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A Mistaken Exposure with Babu the Mumbai Taxi Driver

Sometimes when in a new country people can make a mistake due to cultural differences and through doing something in a desperate need that creates and awkward situation this was one of those occasions a need so great brought about an unfortunate exposure.

I was on my first trip to wonderful, exciting India. I flew into Mumbai where I had arranged for a local Indian to meet me and be my guide and companion whilst I explored in and around Mumbai before moving on to more rural destinations. My good contact there told me on arrival that my local man had genuinely had a family crisis which meant he was unable to be my guide and companion. This left me with a big hole in my itinerary meaning I would be greatly restricted in where I could explore and see on my own. My contact there said he would look for a suitable replacement as quickly as possible but it had taken a long time to source a suitable guide and companion lots of online chat and correspondence moving on to more direct contact then the checking the persons authenticity so I doubted he could do it quickly.

As I left my contacts office I was approached by a smiling chubby black moustachioed man offering me his Taxi service back to my hotel. Normally such opportunist selling by such guys would make me decline but he came across as someone who noticed I had a need and took the opportunity to help me so I gratefully accepted. I climbed in his little black and yellow cab and we set off back to my hotel. I was quiet wondering what I would do with the extended time in Mumbai with no guide or companion. The Taxi driver sensed my down mood and struck up conversation. I responded and soon we were chatting away. he was funny making me laugh as he lifted my mood. He was thrilled to have me a foreigner in his Taxi welcoming me to his city with great joy. In my down state he was uplifting and fun. We arrived at my Hotel. I leant forward paying him also giving him a good tip as he had lifted my spirits. He could not stop thanking me. As I climbed out he told me his name was Babu saying that if I wanted a taxi later or the next day he could arrange to collect me if I wanted. I thought about it and it was worth a try better than being stuck in my Hotel this evening. Who better to know the city that a local taxi driver. Some would think me mad but what the heck he was nice, friendly so I arranged for him to collect me later from the hotel. He smiled broadly then drove off. I thought I might not see him again but true to his word there he was in the lobby waiting.

I dropped my key off then we set off out of the hotel. His little old fashioned taxi like something out of the 50s was parked by the side of the road. We got in. I sorted out an arrangement for his services for the day making sure I agreed it in advance. We would sort out a longer arrangement if he wanted once I had seen how the first day went.
"Where do you wish to go madam?" he enquired.
"Well Babu I would like to see all the places local Indians go to, to enjoy their leisure and spare time but tonight I want to eat some real Indian food at a place where you and other Indians eat ok not a fancy place a good simple local one?"

"Oh you like Indian food madam it will be hot you don't mind?"

"I am used to is Babu I have eaten it since I was a child"

We drove off. I was surprised at the amount of people and traffic on the roads at that time of the night. Finally he pulled up in a little narrow street outside an street cafe. The smell of cooking those herbs and spices filled the air it was wonderful. The front of the little place was open with tables close to the street. Local people were eating and chatting. Babu stopped. I got out but Babu stayed in his taxi.

"Madam tell him Babu sent you he will give you best service dear" I looked at him. No Babu you park I want you to join me I would like your company please as i would feel safer. His smile was so wide it almost split his face in two. I waited whilst he parked. We went into the cafe together. The chatter stopped for a moment we were stared at but the curiosity soon passed when Babu greeted the owner and introduced me.

"Most welcome madam we are most pleased to welcome you here thank you" Indians are by nature hospitable people. Mostly they are very respectful of foreign tourists but of course they would not get any in a place like this it was the haunt of local Indians not tourists. We sat and ate. Babu chatted telling me about his life as we exchanged pleasantries whilst eating extremely tasty freshly cooked food. I drank sweet Lassi whilst Babu had tea . I knew to avoid drinking the water in Mumbai. As we drove back I put a proposition to Babu. If I paid him a daily rate to make up for any loss of business during the day, plus a small premium to make it worth his while would he drive me around and show me the real Mumbai and some places out of Mumbai? Babu did not hesitate in accepting but he did negotiate hard on the price but it was fair although more than he would normally make working 18 hours a day but for only 10 hours with extra for any evening work if I needed it. We agreed it all arranging for him to collect me the next morning at 8:00. I felt good knowing I could explore the real Mumbai with someone who would know it well. My friend and contact in Mumbai told me I was mad to trust him. He told me he would let me down or cheat me or worse. I pride myself that I am a pretty good judge of character so was willing to give him a chance besides it was the best option I had really. Just because he was a Taxi driver did not make him a bad person besides in life most of the people who had been untrustworthy were so called wealthy and educated people.

Once we had worked out a good mutual daily rate Babu proved me right and the others wrong. He turned up on time. He showed me so many really interesting places in Mumbai not the tourist sanitised places but the places where normal Indians frequented, shopped, ate, played and loved. I had agreed an evening rate but Babu refused payment as I liked him to eat with me so he felt it was not right. He introduced me to his Taxi driver friends and his close colleague and taxi driver. Babu and his colleague shared a humble little house with Babu's brother in law who worked for the Indian Railways so got a railway house. We had great fun. Babu was always polite but chatty as well as inquisitive but never stepped over the line or let me down or cheated me. I am a tactile person and often will touch a persona arm when making a point or thanking someone. I was constantly touching Babu's arm when asking him to stop, or about something I saw. I felt him stiffen as culturally it is not done between man and woman especially strangers in India. I had to apologise each time and worked hard to stop doing it but one day an event was to change our working relationship. Babu had driven me out of Mumbai to see some beaches and a market. We had stopped at a little place to eat.

Then set off back into the city. The road was fast and wide as we headed home. I was in need of a pee. I told Babu to stop when he saw a suitable place or a toilet. I was getting desperate wriggling like mad trying to hold it finally we were speeding along a wide road with a high wall beside us. There were no stopping places but there a little verge which we could safely pull over onto and be out of the way of vehicles speeding past. I told him to pull over close to the wall just under a tree. I was no almost pissing myself so very desperate. Babu pulled over and stopped. I got out opening the back door to shield me from people in cars passing. I also left the front door to screen me from anyone coming from that direction. Desperate I pulled my skirt up. I was not wearing panties as usual. I was so desperate I did not think I just wanted to pee. With my skirt round my waist pulled right up my back my buttocks facing the car I half squatted pushing my bottom out so that I did not pee down my legs. it came in a rush. It was such a relief I even sighed in pleasure as the stream left me. Finally I finished. I shook myself a couple of times to get rid of some of the drips then with my skirt still up I turned to get my bag for a tissue to wipe myself. At that moment; standing my legs slightly parted skirt bunched around my waist I realised I had not considered Babu. He had, had a very clear view of my bare bum and pussy from the rear. Now he was looking at my bare pussy as I wiped myself. I swore to myself about my mistake. I do not like to tease men unfairly so I was annoyed but it was too late. I reached in getting my bag; I rummaged around finding the tissues. I wiped my pussy thrusting my hips forward as I always did wiping it well so that I did not get drips on my skirt. I was aware that Babu was getting a very good look at my pussy but it was silly to try to hide it now so i had to just let him look. I closed the back door then climbed in beside Babu who was saying nothing. I closed the door thanking him. He pulled into the traffic in true Indian style eliciting lots of horns from approaching vehicles. We drove for a few minutes then I said.

"I am very sorry Babu I was so desperate I did not think I hope you can forgive me for being so inconsiderate.

"Oh no Madam it is fine please do not be sorry"

Now Babu had not only been invaluable to me; he had been very reliable as well as great company so I did not want to lose him as he was still very important to my trip. I did not want to upset him or to do anything that he would not be happy with. I was not going to take any action so I would just have to see how he dealt with it. Of course it could not be the same relationship he had seen me in a very intimate act due to my extreme need and lack of thought on my behalf so I could not blame him for whatever he wanted to do. He was married so I would not do anything that might spoil that.

The next day we were going to see some caves near Mumbai.
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