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I Learned From My Sweet Maami

Her name is Aditi. She is my maami, wife of my mama. She has super sexy looks and a very sexy smile on her face. She is always horny and it looks her eyes always searching for some more and more. There is some thirst or desire in her looks, body movement and one can read this from her eyes which always shinning and moving in all directions and lips always little open and she uses her tongue to lick her lips in a demanding way. She is medium height 5ft 4-inches, breasts are litter heavier and waist is slim but her bottom is heavier then chest.

I have not measured these in inches nor have asked her what is her figure, as it was useless exercise. I have always dream of sucking those lips full of honey, her fully erect breast and fuck her from both sides. Whenever I look at her my lund always take standing position and for me, it become difficult to control my self as other family members were always around us. But I can see in her eyes she is well aware, that her presence has made effects on me, and surely know where are my eyes sticking. Initially she tried to pretend that she is not aware of my feeling, but later she chases my eye and then try to cover her lovely shaped breast with the dupata or pallu of her sari.

But one thing I noticed she tries to cover those but infact she tries to expose more and give me signals that she knows where I am looking and tease me and encourage me to keep looking. And after some time whenever I was close to her, she tries to expose herself pretending innocent but she was married & well experience, I was single having no sex experience. One day it was 9:30 am when I went to my mama's house knowing he has gone to his office and she must be at home. I rang the bell of her house, there was no reply. I waited some time and then rang the bell again, after 3-4 bells, she asked from inside who is there? I told her its me, she recognized my voice and said wait a minute and after couple of minutes waiting when I was about to turn back, she opened the door and said why I am leaving and why I cannot wait.

I entered in the house and what a surprise was waiting for me, She was taking bath and just come out from bathroom with wet hairs and all her body. She was wearing Pink Kurta and white suti pajama without any dupata, only a towel to dry her hairs. Her boobs were hanging from right to left, up and down this was the first time as saw those marvelous, round shape breast with dark black tips. Her skin was so creamy that I could not stick my eyes to one point. She was saying some thing which I was not listening as I was doing to look at her, I was thinking, I am in a valet area and there are two beautiful mountains waiting for me to explore and there was a thirst to climb them.

The she said loudly, "I am asking again, why you young people have not some patience and why are in so much hurry?" and I was still out of my mind and has lost some where in dreams. She shook my shoulder and said, "come on, wake-up, where you have gone", I just could not replied to these questions, trying to control my self, I told her I have no idea she would be in the bathroom, I was thinking you might be not at home. Only then she realized that she is all wet and her clothes have stuck to her body and all her body shapes have fully exposed to me and that is why I was stunningly looking at her body and not replying. Still she did not feel any shame or shyness and asked me, what I would like to have as she is going to make breakfast. I said there is no hurry, breakfast could be later and let us talk. She just looked straight into my eyes and ask what I am upto.

I said, nothing, your figure is so gorgeous and skin is so silky and creamy what you do to maintain yourself, can I touch your skin. She with a laugh said I use nothing extra, use normal diet and normal body soap, this is by nature and if you wish to touch, you can. This reply has encouraged me and feeling that I am the luckiest person on the earth. I moved forward and she gave me her hand to touch, I took her hand in my both hands and without any hesitation kissed her on her hand. This made her little crazy and she said, I allowed you to touch not to kiss. I said what is the harm, I adore you and this is the respect I have for you. She said ok. For some moments we did not said a word, she was standing still and my eyes were searching her body like x-ray machine, then I told her there is one button of her kurta which is broken. She said it is not broken, it is open because of changes in her body.

I asked her what it means, is she having some sickness or problem. She said it is normal for woman that there breast sizes increase for 6-months or year or reduces, this never remain constant. It was new information and I said this enlargement has made herself more attractive and beautiful and I like this, she said thank you and told me her husband has not noticed this, at least one noticed and mentioned it. I said can I try to close that button, she said it is ok, you can try but it will not work. I stand up and moved closer to her and put my hands on the button but the kaaj has become loose and she start laughing as I could not fix the button. I told her remain still so that I can fix it, she keep on laughing and saying " You could not fix one button what else You can do?" This made me crazy and I gripped her and said, "how can I do if you keep on moving, she said ok, I have 1-minute to try that is all she can give me. I tried but could not fixed it, but in the period I have touched her lovely breasts and this has increased my breathing. She said this kurta needs to be repaired and I asked if she can bring needle and thread I can do it.

She said just forget it, but my eyes were stuck at her breast and she asked why my eyes are still there and there are other things to see. I told her one should see the best thing and this pair of mountains is most beautiful scene for me to look at. She then enquire what about other parts of her body, I said at present this view is best, then she asked how you express your admiration when you see some thing like this? I said, this is first time I am seeing this and my feeling is to hold them in my hands and kiss them. She said I can hold them but no kiss. I moved to her and hold her breast in my hand but felt it is better to hold them from back. I went to her back and then moved by hands under her arms and it was the greatest feeling, those cones were on coming in my hands and she said in laughing tone, I cannot hold thing in my hand properly, what else I can do? This encouraged me and I started pressing her breasts but they were so big that her tips were not in my grip.

I started pressing and moved my fingers to her tips, at this moment she starting saying oh oh and ha ha and then said what I am doing and what I am up to. I told her don't worry but my hands movement made her breast more enlarged her tips were just become erect and pointed and her sounds become louder, ooh ooh haa haa yes yes no no ooh ooh ha haa. She said leave me as she cannot hold this any further, I asked her does she like it or not, she said she is feeling good but it is not good. By that time I have open all the four buttons of her kurta and her bare breasts were in my hand, now there was no cloth in between. Then I turned her and those bare breast were in front of my eyes and I wasted no time and started sucking the tips and what she was saying " please do it slowly, it hurts, these are not going any where, I have to control myself".

I said that u know I am not much experienced. She said, I need some lessons and then she said let us go to bed room and she will teach me lessons. At that time I was not walking but in fact flying high in the air. After entering in the bed room, she has taken off her Kurta and was top less in front of me. Then I noticed she has some moles, on her neck, on her breast, on her arm. This scene was very good looking, her creamy white skin and these brown / blackish moles, what a combination. I told her this is most beautiful scene I have ever seen, she replied there are more scenes to come and after seeing all I should comment, which is best. I moved closer to her and hold her in my hands. She said, the first lesson, always hold a woman with lightly, the grip should be firm but not so tight that it hurts. I held both her hands in my hands, she then said move palms toward shoulders but slowly, this is called caressing and this should be gentle as much possible. This shows how much you respect and care the women, any hardness or roughness will spoil the mood, I have moved my hands as told by her and reaching shoulder moved backed to her palms.

She liked it and said I am a good student and learn quickly. Then she asked me to put my lips and her shoulders and kiss her there. I asked her, kissing means on lips, she said that is one type and this is also called kiss. After 3-4 minutes, she turned her back and said it should keep doing it on her back, I resisted, as now I could not see her lovely, creamy breasts, she said, do as you are told to do. I obeyed her, as I did not want to annoy her and started kissing her back from neck to the bottom of her back till the point where her pajama was. She was very slowing telling me move to up, right, left and down. She said a man should know which part of the body is more sensitive and which excites woman more. My lips were on her back and hands were on those fully erect breasts, she told me when ever I kissed on her moles, this give her more pleasure and she enjoys more. After been there for 5-6mintues her breaths become heavier and she turn herself and moving her breasts closer to my lips and said now kiss them. I had gone crazy and started sucking those beautiful boobs, caressing one with my palms and sucking other one.

She said I should do this lightly and should not make any marks on her breast as her husband could no notice them, I have to be more careful, I said yes maami and started kissing and sucking softy and nicely.
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