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Love & Romance With My Owner Aunty

Dear All,
I am starting this story about “Love & Romance With My Owner Aunty”. Hope you all like this story and support me to make it a big success.

It was 8 years ago; I got a job in a good company. I was looking for a house. I tried many houses but couldn’t get a nice house. Finally I reached a house. It seems to be a good house. I just rang the bell. The door opened and a boy came outside and asked “what do you need?”
I told I saw the board outside “To-let” so I came to ask about the house. He went inside and was shouting that someone has come at door. I was standing quietly outside. After few minutes, an uncle came and stood outside. He was looking old, even though he was not that old as he looked, he would be around 38 – 40 years. But he looked around 50years. He asked me
Uncle: What do u want?
Me: I saw the board outside "To-let". Wanted a house.
Uncle: What do you do?
Me: I got a job in an MNC company. I am just looking for a house.
Uncle: Ok. What is your name?
Me: I am Rakesh.
Uncle: Ok. Do you stay alone?
Me: Ya I will stay alone. I am looking for a 1BHK. Just for me
Uncle: Where are your parents?
Me: My parents are at native. They will be visiting my place once in a month. But I will be staying alone
Uncle: See Rakesh we are looking for a good family or people who are good and decent. We don’t want to give house to some bachelors.
Me: Don’t worry uncle; I am from a decent family. And more over I don’t drink, smoke. And my parents will be coming every month.
Uncle: That’s fine. But we are not willing to give house for bachelors.
Me: Ok uncle, I won’t force you. You can actually take my ID proof, and also my company details. I am from a good and decent family. You can actually give me house only after speaking to my parents. And more over I will never bring any friends to my room. Even if I get friends they are decent and they won’t stay here.
Uncle: Ok, bring your parents early. Let me see if we can.
Me: Sure uncle. As this house is close to my office if I get this house it would be good for me. How much is the advance and rent uncle?
Uncle: Advance is Rs. 75,000 and rent will be 7,500. Can you manage
Me: Can you please reduce it? I will pay you 6,500 and will not trouble like others. I will pay you at 1st of every month
Uncle: Ok fine. Bring your parents. Let’s see.
Me: Sure uncle. Can I see the house?
Uncle: Sure why not. Rahul get the keys of the above house.
A small guy came out with a key and handed over to me. I went upstairs and opened the key. It was a nice house, 1BHK. Lots of place in front and it was totally grilled so that no thief should enter the house. A separate gate and also a cloths washing stone. Everything was very nice and well planned house and it was a separate house on top. I thought this is really a good house and came down.
Uncle was standing there.
Uncle: You liked the house?
Me: Yes indeed it’s really a good house and really it’s very good to stay here.
Uncle: Ok get your parents soon. So that we can speak about the house
me: Sure uncle.

I left the house and called my parents to come immediately. I told what all the owner told me. My parents told they are coming next day itself. They like me so much. They didn’t want me to suffer for looking houses.

Next day:
My parents came from native and I took them straight away to the owner’s house. It was Sunday morning. I just rang the bell. Again the same boy opened the door. He recognized me and called his father and told that the guy who came yesterday has come. Uncle came outside and he wished us.

This time he was speaking little softly and he got the key and asked my parents to come up to see the house. We all four went upstairs. My parents saw the house and were very happy. All of them agreed and then uncle told come to house. Anyways now I am feeling better to give house. Otherwise people will spoil the environment. After uncle spoke to my parents he felt that we are from a decent family.

We all came down, he invited for coffee. We three went inside. And sat on a sofa. Uncle went inside the kitchen and came outside. Behind uncle came a lady. She was coming behind uncle so I couldn’t see her face. Now uncle came and sat on the sofa. Now I could see the lady.
She was his wife. Uncle told to her.

Uncle: Rashmi, get coffee to all of them.
Rashmi: Sure why not.

After telling that she went inside. And within few minutes she came and gave coffee to all of us. While she was giving coffee, she came close to me. I could feel the beauty in her face. It was really a very nice clean face. No acne marks. Shapely lips. I was really impressed by her behavior, her looks and the way she was.

Really I had never tasted such a tasty coffee in my life time. I was really thinking if the coffee itself is so good, how she will prepare food. I was thinking if I come here I can get good food.

Dear all this is Rashmi. Yes Rashmi, the heroine of this story. Let me tell you about the heroine of this story. She is very homely. Look wise she is dusky, not very dark but little dark. Silky hairs, nice shapely lips, and seriously she had a nice boobs, and was little plumpy and not very plumpy. Nice structure overall. She resembles with Bipasha Basu.

Not exactly but almost. She was around 32 years. Almost 8 years younger to me. But she is really homely and very decent and well behaved lady. I could sense all this by her behavior and looks. She is defiantly loyal to her husband. Overall she looked like a typical Indian Pathivratha.
It was Saturday evening 6:00PM. I called owner uncle and asked him if I can come to his house and pay the advance and check in to the house.

Me: hello Uncle, its Raki here. Wanted to ask you if you are available at house. I will come and pay the advance

Uncle: Ya sure Rakesh. I am at home only. You can come and pay the advance
me: Sure uncle I will be there in 20mins.
Uncle: ok no probs.

I got ready and started to the new house. I rang the bell. I was expecting small boy to open the door. As he used to always open the door. I rang bell twice. No response. Then I thought of ringing the bell again. Suddenly I could hear the door opening sound. The door opened. But this time it was not the boy, it was the boy’s mother, Rashmi who opened the door. She was wearing a simple orange color saree with lots of dots on that. She had a very smiley face. As soon as she saw me, she smiled with a very caring manner.

Me: Aunty, I had called uncle to give money. Is he there at home?
Rashmi: Yes yes he is there. He will come. You come inside and sit
Me: Sure aunty.
Rashmi: You can sit on the sofa. I will get you coffee
Me: its fine aunty. Don’t take trouble
Rashmi : what’s there in trouble. It’s our duty to give something to the guest
Me: oh so nice of you.
Rashmi: just relax will get you coffee. Meanwhile uncle will come.
Me: sure aunty. Thanks

She went to kitchen. While going I could see her nice round shaped ass covered inside sexy saree. I couldn’t take my eyes from that. Finally she disappeared in kitchen. Meanwhile uncle came. Sat opposite to me.

Uncle: How are you Rakesh?
Me: I am good uncle. How are you and other family members?
Uncle: all are good Rakesh.
Me: Uncle here is your 75,000 for advance.
Uncle: oh thanks for giving me the advance.
Me: that’s fine uncle.

I handed over the money. Uncle counted the money and told its fine.
Uncle: When are u planning to shift Rakesh?
Me: tomorrow only uncle.
Uncle: oh what happened?
Me: nothing the place is stay is not that decent. I am feeling so uncomfortable that I was feeling like running
Uncle: Ok your wish.
Me: Thanks uncle.

Meanwhile Rashmi came with two coffees. Uncle took one and I took one. Rashmi was holding the plate she got coffee on her chest. It was like as if she is protecting her chest from the plate. She was looking stunning in that simple saree as well.

Uncle turned towards Rashmi
Uncle: Rashmi, get him the key
Rashmi: Ok. I will get it
Uncle: It’s in the hanger in the room
Rashmi: ok I got it will get you wait

Her voice was so sweet that as if a small kid will speak. I finished my coffee. Rashmi went to room and got the key. She gave it me. I was very happy that Rashmi only gave me the house key. As soon as she gave the key she went and stood near the kitchen door. Uncle also finished coffee. Aunty came near us and took the empty glasses and went inside the kitchen.

I got the key and told that I will be leaving. Uncle told that since tomorrow is Sunday, you can shift and he will also help. I could feel how caring those people are. I got up and started to move. As soon as I started I wanted to see aunty before I leave. I got up and went near door. Aunty didn’t come outside. Then I wore my chappals. Thought now at least she will come. She didn’t come. I started moving outside the gate. Finally she didn’t come. I started walking towards the road.

But still I couldn’t see her. Finally thought she won’t come and then I started walking. But still wanted to see her face before leaving. I just thought she might come. I turned behind to check if aunty is there. She was little busy so she didn’t come outside.

I heard a music playing somewhere far. It was making me sleepy. I was feeling like as if I am in heaven. I was seeing so many beautiful and sexy angles dancing around me and making me to sleep. Now the music became louder and it started irritating.

All the angles were disappearing. I wanted the sexy angles to remain there only. I was trying to catch them. But this music was becoming more louder. I just opened my eyes to see from the music was coming. It was the alarm which I had kept to get up early. I saw the wall clock it was already 5:30AM.

Usually Sundays I get up late. But that Sunday I was suppose to go and boil milk for my new house. I had called my parents as well. They would be coming around 8AM.
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