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Bhabhi's Reunion with Arif the Ex - I

I was working as a receptionist in a company before marriage. I left the job after getting married. Aniket was earning fairly well. So I didn't really need to worry about job. We were very happy and content with our life. There was only one problem in our married life. Even after three years of marriage, we didn't have a child. We met some doctors and conducted all sort of tests. But results were the same. The problem was with Aniket and he couldn't father a child. Due to this, we often fought and it also had effect on our sex life. I was not working and it left me with a lot of free time and I started getting bored. I wanted to join a company. But just as I was thinking of joining a company, the markets tumbled. The markets crashed and I found it tough to get a new job.

The condition became even worse after two months and it became clear that this was not just a slight crash but start of a serious recession. Aniket was working in a Finance company and even his company started feeling the heat. Aniket had already heard that lot of employees from his company would be laid off. In such a situation, we were very tense. We had a home loan to pay and I was not working. There was no alternative way of income for us.

And then one day, Aniket came home very late. It was around 9:00 PM. Aniket asked me if I wanted to come to the terrace of our building. He said he wanted to talk something. So I locked the flat and went out with him. We live on the 5th floor and our building is of 7 floors. I suggested that we just take the stairs instead of waiting for the lift. Aniket said fine and we both walked. We both reached the terrace and then walked towards a platform in the middle of the terrace. It had lush green lawn on it. We both sat on the lawn.

Aniket: Shilpa, as you know we are heading towards a long recession. Some companies have already started firing employees.

Shilpa: I know. Is there any danger for us?

Aniket: I don't think so. But still now our company has started pestering us for more productivity. In fact there is good news for us in that.

Shilpa: Good news?

Aniket: Company has started firing old and unproductive employees. They are either asked to take VRS or simply fired. Now general manager of entire UAE region has been with us, but we have been facing lot of losses in that region. So company has decided to ask him to take VRS. Now company also needs to decide the new general manager for this region. There are 5 contenders for this position. I am one of those.

Shilpa: Oh wow. This is great.

Aniket: No, it is not so great. Let me finish.

Shilpa: Why? What happened?

Aniket: The decision regarding the new general manager will be taken by my boss Arif Qureshi. He is a tough man to please. He knows all of us and knows that all of us are good enough to be the new general manager. But he says that just qualifications do not matter to him.

Shilpa: Then what matters?

Aniket: Well, it is a very indecent thing to say. If you feel wrong about this, we will drop this entire subject.

Shilpa: What are you talking about?

Aniket: Look, he met me today in his cabin. He said that any of us could get this position. But who actually gets it depends upon something else. He wants to meet each one's wife. Then depending upon who he likes, she has to please him.

Shilpa: Aniket, what are you talking about? Are you really serious about this?

Aniket: Again, if you feel this is indecent, I will drop this entire topic. But trust me; all others have accepted his offer. And consider the financial aspect of it. My salary will be quadrupled and I will need to go to UAE for three years, but it will mean a lot for us financially.

Shilpa: But Aniket, what do you mean by pleasing? Does it involve actual physical sex?

Aniket: That is the best part of it. He says that he doesn't want anybody to sleep with him. Just be with him socially and go out. Basically just like an escort. He says that whether this woman wants to get physically involved with him or not is completely her decision. But she has to go out for a movie, dinners etc. with him. But not necessarily sex. So you can just say that you don't want to get physically involved with him.

Shilpa: Well in that case it is ok. For how much time do I need to do this?

Aniket: Well, I will be staying in UAE for three years. So you have to give him company for three years. But I will be coming in and out. And three years will just fly by.

Shilpa: ok. So what do I need to do?

Aniket: Well he is meeting wives of the other managers next week on first four week days. This means that you will be the last one. So you will need to go out with him for dinner on Friday.

Shilpa: Where?

Aniket: Well I am not sure. But you don't need to worry about that.

Shilpa: ok.

Aniket: Good girl. Then is this settled?

Shilpa: Yes. So what kind of person is your boss?

Aniket: You can find out for yourself. He is very charming and handsome. And please make sure that you look your best. Just like you did when you seduced me?

Shilpa: Ok. But in case I really started getting attracted to him?

Aniket: Well I don't really mind you sleeping with him once in a while.

Shilpa: Aniket, you are crazy. I will never do it. You are the only guy in the world for me.

Aniket: Well then I am lucky.

Shilpa: Sure. So I have to go with him on Friday? Do you really think he will fall for me? I am not sure. I have met wives of other managers. Sheetal in particular is very sexy. I am sure he will choose Sheetal.

Aniket: Don't underestimate yourself. You are not beautiful as Sheetal, but you are a wholesome and sexy beauty. And even Sheetal doesn't have the kind of boobs you have.

Shilpa: You men are really cheap. You just keep checking out women's boobs.

Aniket: Not just boobs honey. Even your ass is amazing.

Shilpa: Cheap again.

Aniket: Well you have lovely assets. What can I do about it except praising them?

Shilpa: Anyway you praising my assets is not enough. Your boss needs to praise them. We will soon find out. By the way, can you give me any dressing tips? What should I wear?

Aniket: Well you look best in a sari. So I think you should wear that red sari with black sleeveless blouse.

Shilpa: It is transparent.

Aniket: Yes. And I want it to be that way. You should look sexy without being sluttish. That sari is perfect for you.

Shilpa: Are you sure about sari? Don't you think it would be better if I just wore a Punjabi dress? It would mean I am not trying to impress him.

Aniket: no honey. You look great in sari and you want to impress him.

Shilpa: OK. Then I will wear the red sari.

So our countdown began for the Friday. On Friday, Aniket went to the office as usual. In the afternoon, he called me to say that he and Arif will come home by 7:30 PM. He asked me to be ready by 7:30 as we will need to leave by 8:00. I asked him about the plan that Arif had. He said that Arif will tell us about it when we meet.

So as per Aniket's suggestion, I started getting ready by 6:30 PM. I started by having a fresh bath. Then I went in the bedroom. I pulled out the red sari from the cupboard and put it on the bed. I had washed my hair and had a wet towel in my hair. So I scrubbed my hair and then removed the towel from it. Then I sat down on the dressing table in front of the mirror. I was wearing a yellow colored towel covering my breasts. Apart from this, I had nothing on my body. I opened the drawer and pulled out a hair drier. I switched it on and started drying my hair. My hair was shoulder length and just a little bit curly. Everybody commented on them and said how beautiful my hair was. So even though managing it was a bit tough, I never really thought about trimming it.

After drying the hair for 10 minutes, I was satisfied and applied some oil on it. Then I started brushing it. After brushing it for some time, I used a bow to tie them up. After this, I got up and removed the towel covering my body. Underneath, I was completely naked. After a long time, I saw myself naked. My breasts were as firm as they were before I got pregnant. Not just that, but they had got bigger in fact. Earlier I used to use 34 B size bras. Now I had to use 36 C. My stomach was still flat although some stretch marks were visible. I was sure Arif will like them.

My armpits were shaved. My labia were shaved and smooth. I had a set from fancy bras that I had used when I had met Aniket. I still had them in the cupboard, but I was not sure if they would fit. But for the sake of trying, I pulled out a red brassier. It was transparent and had flowers on it. I had never tried it after I got married. So out of curiosity, I just put my arms in it and covered my breasts in the bra cups. Then I tried to hook it. It was just a bit tight, but I was not feeling too uncomfortable either. So I just decided to keep it and also wore panties. Then I pulled out the red sari from cupboard. It was a very beautiful one with beautiful design on the border. Along with, it also had the blouse. It was a sleeveless blouse of the same color. I pulled both out and also got a petticoat out. First I wore the petticoat and then blouse. Then I draped the sari around my body. I also made sure that I wore it a bit below navel. I applied my perfume on the sari and checked myself in the mirror. I thought I looked good enough to interest Arif.

It was about 7:15. Aniket and his boss would be coming any time. So I went in the hall and checked everything. Then I switched the TV on and started browsing through the channels. I was feeling very nervous. Aniket was very punctual and just after 7:30, the door bell rang. I switched the TV off and opened the door. As expected, it was Aniket. But Arif was a total surprise for me. I was completely aghast after seeing his boss. It was Arif Qureshi that I knew in my college. I had never told Aniket about it. But Arif had been my boyfriend in my college days.
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