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Diary Of a Cuckold Husband Part 29

Mansi and Rahul both were gone when I entered our kitchen. Rohini was sipping on her coffee browsing through newspaper.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Or did Mansi keep you busy whole night," she asked. I smiled in response and sat opposite to her with my coffee. She neatly folded the newspaper and kept it aside; her hands clasped the cup very tightly as she thought for a few moments and said, "Things are a little more complicated than I thought."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, earlier you had a choice but now you have run out of time," she said.

"Please be clear," I urged.

"Please promise me that you would never ever share this with Mansi," she said looking into my eyes. After I nodded, she started, "Her desire to procreate with Rahul is much stronger than I thought."

"How do you conclude that?"

"Well your wife performed fellatio on Rahul last night," she said.


"Where?" I asked puzzled.

"In the laundry room."

"I wouldn't blame her. Rahul might have planned it," she reasoned.

"Why didn't you satisfy her last night?" she asked a little annoyed.

"What makes you think so?" I asked.

"Mansi came back for more in the morning," she exhaled.

"What do you mean she came back for more?" I asked.

"She did it with him on the bed while I slept next to them."

"Give me a break," I said not believing what she was saying.

"Trust me, she has played with him several times in my presence and is not at all shy."

"We did thrice," I answered her previous question.

"She is such a slut," exclaimed Rohini.

"Four times in a night and yet she comes in the morning for more."

"She didn't even hesitate to smooch him," she added.

"You mean a French kiss?" I asked.

"Yes, tongue-to-tongue, exchanging loads of saliva and yes Rahul hadn't washed his mouth but Mansi had," she clarified. I had sensed that Mansi had penchant for pleasing her lovers. On New Year's morning, I had witness her French kissing him soon after he woke up. It wasn't surprising either given that she never hesitated to rim him.

"Did they fuck?" I asked since it didn't seem to me that she was fucked.

"No, but he did fuck her mouth."

"The ordeal went on for more than an hour," she exclaimed.

I was a little surprised with sudden turn of events and it seemed Mansi was only pretending but then why would Rohini lie to me. Moreover, she herself seemed to be disturbed.

"Anyway, Mansi has a very strong desire to procreate with Rahul."

"But she would resist until you consent."


"Yes, she satisfied him with her mouth both the times although she was in her fertile period."

"She surely can't resist getting mounted by him for long."

"Are you suggesting that I don't have much choice?"

"Yes, sort of; if you would like to think that way."

"Please be specific and clear," I said earnestly requesting her to guide me through this difficult decision. "Do you believe Rahul would impregnate Mansi sooner or later?"

"Sort of," I said preferring to be vague.

"Irrespective of whether you consented or not?" she added.

"Perhaps," I tried to be brief and vague.

"No point in stopping her from becoming his mistress then."

"Not at all," I answered promptly.

"We had talked about this," I said.

"Yes, however, you seem to have either misunderstood or completely ignored the issue," she responded.

"As Rahul's mistress, she would be obliged to bear his children!"

"And if you still have any doubts," she said, "Mansi is more than willing to fulfill her destiny."

"I perfectly understand that," I countered.

"It is only fair that Rahul being *the* alpha male gets an opportunity to impregnate her."

"Yet, Mansi carries her guilty conscience that doesn't allow her to fulfill her destiny."

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Mansi is aware that you could accommodate an accidental impregnation."

"However, her mistress duties demand that she bear as many children as she could."

"In fact, as a perfect mistress she would always conceive from him."

"I have sort of decided to give her free rein in this regard," I shrugged.

"That's the first step," retorted Rohini.

"The second step is to let her know that you truly desire this."

"I mean, if you don't have a fervent desire to have her impregnated by Rahul, then this is bad idea."

"After all you would have to live with the consequences!"

"There isn't much doubt it in my mind and perhaps your mind that this excites you."

"We wouldn't have come this far, otherwise."

"Trust me; there is real danger if you are not willing to live with any of the consequences."

"Rahul is an inconsiderate bastard," she said casually.

"He would ensure that she is pregnant with his child most of her child bearing years."

"We can't possibly afford so many children," I complained.

"Yet from her young age of 25 to ripe age of 35 she could easily bear six children."

"All of them fathered by Rahul," she emphasized.

Rohini was pacing around the room as we talked about this while I sat at the dinning table listening to her intently. We were in serious discussions and didn't try to engage in any kind of sexual foreplay. Rohini suddenly grabbed my crotch from behind and said, "This is what I am talking about."

"Just the thoughts of such a possibility gives you an erection," she joked.

"You have a passion for this," she said, "and can endure this effortlessly."

"Don't worry about the financial implications," she said sitting in front of me, holding my hands in hers.

"Rahul and I would financially support his children."

"Here is my proposal," she said.

"You let Mansi become his mistress for life and let things take its natural course."

"Is Rahul aware of this?" I asked.


"And he should never know about this and neither should Mansi know about this."

"You are quite adept at conveying your acceptance non-verbally to Mansi, though"

"And that's the only encouragement she would need."

"The understanding is you never interfere with Mansi's mistress duties and willingly accept the consequences thereof."

"It would be a semi-open relationship."

"In the sense, that Mansi and Rahul wouldn't try to hide their relationship but wouldn't make it a central theme either."

"Is this acceptable to you?" she asked.

"I need time to think," I replied since I didn't want to get into it right away not that I felt I had lot of choice in this regard.

"To sweeten the deal, I have another proposal for you," she said encouraging me to accept her proposal.

"I see that you would be traveling to LA and Denver on a frequent basis," she said.

"How about hooking you up with someone over there?"

It struck me that she was referring to Dolly and Nisha. Arun and Nisha had recently moved to Denver from Fresno.

"You are kidding right?" I asked stumped by her suggestion.

"Not really if you are serious about humping these two classy ladies," she quickly retorted.

"Who wouldn't want to?" I asked a rhetorical question.

"Well then, here is your chance," she said.

"All you have to do is let Mansi be Rahul's true mistress."

"And you would be mounting these ladies on a regular basis."

"Not that you would need such an incentive," she added.

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