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My Hindu Mother Part 2

I took my dick out of my underwear, washed it thoroughly and in the process giving it some excitement by rubbing on the pink top. I saw a small white thread like flow from my dick into the water, which was immediately swallowed by fishes around me. By that time mom had wiped her dry and was about to change clothes. Kerala ladies wear a traditional dress called set saris and men wear dhotis while visiting temples.

She walked up to a big tree holding her clothes and called me. She placed all her clothes on my shoulder and asked me to open my dhoti and hold it in front of her like a curtain. On the other side she had the cover of the big tree. I did as she said. Now turning away from me she unhooked her bra and took it off. Then she pulled down her panties and came out of it. For a while, She stood there fully naked. All I could see was her shapely ass.

Luck smiled on me when she turned to take clothes from me. I saw her naked breast and hairy pussy. It was the first time I was seeing pussy of any woman so closely. She started to put on her dresses one after the other like bra, panties, petticoat, and blouse in that order.

My cock was throbbing again. I wanted to jerk off but could not do anything. Though I could not resist the temptation to graze on her nudity, my mind was feeling guilty. When she finished her dressing I folded my dhoti and wiped myself dry with the towel. Then wrapping my self with the towel I removed my underwear. I started to dress.

By this time mom collected all wet clothes and took it for rinsing in the water. When she took my underwear she touched the sticky cum I discharged in it. I think first she did not realize what it was. So she opened the underwear and felt it. Now she realized it was my cum. I felt embarrassed. I could not look at her face. But she acted as if nothing had happened and she knew nothing. Then we went to the temple performed the usual services (Pooja) and participated in all rituals till the closure of temple at about 9 p.m.

I felt a sudden guilt as I looked up at the statue of the Goddess, decorated with plenty of sparkling jewels and flowers in different colors. I closed my eyes and apologized to her for my thoughts about my mother. After the 'Pooja' mom made some shopping of articles to be taken to home. Then she ordered vegetarian food from a house known to her (It was difficult to get good and hygienic food at the place so she preferred to have it from that house and pay for it).

We reached our room around 10 p.m. and started preparing to sleep. There was only one double cot in the room and we had to share it. After going to the toilet I climbed on the cot. Mom too went to the toilet and then switched off the main light and switched on the night lamp. She took some incense sticks and lit it. She closed the window and covered it with a bath towel. Now she started to undress. Within minutes she was wearing only petticoat and bra. Seeing this my heart beat increased and my cock started to rise again. She watched me through the corner of her eyes but said nothing. Soon she came to bed and lay besides me. I could hear clearly that both of us were breathing hard.

As I was aware of the possibility of a sexual contact, I tried to stay away from my mother. I turned away from her and lay on my side. She didn't want to turn her back on me so she turned towards me. Her bosom was on my back. A mother's bosom is most sacred thing about her. Her bosom was causing a fire in my loins. I was not only erect as a sword, but also horny as hell. Her breasts were feeling so good that I wanted to turn around and rub them all over my chest.

She eventually fell asleep. I kept waiting for her breathing to become deep and even. After an hour or so, she was in deep sleep. I gently turned towards her, placed my arm over her and moved into a hug position. My cock was preceding me by many inches. My chest came in contact with hers and my penis came in contact with the front of her thighs. I quickly adjusted myself and touched her right between her thighs with my dick.

She was sleeping, so I held her in my arms. I almost came with the realization that I was actually touching my mother's pussy through her clothes. Yes, I was in clothes as well, but there was that contact that was unheard of from cultural and religious perspective. I placed my hand on her ass and pulled her inward as I pushed into her with the force to impale her through her clothes. It was an urge over which I had no control. Once a cock is on a pussy, it had to go into that pussy. As simple as that! I traced small lines on her pussy and watched her face. It twitched every now and then but she didn't open her eyes or anything.

Encouraged by her being so unaware of my moves I decided to do something even more serious. I reached in and undid the cord that was holding her petticoat around her waist. Once the cord was loosened, the dress opened up and allowed me to slide it enough to expose her pussy and some of her thighs. I then dropped my 'Dhoti' to my back and exposed my thick and long cock.

Slowly, gently, and methodically, I brought it closer and closer to her thighs. First I felt her hair tickling the tip of my cock. Then I felt the head touch the juncture where her thighs ended and her cunt began. I held it there for a while and slowly, slowly pressed it in. Once I was far enough in I stopped and held it there. I held it there for a long time and then I started to move it forward and back slowly.

She woke up as a result of my rocking motion. She waited for me to stop and when I didn't, she asked, "Sumeet, what are you doing?"

I had to say something so I said, "I am experiencing the heaven."

She pulled herself out of my reach and said, "But, son, I am your mother."

"I know, mom, but I can't help it."

She turned over onto her back and started wiping her thighs with a scarf.

I also turned over onto my back in a way that my hard cock was suspended in the air in her full view. Her hands slowed considerably as she took that view in.

"Son, I don't know what you have in mind, but I am your mother."

"I know, but I can't help it. I seem to be under some magical spell."

I knew very well that she was a superstitious woman but she didn't want to accept such an easy excuse. After a short pause she whispered, "You know what people say about such relationship?"

"That is because of jealousy ma. If a son develops an intimacy with his mother it makes the father jealous. In our case there is no such thing."

""Oh! But what you are doing is a sin"

"You are my Goddess, mom. There is no denying. But I can't help feel this strongly about my goddess. You represent such a complete woman to me that I just want to be a man with you."

She knew there was no arguing, so she stayed quiet. I put my hand on her left hip and turned her towards me. Once she was facing me, I positioned myself so that my penis was pressed between her thighs and right onto her pussy. She protested, "Son!"

"I am just feeling you, I won't do any wrong" I assured her.

"I am sorry, Sumeet. But we have to stop this."

Why did she say 'we', I didn't know. It was I who had to stop it. She was aroused, no doubt about that. She tried to pull away; but I stopped her. She tried to pull her middle away from me; but I put my hand on her butt and pulled her back in. She tried to push me away; she failed. Her every effort to get away from me was countered by me, until she stopped.

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