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My Sexy Fantasy

Hello my name be Simple Man. This is my very first story. This story will tell you about my fantasy. Let my name in this fantasy and any more to come be Krishna. I am 16yrs old male who has studied till 7th in one of the remote village in Bangalore. Since i was in village i had to work in fields and hence had a very stout body. One day an uncle of mine who lives in the city came to our house for a visit. He was extremely sad with the financial condition we were in so he suggested to my father that he should let me work as a house man-maid in city since man-maid`s in city get around Rs 1200/- as there monthly salary long with three meals a day and a place to stay. He said as a matter of fact he was asked my one of the family that if he can get some helping hand from his village, a week back.

He said, if my father agreed then he will send me to their house. The matter ended there. Two day after my uncle left my father said that i should get ready to go to the city. Since I knew about our financial difficulties I said yes. After a week or so I was in the city. The very next day I was taken to my owners house and from the very next day onwards I began my job as man-maid. Remember I was still 16yrs. The house was was rented and had two rooms, one was the room where my owners slept and the other was the guest room and I slept in the hall, apart from this there was a kitchen that faced the dinning hall and a verenda and this house was habited by two people namely my owner called Mohan and his wife Shashikala. They have been married for three years and they were quite happy with each other and they were good and reasonable to me as well. My owner use to work as an engineer in one company in the city while his wife worked as high school teacher.

Since i was just 16yrs she use to treat me as one of her student, she use to give me some books to read and also use to tell me what to do nicely. My work in that house was to cut vegetables, to wash cloths and utensils, clean the house and other household things. With in 15 days i adapted to it very well, even my owner was happy hence i got to stay in that house.Every thing was fine for next one month after which i had a problem. Know let me tell you about myself, sexually I have a average body, even my sexual organ is just 6inchs in length and not at all fat. Since i had stay in a village and also in a very small house i knew about sex because my parents use to have sex in front of me although they thought that i was asleep yet I never knew the pleasure of it till i meet savithri our neighbour in our village. She was the one to whome i lost my virginity just days before i came to the city. For fifteen day of me being in the city i was busy adapting to it and sex never appeared in my mind at all. As soon as i began to be comfortable with my work i had enough time to thick about sex. I use to dream about the softness of the nipples, the smell of the cunt, the roughness of the clit, the firmness of the bottom and breast, the expression on the face of savithri when i entered her, the sexciting sounds that she and i made when we came and so on… I wanted it all again. Things began to turn on the night of my owner`s birthday. On that particular night i had to work till 11-30pm as there was lot of cleaning to be down.Lot of alcohol was been used on that night. By the time I went to bed it was 12-15am in the night. As i was laying on my bed i heard some grunting noise from the bedroom whose door open to the hall where i sleep. I got near to that closed door and cavedropped. The very moment i knew what that sounds were.
The thing that surprised me was the fact that only my masters voice was heard not of his wife. After around two or three minutes it stopped but i heard my owner saying ” shashi give me 10 more minute and i will do it again” to which shashikala said ” what !!!! will you do it again for”. I felt that there was some anger as well as saddness in my owner wife`s voice. I knew what that voice sounded like, it sounded like the voice that savithri spoke to me when I had sex with her for the very first time wherein i didn`t got an erection at all. That was when i came to know that my mistress didn`t have good sex and that is when i decided to make use of it; but how!!! God is great for a week after this incident my owner was asked by his company to go to another city on work for around a month. To which he left the very next day itself. In my village i never use to wear an underwear instead we use to stick a peice of cloth to cover our genitals. This cloth was struck to a thread tied around our waste. On this we use to wear a doti.From the day my master left i stopped wearing the peice of cloth that covered my genitals. This was my first step. From the second day onwards i began to be around my mistress as ofen as i could. I used to talk to her as offen as i could. I began praseing her for the fact that she works in a school and then comes home and cooks food for every one and hence she was really great. She used to blush and say that atleast you understand me Krishna, if only your master understood that. This was the time i made my second move that is i moved behind her on the pretext of getting something from the shelf and as i moved i graced my cock to her butt and said that masters knows it and so does his best to keep her happy. As soon as my cock touched her butt she dragged them back and said ye……. S!!!!!. I took something from the shelf and stood very next her.
As we were cooking i noticed here glanceing at my cock as though she has been touched by a cock for the first time. As i have left wearing by under-cloth my cock made an out line on the doti i was wearing. I saw that there was some variation in the way she was breathing. After few minutes i took hold of the thing that i have taken from the shelf few momemts ago thus sending a message to her that i will be keep it back i saw her restlessly pushing her butt backward a little that was when i thought that i can seduce her. Asking ” madam are you not happy with your husband`s…”purposely i stopped and went behind her, this time i neatly brushed my cock to her butt and she didn`t even pulled them back” husband`s what”she trembled.My cock was in her ass crack, it was soo soft that i began to get excited. ” The efforts that he makes to make you happy ” i said. She must have felt my excitement suddenly she went out of kitchen say she has something to look for in her bedroom. After 10 minutes she came back. She seems to have regained her composure. I knew that this was all for know. After breakfast she left for her work and i started our house hold corous and also began to think as to what to do next. On comeing back from her work she called for me and handed over a book to me to read. It was a fiction. I thanked her and said that her students must me really lucky to have a teacher like her.” why do you say that”, she asked.” Because i once had a teacher who was rude and never cared about her student and was ugly looking to”, i said.” When was that” she asked.” In my 7th standard, she never use to teach and only thing she knew was to punish and punish, more harshly than another”, i said.” She was ugly you say” she said,” yes”.” so I am beautiful that what you mean” she smiled. I just looked at the ground and said ” yes and you are so sweet and careing too” i said and immediately walked to the back door. I walked out of the back door of the house to get the cloths that was put to dry.

Their again i got a idea. I took all the dried cloths to the hall were my mistress was sitting and dumped them on the teapoy and began to fold then up one by one. Suddenly i exclaimed ” madam i think that somebody is stealing our cloth “.” Why do you say that” she asked. ” your underwears are missing” i said looking as concerned as possible.” how can you say that they are missing i may not have woren it at all and hence i may not have put them to wash” she questioned. As soon as she said that i knew that i have caught her and my answer was ready ” no no i knew that you had them when you went to work yester……” i stopped and looked at the ground. I was just waiting for her respone and it turned out to be what i expected it to be,” you creep,no wonder that your teacher was rude, did she wear her`s to ” she smiled. suddenly she was serious again. She went to her room and after around 15 minutes came back fully dressed. She said that she had a party to attended tonight and with in few minutes she left for it. At around 10:00pm she came back. She seems to be tensed. She switched on the TV and just kept gaiseing at it. The moment i saw her i knew that there was something wrong.” Had your food” she asked ” yes madam”;”good”.” what`s wrong madam” i asked.” nothing, am i rude or misbehaved,Krishna” she asked.” not at all, you are the most wounderful woman i have met madam” i said.” IF my in-law`s does not come to my house, is it because of me” she asked.” it sure not because of you madam, i have seen woman but i have not seen any woman who is so lovable, compassionate like you” i said and saying so i went near her and sat down to her left. I had folded my doti as i walked towards her and since i was sitting i knew that i was exposing my geniatal to her view.” yo…u are muc.. H better that my husban..d” she said then got up and ran to bathroom.

After few seconds i heard her vomitting, i looked up and praised the lord,why…?, you will know. After few minutes my mistress came back. I walked up to her ” are you alright!;my god,please don`t harm her” i said.” You like me don`t you Krishna, I think I am ill”, she said. She just went to her room and called out to me and as i approched her room she said that she may have some fever and so she wanted me to sleep in room itself. I went close to her and touched her neck and let the readers know that this was the first time that i touched my mistress.
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