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Prostituting My Sister

I am SR with a Fantasy story about my lovely & sexy sister named Isha. It is my first story so hold up tight and read it and give comment if u guys like it

But, First let me give u a quick description of my elder but yet very young sister.
She is a simple girl with few friends. Her skin tone is fair in colour and she have a slim body and her height is below 5' 2”. Beside her decent height and slim body, her boobs are bigger then normal girl of her age and she wear bra of 30 – 75. She got a god gifted attractive face and long hairs. She likes to wear short tops (usually red) over jeans which make her looks more sexier. She is a girl who likes to show herself off. She just finished her school and waiting to get admission on a college.

Now, One night When our parents went to attend a relatives marriage for one week. Our cousin Karn and nishn came to our house. Both of them are college graduates and trying to find a job.

Karn and nishn told us that they are going in a disco and ask us to come with them. I get agreed so does Isha as we never go in a disco before and wanted to see them. Karn told us that we will go at 8 O'Clock. Nishan give Isha a Miniskirt and ask her to wear it tonight.

We get ready at 7:30 and karn and nishan also came with a car. We went in and drived to the disco at 8. Isha do wear that black miniskirt nd she looks so amazing. The skirt compiment perfectly on her slim body and her legs are glowing. She looks the hottest girl in the disco and all the eyes are staring her.

In disco we met some of karn and nishan friends named as Danish, Mani, Sohel, Iqbal, Sahid, Rohit and sumit. All of them just like other staring at Isha. Most of them stares at her boobs and other on her waist or legs. I think she enjoys it bit as she like to show herself off.

We start dancing and dances till next hour. Then nishan offer a drink to us. Its pepsi but while drinking it Isha start feeling dizzines. I asked her what happning and she told me that she feelings weekness. Karn told us that we should go back home and we went in the parking area. Mani came and told us that his house is just behind the disco so we should take her there for some time and then when she felt good we can go to our house because she is feeling so week as she can't walk. Karn and nishan both accept the mani proposal and decided to went to mani's house. I don't know but all there other friends also came with us.

On mani's house karn told Isha to take rest on mani's bedroom as mani's parents are not at home as well. Then mani told me that he likes to show me some panting that he made. So i went with him in aroom next to mani's bedroom. When i enter i saw that there is no panting in the room infact its store room. I hear a knock sound and turned back i saw mani lock the rooms door from outside. I start knocking the door and screaming but no one replied. Some time later i hear some laughing soungs from the neighbour romm which is mani's bedroom. I saw a small window on the wall and i went to open it but its lock as well. I see a hole in the corner of the window which is large enough to let me see whats happning there.

I see karn, nishan and all other man standing near bed where Isha is lie. Mani is sitting near Isha's shoulder and his hand on her chest. She is still some consious and telling them not to do this in fainted voice. Karn now sits near her waist and put his hnd on her stomach. She slowly moves her hands on her stomach but she didn't get much power left to defend herself. I acknowlege that nishan mix some kind of drug in her drink so she lose her straingth.

Sumit grabs a camera and took some pictures of her. While mani start mashing up her boobs, sahid also joins him and start mashing her boobs from other side. She felt pain but she don't have stranight to scream all. I can see tears on her eyes. I think she knows what is going to happen next to her as iqbal start kissing her legs. Now mani turns and start kissing her on lips and again she had no straingth to resist. Nishan, sumit, karn and sohel also kiss her lips and neck. She is helpless. She closed her eyes as she don't want to see whats happning to her.

Karn and sahid then start pulling her miniskirt apart. She is on her bra and panties soon. Sumit again shot some pictures with his camera and karn continues to pull her clothes as he pull her bra and panties in seconds. She became nude and her boobs are exposed to us. I can see her boobs sitting on her chest and looks so beautiful. I ain't see a girl naked before so my cock strts growing bigger. She don't had hairs on her pussy, its very clean. Karn, nishn and sohel quickly puts their hands on her boobs and start mashing it with both hnds. She is getting naked in front of mn eager to force her. It's clear that she had no chance left and she accept it as well. While it happpning iqbal start putting his fingers inside her sex tube. With him sahid also inserts his fingers in her vagina. Both of them applied some force to streched her vagina further. She is tearing apart by these crazy man. She felt lots of pain right now as sohel putts her nipple in betweent his fingers and start to pull it apart. Karn also do the same while mani holds her both boobs and press them in opposite direction.she felt heck of the pain as i can see her tears felling.

Then, i saw danish getting naked in corner of the room and rohit is standing naked as well. I saw to Isha again and i sasw all the 5 men there start kissing licking her. Karn and saohel are kissing her massive boobs putting tere hands around just like a dog eating a bone. I can see karn bitting her nipple and sohel uses his teeth to pull her boobs flash deep in her mouth. He is like eating her boob. Mani is kissing her face and lips while both iqbal and sahid are kissing and licking her vagina and legs. Nishn also joins them as he start licking her stomch. She is like a doll for them while she is somewhat consious yet, her eyes were closed but she still can felt it. I can see her head moving around.

It's almost an hour since we are at mani's home. Karn turn isha on her chest and start licking her back with other follow him as well. Iqbal and sahid grabs her butt and start bitting them. These man are acting like animals and tonight isha is their solo food. Nishan turn her back on her back and again start kissing her boobs like a mad man.

Now, rohit and danish both came near isha and told other to step back else then karn and nishn who continue to kisse her boobs. Rohit went near her face and using his both hands open up her mouth and inserts his cock inside it and told her to chew it, while danish went between her legs and align his cock with her vagina opning and insert it quickly inside. Her body jerked when he pushed his cocke in her wagin as she felt much more pain. She is still a vergin so her vagina is soo tight, but not for long as danish start moving his cock inside and outside faster and faster. Her body continues to jerk as karn and nishan still on her boobs. Rohit is also start the inside out movement of his cock. I hear a sound telling them to stop and i see iqbal standing naked as well. He went near Isha and told them to lift her for second. He went on bed and slip under isha. He insert his long cock in her anal and told them to felt her down. She ws now triple pentrated as rohit and danish again isert theri cock inside her mouth and vagina. Isha start to whisper in pain as krn nd nishan again start bitting her boobs. They have continue fucking her for 10 minutes then changes theri places with each other. Agin the fucking started. Krn and nishan finally left her boobs but sumit and sahid quickly takes their place and start sucking her niples and boobs deep inside.

I hear karn telling nishan that she is a good slut and nishan replied Yeah she is a perfect girl to be a man's slave.
10 minutes later karn and nishan take the place of rohit and danish and sahid takes the place of iqbal. While rohit start sucking her boobs in sahid place. I can hear nishan keep telling while fucking her on vagina that she is a perfect bitch she is a perfect bitch.
She is still some concious and can feel her cousins forcing her hard.
The gang continues to force her changing their places and waiting for their turn. She felt full unconcious with time.

It's now morning time almost 7 of morning. She is banged till last 10 hours. Now i hear karn sound who said it makeup time. I saw all of them make a circle around her and start shaking their cocks around. Its like rain of cum on her. She gets wet with this cum all around. Her face is got more then 9 cum shots and there were more then 6 on her each boobs. There were cum shots on her stomch and legs as well. She looks like she bath in the cum.

Karn then handcuff her with the bed and all of them left the room. After some time karn, nishan and mani came back with a camera and start shooting some pictures and vedios of her. Then again left the room. Karn came to the room i am kept in and open the door. He told me that he knew i watched it ll happning so it better that i and isha not tell it to anyone or he will exposed those pohotos and vedios in public. He then bring me to the mani's bedroom where mani and nishan puts clothes on isha. Karn, nishan then lift isha on air and drag her to the car. Mani holds me and tell me to sit in the car. Few minutes later karn and nishan drop us on our home agin telling me not to tell it to anyone or they exposedd isha's naked photos and vedios.

It's matter of time isha came back concious and asking me what's happning. She know what happen to her before she felt unconcious. She also knows that sumit had make some clips of her being force which he can put public. She decided not to tell this to anyone as they said and treat herself with some home remidies before our parets came home six days latter.

She not tell them anythig and keep it to us. The time is again start going normal still karn and nishan came to our house frequently but no one talk about it.
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