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Realistic Sex with Maid Rekha

Chickmaglur is a district with lots of hills areas and estates and coffee plantations and the company offered me the stay in the guesthouse of their own with one male maid Subbu for helping and a female maid for cooking washing and so on. Subbu was a little handicapped by his leg near ankle and was not as fast as an average human being and he was drunkard and always used to fight with wife Rekha.

She has super with stiff boobs may be 38 size, nice waist, good butts, and would wear the saree a little tight, nice nose, and very sexy eyes, lips always watery as if she is ready for the sex always but very strict in work and would do the house hold works very neatly as it was a guest house and had 7 bedroom Subbu took me to all the rooms and I selected a room with balcony a TV and bath tub.

A good one, my maids stayed in a servant quarters off to my balcony now days passed by and weeks I had been there for 3 months almost but I could see Rekha only in breakfast time and dinner time rest time she would be busy doing some or the other work and I had the habit of drinking so and I would sit in the balcony and watch match and have my pegs I was also starving for sex from few months.

I would hear every day fight between my maids, so I decide to get rid of the same. Now we were long time together and Rekha spoke less and only what is needed, I was a little close to subbu so she feared to talk about the same to me, but I forced her to tell the story and she began saying that four years are over and they have no child and he thinks that I am the reason for not giving the child.

I have not studied a lot, but I went doctor for check up 2 years back and there was no problem in my body, but the problem was in Subbu he did not produce enough sperms for production, and went on weeping and she said that subbu would only fuck her for 1 or 2 minutes and sleep off, before I could have aroused.

I have also tried a lot to convince but I could not succeed then only she took Subbu to hospital and checked and all story went on she was still weeping, and said she does not have any affair with anybody and if she would have done it she would have done long back and went away, in the same way my chances of sleeping away also went away.

I called subbu the next day evening I had 2 pegs and offered him one he with long hastiness took the glass, I made him drink 3 pegs and then asked his family life, he was happy with Rekha and only not satisfied with her on bed, she loves him too much, but in bed I cannot satisfy her so she has affairs outside so I cannot be a father of child etc. That night I could not sleep as Rekha was in my minds and after.

I masturbated in her name then only I slept, I got up in the morning to see a different Rekha standing in front of me with tea, staring at me, I took tea wish her good morning, she asked me what would I like for breakfast, I told anything ,she went off and came back with news paper, till then I was freshened up as I was late I had tea and breakfast and left to my work, after 2 or 3 days.

I once again called my maids to talk on same topic, as it was drizzling a bit a had thought of having a extra peg, I reached home by 7, I called both as subbu was taking bath Rekha walked in my room after 20 minutes, I was also fresh and had started my peg. Rekah walked in my room with a pale yellow saree with low waist worn, and small blouse which could hardly cover her boobs with bra, she asked me why I had called her.

I replied her where is Subbu, she said he will be here in a minute, I said her see your problem is that Subbu is not believing you ,he thinks that you have affairs outside and etc in the mean while Subbu came in, as he walked in Rekha fell to my leg and holding it tight she said that I will swear on you and on any God that I am pure and I have no affair with anybody.

I told Subbu not to suspect her and he also agreed, and he tried to take her away from my legs but she held more tight, so that her boobs were touching my legs, then Subbu swore by God that he will never suspect her in future, I told Subbu to go away he went weeping, I now caressed Rekha by her hair, and by her back also and made her to stand by holding her hands, in this mean time her pallu had fallen.

I could see her boos cleavage very closely and my dick stood up I lifted her head and said go home now he will not do any kind of mistake or would you in future, but by access of weeping she was unconscious and leaned on me and I embraced her and felt her back and I cried out loudly for Subbu, and lifted her up and placed her on my bed her body was so hot and I placed her pallu back on her and felt her boobs they were pretty hard.

I was sprinkling water on her face Subbu arrived, he held her lifted her up and made her to drink water, and after few minutes she was fine both thanked me for the care I took and they went back to their home. Now day by day Rekhas attitude towards me changed she would take extra care for me in all ways, after few days I was not feeling well so I did not go to office, I got up late when I got up.

I saw Rekha moping the floor, she was doing her job she did not notice that I had wake up, she had held her saree up till her thighs and her pallu in middle of her boobs seeing her in that position my penis erected and I acted as if I was asleep and watched her hiding when the moping was done she came to change the water from the glass and I turned around so that my penis could be easily visible to her it was like tent in the bed sheet.

I saw her staring at my dick and biting her lips, she stood there for few minutes and went to kitchen, I got up and went to bath room and masturbated, had bath and came out to see my coffee and the paper ready, I asked Rekha where is Subbu she said he had gone to market to fetch vegetables, and will be back in an hour.

I again asked her how is life now she said now he does not fight with me nor he beats me but the child problem is still there, I said I will do something for that also then she said by only feeling nothing will happen you have to try and go ahead and she went smiling, I could not get her words, then I realised that I had pressed her boobs and had felt her bum she might have noticed it.

One day morning Subbu came to me saying he will be going to his uncle place as he was very ill and will return in 2 days Rekha would be here to serve you, I said ok and as it was my office going time I dropped him to bus stand gave him some money and told him to inform me if he wants more, my joy knew no bounds, I put leave to office and straight away went home, I parked my car a little away and slowly went inside the house to see what was Rekha doing.

I searched her in full building but could not get her, so went to my room to see that she was having bath in my bath tub and she had just started her clothes the old and the fresh ones and her towel were on my bed, I slowly picked those from there locked the bed room door from outside and returned to the car and went inside the compound and as I was about to reach the parking.

I honked purposely and rushed to my room, there as she heard the horn of my car she was feared and came to pick up clothes fully naked I entered the room and saw her naked near my bed she pulled the blanket and cover herself, she requested me to give the clothes of her and I went to her she was looking towards the wall.

I caught her from behind and put her to bed as she was naked she liked the way I approached her she was saying in her mouth no please no but was supporting me for what I was doing and I pulled the blanket from her to see her nude in front of me she was begging please leave me and I came a little away to take my clothes, she pounced on me, made me to carry her and pushed me to bed.

I was kissing like mad to me smooching me biting me every were she tore my shirt my Baniyan removed my pants, took my tool in her hands and forced me to entry her cunt I said her you are making in hurry she said you first fuck me once then you do whatever you what, I showed my dick the way to cunt and slowly inserted in her as she was moaning heavily oh ha ha ha ohh pain ha please do me yeah and I fuck her in full force where she cried ahhhhh.

I fucked her for 10 minutes and she cum out making marks of her nails on my back I was also in heavy mood so I kept on fucking her till she cum once again and even I cum on her stomach and fell on her after few minutes she got up and went to bath room and cleaned herself when I went to clean myself I found little blood on my penis and I cleaned and came out to see that Rekha was vanished.

I dressed up in home dress and went in search of her, I found her in their house a small house with one room, and she was weeping lying on the bed. I slowly went to her and asked what happened, she said she had not done anything like this before, and she was sorry that she tore of my clothes, she fell to feet to ask sorry for what ever happened, I lifted her up and said I will help you in getting pregnant, there is nothing wrong in doing such things.

I made her to understand that her life would be very good in future and I will be there always with you after an hour I convinced her to have sex with me, and in whatever style she likes and also informed her to shave of her pubic hairs and under arms hair s and come to me as soon as possible nicely dressed, I requested her to wear the yellow saree, she asked 30 minutes time.

I came off from her house, I went to market got some flowers, some sweets a good saree to her and good pair of lingerie’s to her, and some flavoured condoms and returned back. I was waiting her to come , I had spread some flowers on bed and put fragrance in room, I was in balcony, I saw her coming, she looked very beautiful to me that day, her hairs were wet and dripping.

She locked her house and walked towards the guest house, my heart was pounding, because the first sex was in a hurry and could hardly do anything to her, I heard the knock at the door, I opened the door to see Rekha so sexy and beautiful, I welcomed her in and locked the door and she was looking like the bride and was looking down, I lifted her face up she closed the eyes and I planted a kiss on her lips

She went back, and turned around, I put my hands on her naked waist and kissed her neck near her ears lobes , she moaned iiiisssssshhhhhh aahhhhhhh and said no please no, then I force full turned her and held her tight in left hand and put my right hand on her right boob and pressed it, and smooched her for 2 minutes, she again went back and said no no please no.
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