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Diary Of a Cuckold Husband Part 24

"Are you serious?" I interjected. "Hmm..." she nodded."My inability to conceive fuelled Rahul's desire."
"Mansi, however, didn't need any such encouragement."

I was surprised by Rohini's description of the motives that ended the arrangement. Rahul harboring such thoughts was not surprising at all; although, I couldn't comprehend Mansi's eagerness to conceive from Rahul. She was never keen on bearing children and had decided to postpone that process until she was into her thirties.

"Are you sure about Mansi's eagerness?" I asked trying to get more information from her.


"Trust me," she said

"Mansi would let him mount every time she is in heat, if this starts again," she said and quickly corrected herself, "She would encourage him to mount," emphasizing the word encourage.

"She always made him cum insider her during her fertile period. She instinctively chose to risk it with him," she added.

"Mansi is not much into kids," I said surprised by her admission.

"You are right, she is not." Rohini quickly responded.

"However, alpha males tend to have such an affect on women they mate with."

All this surprised me a little. If Mansi craved sex with Rahul to such an extent, she should have never stopped taking her pills. After all, the problem wasn't very serious and she had admitted this to me after we moved out of their place. And now that she had discontinued her pills, she shouldn't have much difficulty in conceiving from Rahul. After all, we had several discussions on reinitiating the arrangement again.

"What do you think?" I asked her changing the course of our conversation.

"Do you desire this?"

"The question is what you desire," she said taking a deep breath.

"If it excites you to have your wife become his mistress, then you should be willing to live with the consequences," she added as she took my hands in hers.

"Wouldn't it hurt you if Rahul choose to exclusively mate with Mansi?" I asked her hinting at the motive behind my question.

"I have passed that stage now," she reluctantly admitted.

"Mansi is incredibly beautiful woman and I understand that as you understand now that she was meant to be bred by him." " It is not as if he would never need me!"

"Besides, you are always there," she added, hiding her nervous laughter. It was unnerving to understand her plight. She was able to hide her feelings but now that we had grown so close over past couple of years, I could see how vulnerable she was.

"To tell you the truth," she started again. "It hurts a little but it is more psychological than physical."

"I would rather prefer to have sex with you, anyway," she said. I can't explain how elated I was after hearing this. Ever since Mansi started sleeping with Rahul, I had been feeling a little low about my ability to satisfy women. I never had doubts about my ability to satisfy women and I never did think a lot about my size before this started. We had the urge to kiss each other and neither of us hesitated in doing so. And in no time I was on my knees eating her out.

"Hmm..." she exclaimed as I lapped at her pussy

"I missed this so much...."

"You are so good," she said as I moved on top of her. She latched onto my lips and kissed me fervently, while her hand moved to my erect penis and started jerking it.

"No wonder Mansi has a tough time making up her mind," she said breaking the kiss.

"Choosing between your tongue and his penis!" she added. She slid down to take my penis in her mouth. Her talk was exciting me even further and I eagerly pushed my penis in her mouth. In no time, I started humping her mouth and when I tried to drive more of my penis inside, she pulled it out gasping for air and said, "I can't handle it!"

"Mansi can," she said gulping her saliva.

"But may be she won't let you have that privilege," she said in a casual tone. Rohini had a knack in understanding psychology of a person. She would say things that would matter to me but very casually, as if it was just another statement. I had seen Rahul hump Mansi's mouth twice and knew that Mansi was quite adapt at handling him. Although, I never tried and neither did she ever encourage me to engage in that act. Rohini fellated me after taking a breather. She kept me on the edge by sucking on my penis and at the same fingering my asshole. She lay down after pleasing me and said, "Help yourself if you need more."

As I moved on top of her she stopped me saying, "No; I meant you could eat me." She pulled me to kiss and after the breaking the kiss said, "You are not allowed to mount Rahul's women."

"Not until you have pleased them," she added pushing me down. Reluctantly, I started lapping her pussy again.

"Get used to it," she urged me, "This is what you would be doing most of the time once Mansi becomes Rahul's permanent mistress."

"I can almost visualize," she said. "You returning home on a Friday night at 10:00 pm." "Mansi is entertaining Rahul in your master bedroom." "Not having much to do but wait we make out in another bedroom," she said and then clarified, "Which essentially means you going down me."

"Not that we can't have intercourse, but I guess you would rather prefer doing with her after Rahul is done." "Obviously, Mansi would expect you to perform cunnilingus on her to soothe her inflamed pussy." "In the process lapping up their mixed juices," she added seductively.

All this excited me to such an extent that I started rapidly fingering her asshole. Most of her juices had flowed down to her puckered entrance and made it easy for me to finger her without causing her discomfort. This was the first time she let me finger her anus for such a long time. She started moaning in response to my expert ministrations on her clit and her anus. After having worked on her for more than ten minutes, she pulled me up and said, "Mount me!" "Show me you deserve to mount Rahul's women," she added. I sunk into her in one stroke as she let out a loud groan. Having had a long session previous night with Mansi, I was in no hurry to empty my balls. I shafted her for further seven or eight minutes before ejaculating in her. She kissed me very softly and said, "You sure do deserve to mount me."

"Perhaps even Mansi," she said as I smiled in response.

"As long as you understand her desire to be mounted by an alpha male such as Rahul, you should do just fine," she prophesied.

Now that we had quenched our thirst, we could attend to important issue at hand -- whether to take it to the next level or not. Putting together the pieces of puzzle was straightforward after this episode with Rohini.

Mansi was a beautiful woman and for her to marry at a tender age to someone like me always puzzled everyone. It was perhaps a primary reason why always a well-endowed man pleasured her in my fantasies. Few months into Mansi's affair with Rahul, I started doubting my ability to satisfy women. Fortunately, my doubts were unfounded as Rohini confessed about her preference to mate with me rather than Rahul. While it was true that Mansi enjoyed sex with Rahul, she never implied that she was dissatisfied with our sex life. Unfortunately, I always presumed otherwise and my reading about this lifestyle reinforced it.

In retrospect, it was my desire to see Mansi mate with well-endowed man that fuelled the arrangement and Mansi's affair. It had little to do with my inadequacies and perhaps little to do with Mansi's desire as well; although, had Mansi shunned these thoughts, we could have never reached this stage.

I didn't realize that Rohini had moved down and took my sticky penis in her mouth as these thoughts went through my mind. She quickly moved back and kissed me forcefully and pushed some of cum into my mouth. Not having time to react I kissed her back, only to taste the bitter taste of my semen. After a prolonged kiss, she said, "You have a lot of potential."

"You should encourage Mansi to become Rahul's mistress."

"Why?" I asked.

"You know why," she quickly retorted.

"Nothing could excite you more than knowing that a much able stallion is breeding your wife," she said.

"Not once; not twice." "But again and again……. several times, until he does justice to the beauty nature has bestowed on her."

"You know all that," she quickly added as an afterthought.

"Let's talk later," she said implying that there was something else she had on her mind. We decided to talk about it the following week.

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