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The Executive's Wife

"Damn it, Ramesh ..... you can't even do this simple thing!! All you had to do was to reach & talk with Mr. Parekh before Srinivas did! But no, you were too busy spending your time gwking at office girls!!" Richa almost scremed at her husband.

"But Richa ..." Ramesh stammered .."How Mr. Parekh said ..."

"Never mind what he said" Richa snapped angrily "How many times I have to babysit you, eh? I do it all the time and only time I didn't do ... well, you screwed it up! congratulations!"

Ramesh sheepishly looked at his angry wife. She was angry & he only hoped she cools down soon. Ramesh feared his wife. She was a very pretty woman in her thirties, in fact, she was most beautiful among all his collegues & their wives. She was 5.5" tall, fair & had a perfect curvy body which was sufficient to attact attention everywhere she went. And she knew how to dress & makeup well to justify her beauty. All is male collegues loved her in office parties - they used to tell Ramesh how lucky he is to get such a pretty & intelligent woman as wife. Needless to say, their wives hated her.

Rajesh did adore her too. He was a rather ordinary looking boy, born & brought up in small UP town. Getting a sophosticated, convent educated, charming Delhi wife like Richa was dream to him. Only problem was, Richa is too much of a bossy woman. She herself was from a rich family - brought up in luxary & educated in one of the most renowned Delhi convent, where girls were known for their boldness. As happens with rich kids, Richa was used to get whatever she ever wanted. If money coudn't buy anything, she looks got it for her.

By the time Ramesh met her, her father had made huge losses in business & as result, they were not so welthy as before. Of course, that didn't deter Richa from reducing her spending on clothes, car & every other luxary item she wanted. She had no problem, money out of her poor debt-ridden dad, either by cajoling or emotionally blackmailing him. Rest of the money came from her long queue of admirers, who were greatful to spend thousands on her one single word. She took pride in teasing boys - Some of her ex-bfs whom she ditched, used to call her "manupulative bitch" & other spicy names - but for a beautiful girl like Richa, there was no shortage of new lovers.

She however, was also a very smart girl - so when it came to marriage, she picked up Ramesh. He was 2 years senior to him in college & all professors used to say he was one of the best students they ever had ... and everyone was sure that a very bright future lies ahead of him. Poor Ramesh was rather shy & hardly used to mix with girls much. When Richa started courting him, at first he resisted - but saying no to such a woman was impossible to him. Soon he was knee deep in love & by the time he passed out, they were married.

Richa's dad didn't resist the marriage - in fact, he was happy to get rid of her. After all, Ramesh wasn't a too bad choice. As Richa & others expected, he did manage a good job in a prestigious MNC. Richa was in college second year that time, but she quited her study (she never liked it) saying a married woman's first priority is family. Everyone said to Ramesh that you can't get such a dedicated wife nowadays ... who will sacrifice her career for husband.

In reality, Richa had taken total control of her husband's life. She controlled his bank accounts ... & she spent money as she wanted. She used to give her "pocket money" & at end of month, he had to give her details on how he spend that money. Of course, Richa never bothered to share her expenditure details with him. She used to say that too much money in a man's hand leads him to evil addictions like drinks, ciggerettes etc. So she was doing this only for Ramesh's own good.

She had made it a mission to make him successful in office as well. Ramesh was brilliant in his work, but he was also shy & silent. If it was only him, he probably would have ended up as a low level exec behind desk. But Richa's ambition was to make him director of the office one day, & she drove him ruthelessly towards that. Starting from his dress to inviting his bosses to diner at home to socializing with higher management's wife - everything she did or made him do - just like a puppet master doing a puppet show.

On positive side, Ramesh was making progress alright. Promotions & increments used to come regularly - after all, not everyone has a smart, pretty & ambitious wife like Richa. Ramesh was now senior manager in his office. Inside, he didn't like it though. He would have been much happier doing some interesting but non-hectic job. But stress in job was better than facing wife's wrath.

Ramesh looked at his wife again. She was wearing a red satin nightie & her shapely boobs was now raising n falling with each angry breath. He longed for touching & sucking those boobs - but there was no chance of getting close to them tonight. Richa knew how much Ramesh longed for her body & she did all him time to time to enjoy it - but it was more like a lolypop to a hungry boy. If she asks something & Ramesh agrees instantly, he will get her body as reward. On other hand, if he shown slightest disagreement, that would mean he living life like hermit for next few weeks.

Ramesh sighed. A bitchy & bossy wife is something he got used to long back. But current problem doesn't seem to be easily solvable ... or rather impossible. God knows how many days & weeks he will have to go through the ordeal.

It all started 4 months back. Mr Ajit Singh, director of his office for long time, suddenly retired due to health reasons. The position is lying vacant since than. Rumour is, company will promote someone from inside, rather than hiring someone.

Needless to say, most senior managers are eyeing the position. Compition between them has increased 5 times. Everyone is nice to each other on face, but inside, everyone was trying to backstab. One can feel the tension in air - Ramesh hated it. He was never the competitive type. He also knew that the best person fit for the post was not he, but his collegue Srinivasan. Srini was senior to him by many years & had high reputation as an efficient manager. Ramesh liked him. If it was only him, he would have been happy to support Srini.

Of course, it was never "only him". The moment Richa came to know about this, she went hyper active. For last few months she is monitoring & instructing him on every possible thing he could do to influence upper management. Sometime Ramesh felt it was not he, but Richa who was going to be director. He was just a pawn.

Than 2 weeks back, company has sent a senior VP here. Nobody knows why he came, but again, the rumour is, he is here to asses and choose next director of local office. His name was Rajiv Parekh, a 63 year old company vetern. He was a rather small man - around 5"1 & rather fat & had a ugly face marked with pox marks - had it not been his personality & piercing, intelligent eyes - he would have looked very repulsive. He was known as tough administrator & weilded wide influence inside company. It was said that the chairman of company was his college batchmate & Mr. Parekh enjoyed his full confidence. In short, his word was final in any copany matter & no one dared to question it.

Presently, he rented a company accomodation close to office. Mr Parekh stayed alone - he had a young daughter who stayed at hostel & visited him time to time. Nobody heard about his wife - some said he has divorded, but nobody knows for sure. He was also a workalcoholic. He spent most of time in office, starting from morning 8 to evening 9PM. Keeping up with his no-nonsense attitude, Mr Parekh has issued a circular in office directing all employees to give their 100% in work & promising tough measures if he finds otherwise. Everyone in office - starting from sr managers to lower clerks were now in full attention. No one wants to be in bad book of Mr Parekh.

During this period, Ramesh did meet Parekh in a review meeting, and it was kind of disaster. Mr Parekh had asked tough questions on Ramesh's presentation. Of course, Ramesh was a good worker & he had everything properly researched & analyzed while preparing for presentation - so there was no reason why he couldn't answer all question clearly to satisfaction. Instead, he has stammered, faultered & looked at Mr Parekh almost like guilty person. Parekh was irritated & at end commented that he expects his sr manager to be much more confident while speaking.

Ramesh was clever enough not to say this to Richa. Nor did he mention that in that review meeting, only person's presentation where Parekh was smiling & nodding in agreement was Srinivasan's. Richa would have harmed him if she knew that!

Richa has instructed Ramesh to get "cozy" with Parekh & invite him at home for diner. She was confident that once Parekh is here, she will be able to "manage" him. Unfortunately, Ramesh couldn't master enough courage to talk on this with Parekh. After some tough words from wife, last week he had walked to Parekh's chamber & meekly put forward his proposal. But Parekh has politely declined, saying he prefers taking diner at his own apartment always.

Richa has criticised him sharply for this, fuming that he couldn't even accomplish such simple task. She was sure that Srinivasan & all other managers are doing same thing, only her incompetant husband failed.

The bomb has blasted today. Parekh has called a urgent meeting with all Sr. managers. The meeting was short but precise. Parekh declared that he was sent by chairman to select a director for local office & that task is completed. He has made his choice & will return back to HQ soon. He will officially declare the name next week. Though he didn't take name now, he also gave enough hints to make clear that person of his choice was Srinivasan.

At the end of meeting, there was many disapointed faces & one smiling one. Everyone - including Ramesh - congratulated Srini.
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