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Tharki Sex by Old Guy

Old,they say,is Gold. It is often true, in'deed'

It all started when my very dear friend Murthy had a stroke.

But, let me start at the very beginning. I am Sekhar, a sixty year old successful professional consultant. Murthy, twelve years my senior and a long retired professor has been my dear friend of over forty years.

I and my wife Sumana (58) live in our own comfortable three bed room apartment in a posh area of our city, our only daughter, married, lives in U.S.A along with her husband and son. Murthy is a widower having lost his dear wife about seven years ago. He lives in his own home along with his only son Raghu and daughter-in-law Rekha. He is lucky because they adore him and take very good care of him.

Raghu(48 ) works as a Marketing Manager for a Multinational company, a high profile and high stress job. Rekha (43 ) works for bank and has a more comfortable job. They have a son (23) doing his MS in U.S.A. Their home is about six miles away and we visit each other regularly. Our families are very close.

Our second grand child is set to arrive soon and Sumana left for U.S.A to help our daughter. I could not go with her due to prior professional commitments, but would join her later. A maid comes in every morning, cleans up and cooks food for the day. I manage to get on fairly well.

With this brief introduction let me get to the story.

One day, around noon, Rekha called me on my mobile. She was agitated and crying. In between sobs, she told me that Murthy had a heart attack just then, her husband Raghu was on tour and what should she do. Telling her not to panic and I would take immediate care, I called my friend Dr. Dayanand, Director of the big Corporate Multi Specialty Hospital that was very close to my home. He sent an ambulance immediately to pick up Murthy.

I called back Rekha and told her that an ambulance is on the way and she should proceed to the hospital with the ambulance and I would join her there. Even as I spoke to her I heard the ambulance arrive at their home.

By the time I reached the hospital, Murthy was under intensive care. Rekha was sitting on a bench outside the I.C.C.U and her eyes were red. The moment she saw me, she came running and hugged me and started crying. I sat along with her on the bench and tried to comfort her saying Murthy is under very good care now and everything would be fine.

My doctor friend came out after half an hour and told us that Murthy had a heart attack and stroke. Next twenty four hours are crucial and he would be in I.C.C.U under constant observation and treatment. I called up Raghu on his mobile and gently broke the news to him. He said he would be back by the next flight that evening.
It was really lucky for Murthy that Rekha was on leave that day. I just shuddered to think what could have happened had he been alone!

Raghu arrived by the evening and I felt better.

I told Raghu and his wife that as my apartment is right next doors, it makes sense for them to operate from there. It is spacious and has all amenities and I am alone right then. It would be best for Murthy too, if we all stay together in this hour of need. They readily agreed to my suggestion.

They kept their round the clock vigil outside the I.C.C.U that night and the next. On day three, Murthy's condition stabilized and he was moved to a private room. He is conscious now and responded slowly to the treatment. It is going to be a long stay at the hospital.

Rekha has applied for a long leave. Raghu has to get back to his job from next day. I have certain flexibility in my work and could adjust some schedules. We decided that from next day, Rekha and I would take care of Murthy during the day and evening, while Raghu would stay with him in the night.

Next evening Rekha and I came home around eight after Raghu relieved us. I went to my bed room and she went to the guest room. I had a welcome shower that was very refreshing after a day at the hospital. I walked into the drawing room, dressed in light blue pajamas. Rekha was already there. Obviously, she too had a shower as her hair was wet and she wore a light cream sari and a matching blouse.

Rekha asked me if she should serve dinner. I said, smiling, that I should have my statutory drink before dinner. I poured myself one large scotch to which I added a lot of water and some ice. I asked Rekha what she would have. She said she would have a coke. I opened a diet coke and gave it to her. We settled down with our drinks, the TV was on showing a news channel, muted.

"You have a nice place uncle, everything spic and span," she said.

"Sumana is a great home maker and we take pride in our home. Our maid is also with us for a long time and she does a good job."

"You keep your home very well too, Rekha," I added.

"I try but it is an old house, not a modern flat like this. It is tougher to maintain."

"Don't you take any drinks?" I asked her.

"Only when we party, that is often. There I take an occasional wine."

"I have a bottle of nice red wine, if you like," I said.

"Not today, may be tomorrow," she said.
We talked about my daughter and wife. We talked about Murthy. Soon we finished our drinks and had dinner. After dinner I helped her clean up, telling her to leave all the dishes in the sink.

We watched TV for a few minutes and then I got up, saying that I was feeling sleepy. She said she was also tired and switched off the TV. We then retired to our respective bed rooms.

As I lay down on my bed, I thought of Murthy in his hospital bed and the events of the past few days. In a few minutes, my thoughts came to Rekha. Her image came before me.

She is about 5'3" tall and her complexion was medium fair. She is neither slim nor fat. She has small breasts, may be size 'B'. Her waist is not slim but not too big either. She has long tresses of jet black hair. Her face is more angular than round, her mouth generous with full lips and nice cheeks. She is an above average woman.

But, she has, one sensational feature! That is undoubtedly her greatest womanly asset.

She has the greatest ass I have ever seen in my sixty years of life; a sensational derriere comparable to J Lo. It is a bottom that attracts the looks of every man, young and old, like a magnet. It is an ass that simply says, "Come and fondle me...and ..."

Are you wondering about me and my dirty thoughts now? Then it is time to tell you about the real me...Mr.Hyde. I had always been a very horny guy. My wife and I had a great sex life. But after her menopause she moved away from sex gradually. It happens to all women and I still love her as much as I did earlier.

But, I am still sexually very active. There is the problem. I masturbate regularly, that helps. Past few years, I had a couple of one night flings when I was on tour, with a couple of woman whom I could woo (not hookers). Though sixty, I am still very fit physically with regular exercise and diet. I have a gift of the gab and women find me attractive. That is a big plus for me.

In short, you could call me an old man with dirty thoughts. But, I would not agree. I know I am young at heart and my body is fit. So why do you want to bring in my age?

My thoughts are fully focused now on Rekha's magnificent ass. I imagined her big, soft, smooth ass cheeks in my hands, getting fondled, licked and mauled. My cock became stiff with desire. Imagining my cock rubbing that ass of hers and going between her ass cheeks, I wanked myself to a full ejaculation. Cleaning up, I slept soundly.

Next day we spent a lot of time with Murthy at the hospital. A neurologist visited him to assess the impact of the stroke and decide on the line of treatment. We tried to cheer up Murthy with good news of his progress.

As I saw more of her, I noticed new attractions in Rekha. Her boobs appeared slightly larger than what I thought last night and perky too. Her waist looked very smooth and inviting. Her mouth looked very kissable.

It was then that I decided I was going to seduce this woman and have sex with her.
I knew I have to be very careful and plan it. One wrong move and it would be a disaster. I have to do it in a very slow and subtle way and make her a willing partner. It was a challenge, but I was so obsessed with her that it has become my priority project.

That evening, as we sat relaxing before dinner, I took out from the fridge two bottles of cool Bacardi Breezer, opened them and poured into two glasses and offered her one.

"Take it, it is a flavor called Jamaica passion and it is very soothing and nice, a mild cocktail."

She took it and we settled down. Tasting it, she said, "hmm...it is good."

We started talking about movies and music. We found our tastes were similar. We got into an animated discussion about a recent movie. Noticing that we finished our drink, I poured a refill.

"So tell me how things are," I said.

"What is there to tell, uncle? Raghu is so busy with his job that he hardly has time for anything else. Even at home, he keeps getting calls and keeps working late. It gets really bad at times." She sounded very unhappy.

"I know he has a high stress job, Rekha, he is very successful, right?" I asked.

We both sat silent for a few minutes, just nurturing our drinks.

"True, but at what cost? Do you know he is a diabetic and a heavy smoker? He has to party and drink regularly. I am worried sick about his health." She did sound very worried.

"Don't worry, things will improve, may be you both should take a holiday."

"We did, a few months back and it was a disaster. His mobile never stopped ringing and his laptop was always on. We had bitter arguments." She started crying softly.

I genuinely felt very bad for her. This was much worse than what I thought.

I got up and went to her sofa. Standing in front of her, I gently wiped her tears away, even as she got up. I gently let my other hand give her a comforting pat on her back.
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