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Blessings For Marriage

The story has taken place when I geetha was 24 . a, a student in my P g. psychology. I had been to a marriage to my uncles house. Since it was a holiday I have decided to go earlier. I have reached there three days in advance. They have 4 houses of brothers in a compound. I was adjusted with a cousin in one house. Since days are available I have decoded to go for a walk in all the houses to meet my relatives and also to see their farm and ponds, where fish was cultivating. The area was a village . But the uncles were rich people with cars ,and tractors .

They had other houses in town also..After a day I found that they are very influential and richest people there.. Since all were busy with works ,I caught a servant ladies daughter as my friend. Even though she was in matriculation class, she was not ready to enter our houses. I was not happy with that. Simple cast separation or poor rich . We used to wander the whole area ,including their village and farm . They have a lot of fields which took three days to wander. On the third day we have moved to the wheat ,and mustard fields. It was a beauty to move through the yellow fields. There were sugar cane cultivation at one end. There was a farm house also . I told her to move to that place to have some cane and to have a little rest. But she was not ready ,and was discouraging me to go to farm house. .She told me that ladies were not allowed there except on harvesting days . .The more she has discouraged the more I was pressing her. Finally she has told the fact.

That day there was a function . one or two girls are to be reaching there for getting blessing on their marriage. I was astonished. It is O.K to give blessing by rich and famous people, which is common . Then why she is worrying ? She told me that the function will be in the after noon. Gena rally it used to be in the night, but for the marriage it has changed. She also told that one girl was her neighbor ,only 16 or so. Normally she was under aged. They fear the sahib for informing kothwal. To avoid they are taking blessing from him. I was not knowing the sahib clearly. Only thing was that it will be one uncle or their son.The other lady was the newlly wed bride of a boy. Since they have to get blessing by 4 th day or earlier. They are now going in the third day. . Only the brides and their father and mother will accompany them. ..There will be guards .And no others will be allowed. She has lost her words in the end. I thought that there could be some sacrifices of goat or cook. The scenes will not be conjunctive to ladies. .

I have bribed her by giving a set of gold plated ornaments, to take me there. Being a psychology student with sociology as minor ,I hoped to have a in depth study that also first hand one. She has fonallu agreed to arrange another old lady to take me. When met her she has asked for money, which I have given. Then came many conditions,. She told me that if they saw us we may be killed. So ine has to gag our mouths and type a cloth over mouth. Also I have to wear a dark cotton sari to avoid attraction. I have agreed. Then I have told my room mate a story that I am going to the other house for that eve. I also have told that I may stay there in the night. WE have left by 3 P.M. Fully covered in sari. we have reached the building with in 30 minutes. It was a very good building with A.C rooms. But all rooms were having lofts to keep harvests.

She has helped to climb on a loft of a room. She it seems have seen this blessing many a times. .I have helped her to climb since she was about 78. Since the a/c was off we were in a hot chamber. Only tho ladies were there cleaning the rooms and arranging beds with jasmine flowers I want to know the reason. But the contract has prevented me from talk. We have entered with out their knowledge. By 5 Pm Two goonda like men has reached. and has started drinking. A lamp was arranged for the function. BY then i was gaged by introducing a kerchief in mouth and with a cloth tied on outside. She has again warned me that if I move or make sound we both may be killed. She has even touched my feet to save her life. I thought bad and pitied about these poor people and their fears,and blind faiths.By seven came my old uncle and one of my cousin. Uncle was about 70 + and the cousin in his 40 or so. There were those two goondas .by then attending by closing their mouths with their hands., showing respect.

Then the A/c has worked and I have escaped from heat and had slept for some time. .I have got up only when she has called me. We stayed still and looked down. Since it was pitch dark we were not visible. . Then came the young girl with mother. She was too small for marriage. Her mother was really sexy. She has done namaskar for both fully lying on floor.. To my surprise I found my uncle a man of 5.9 took her from floor as if a kid ,and embraced with force. She has cried in high pitch,mainly by fear, I hole. The door was closed and they both only were there. He has simply removed all her clothes. I felt to cry. an to prevent .But servant nanee's hand and feet was on me in force. He was naked, with his erect long penis. I was ashamed. With out thinking of her age he has kissed her mouth and climbed on her to introduce his organ in just by a force. She was like a dead body under him. He did not do much on her . By then my cousin has entered and took her away. Then ime one has pushed another lady in to the room.

She was bit elder and in style . That was a day before her nuptial night. He did the same to her .No objections was made. She was made to kneel to suck his tool. I was seeing that for the first time. Then she was fucked for about half an hour. Old man was so strong .I feared how he was in his youth. She was catching him with her hands and legs. After the work he has left soon.. Then came the cousin . He was still merciless to her. .He did all and finally did through he back. I have never thought that it was possible.. She was almost in half conscious . Then he has got up ahd sat on a large chair. He has called one goonda in . He was asked to do external. He has started soon by licking and pressing for about 20 minutes. Then the other also did as per his maliks commands. .Then her mother was called in to take away her. .,while cousin was still in erection.

He has told her to wait and was interested to have one more fuck. Poor mother Just caught his feet and requested to leave her. Then I have seen some thing which was not expected. He has caught her mother and started on the carpeted floor. .In fact she was really a sexy lady and has fucked for at least 3 time . That lady might have remembered her blessing day . also who knows her daughter might be his sister.Still he has the urge. his tool used to recharge with in half an hour. After their play called the other lady"s mother. did the same and had slept there till the morning. WE have also slept soon fearing that in case if they could know, we also might be used by all. Luck favored. WE have left in the morning. . The tail piece was that I have left the place before the ceremony. I have never gone there even at the death of uncles.
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