they paid well and were demanding in their shoots. It would be a swimsuit photo op. They provide the swim suits and she would pose with them.

She arrived early, wearing a modest looking baby pink saree with matching pinky-white blouse. She did admire herself in mirror before leaving for the day. She was met by a big burly man who stood at least six foot with a big mustache and deep blue eyes. He introduced himself as Ram the assistant photographer. She saw him eye her from head to toe taking her in slowly. She shivered a bit as she felt his lusting eyes penetrate right through her. He led her to the studio which was brightly lit from several well placed lights aimed at a set before them and several cameras. Near the cameras was the photographer a tall slim man with long brown hair.
He smiled as she approached and introduced himself as Jeevan. He also looked her up and down. He told her about the shoot. That it was to be for a leading indian men's sports fantasy magazine. Once that catered to all the men's desires. As he told her about it Ram was adjusting the lighting and leering at her. She was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. Jeevan showed her the dressing room and handed her a mall bag filled with swim suits.

"These are the suits we would like you to wear Anita. They're probably unlike the ones you normally would wear but that's only because the magazine caters to this type of shoot. Let me know if there's a problem."
She took the small bag and went into the dressing room and opened it. There were at least ten suits in all and all were micro bikinis that could be balled up and placed in your hand. She stared at them with amazement at how little material there was. She was about to put them back into the bag and leave when she thought about the bills that were due. Thought about her little girl at home.

She bit her bottom lip and began to remove her clothes. She picked out a suit and was grateful that she had recently shaved completely as the agent told her to do. The top barely covered her breasts making her nipples harden and poke against the thin fabric. The bottom, a string v-shaped patch almost didn't cover her pussy. She looked at herself in the full length mirror and shuttered at her almost naked form. Her body was good and sexy. At least she had that. She wouldn't be ashamed of that. But to pose almost naked... she swallowed and went out.

Both men stared at her as she moved to the platform in front of the cameras. Ram's smile broadened as she stood before them her hot body enough to make any man hard in seconds. Jeevan went up to her and adjusted her hair and told her to turn for him. She did so nervously and fully aware of her near nakedness before them.

"Alright Anita, lie on the towel and use the tanning oil near you and begin to rub yourself down, everywhere. I'll be taking shots of that. Ok?" Anita saw the bottle of coconut oil and grabbed it and nodded to him. Unscrewing the cap she poured a good quantity on her stomach and began to rub it over herself. The photographer started to shoot immediately moving around her. She made sure to do her arms, legs and then around her shoulders. "Come on baby do above your breasts and inside your thighs. Those are the money shots honey."
He said this more like a command then a request. Anita hesitated realizing he was looking for sexy shots but she felt uncomfortable about doing such a thing. He stopped shooting and stared at her. "Is there a problem honey? If there is maybe we made a mistake and need to get a professional in here." She closed her eyes and knew she had to comply with his request if she wanted the job and money. She began to rub the oils over her barely covered firm breasts as he began to shoot again. She saw Ram standing beyond the lights staring at her with lust filled eyes. His right hand was near his crotch moving slowly. 'Oh God, what am I doing' she thought as she continued to rub over her breasts. Then she added more oil up her leg till she came to the thin triangle that covered her pussy. Slowly she began to rub up and around it. The feeling of the oil on her was exotic and she noted gave a tingling feeling all over her.
"That's good baby. Nice shots. Keep rubbing yourself now turn over on your stomach and apply the oil on your ass honey." Anita her breathing growing faster obeyed without wanting to think about her risque actions and turned onto her stomach showing her beautiful ass in the string bikini. She applied the oil and began to rub in on her firm ass cheeks. The photographer moved in closer capturing her application of it and taking shots between her legs also. She would have closed them to stop him from doing it but thought better of it. "Great now change into the next suit sweetheart," came his command. She got up slowly careful not to let anything slip out. She saw Rex his hand now over his crotch rubbing it gently. The bulge was enormous and she quickly looked away embarrassed. As she went into the dressing room she closed her eyes thinking about the effect she had on the man. Was that what she did to all men? She quickly changed into the next suit which was also skimpy and clung to her like a second skin. She looked in the mirror and saw that the front of the bottom piece. It was showing her pussy lips perfectly. She was about to change into a different suit when she heard Jeevan yell for her. She swallowed and came out.
Both me stared at her with obvious lust as she again made it to the platform. She lay upon the towel. Her body all but bare to them. "God baby, your beautiful. Nice. Ok, baby arms above your head like your stretching." Anita did so stretching her arms high above her head. She realized that this pulled the top almost off her breasts revealing them as it tightened the bottoms making them pull into her pussy more. The photographer snapped several shots careful to capture her almost bare breasts and especially her pussy area. "Ram please move the lighting a bit closer if you please. That's better. Incredible body baby. Nice everywhere. The boys and girls of Barely Legal will love it." Anita gasped at the name given. It was a magazine that men bought filled with mostly naked girls fucking hot guys or girls. Her husband brought one home and it upset her greatly. Now here she was posing for that same magazine. She remembered how beautiful the girls were despite the lewd shots of them. Even when she glanced at it made her feel strange, almost like a voyeur. The idea that men and women would be staring at her in a sexual way was a bit disconcerting. Thinking about them feeling stimulated by her made her strangely horny. God what the hell was she thinking! "Alright honey now turn on your stomach again and raise your ass just a bit in the air."
Anita did as she was told raising her tight sweet ass high knowing that the string that ran between her cheeks hid little to nothing of her womanly assets. But her body was hot and getting turned on by the positions that were obvious sexual. Her mind told her to stop and leave while she still had dignity. But her body was over riding her common sense. Her sexuality was winning out. "Incredible baby just like that. Hold it there. Open your legs just a bit more. Yeah baby beautiful! Fucking beautiful ass and pussy on you honey." She heard him and it registered like a hammer to her brain but it also ran shivers of intense stimulation to her body and it ran straight to her now wet pussy. She closed her eyes trying to regain her senses but her mind kept taking in the words and images like a porn movie. She couldn't win this. "Ok honey turn back over and lay flat, head facing to the right, mouth open eyes closed like your having an orgasm. Legs open wide baby....real wide for Jeevu (he called himself as jeevu!)."
Her breathing was fast and excited. Her nipples rock hard against the thin fabric. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and spread her shapely legs. The thin patch that covered her nakedness slipped almost off revealing almost all her pussy lips that were swollen and puffy. She heard the clicking of the camera as he moved closely almost between her legs. "That's it baby. Hold them open. Nice...real nice. Baby you must be loving this shoot. Your pussy is soaked. Ok darling lets do another suit." Anita her body tingling from the stimulation of this erotic shoot could barely get up but managed and made it to the dressing room. When she removed the bottoms of her bikini she could see how wet they were. She reached down and felt her pussy and found it soaked with her juices.
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