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Sister Saritha Part 1

I think I was in the junior year of my high school, and my younger sister, Sarita, was in the seventh grade. She was just beginning to blossom into a woman. Her hormones must have been active already, for I had caught her several times straddling the bannister of the staircase which led up to our bedrooms, and rocking back and forth on it, with a glazed look in her eyes. At first I did not understand what she was doing, but once when I watched her stiffen suddenly and moan in a stifled whimper, clutching her legs together against the bannister, I realized she had just brought herself off, rubbing her panty-covered pussy against the hard, polished wood of the bannister.

Then she quickly caught herself, looked around desperately to make sure no one was watching, and quickly ran up to her room. She had not seen me standing by the garage door. As soon as she disappeared out of sight, I had run up to the stairs and smelled the spot on the bannister where she had rubbed her pussy. Sure enough, it was glistening with her wetness and had the distinctive erotic smell of a female in heat. Sarita and I were generally friendly with each other, although not exactly close. She often tended to be selfish, and I thought she was manipulative. But I did not pay much attention to her behavior most of the time. One afternoon when our parents were out, I was lying in bed reading a book. Sarita came in and flopped down on the bed next to me.

She began pestering me, and so put the book under the pillow, and tried to push her off the bed. She climbed on to the bed, and pushed me down, and sat on top of me, with her knees pressing into my armpits. She held me down and said, "Let me see what you are reading." I shook my head, and said, "Why should I?" "Because." "Don't bug me, Sarita, and get off my chest," I grabbed her by the waist and pushed her down. She raised her knees and tried to pull forward. I could see her crotch, which was covered in light blue panties. I could see stray hair poking around the edge of it, and began to get hard. I was wearing my shorts with nothing else. As I pushed her away again, her butt slid down over my shorts and pressed against my hardness. She looked at me with big eyes, and said, "You are stiff, Pradeep. Shame on you. I am your sister." I looked at her and said, "Then get off me, and leave me alone. How do you expect me to react when you are sitting like this on top of me, exposing your crotch to me?" Sarita smiled and said, "Does that excite you, brother?" "Stop it, Sarita.

You are not a little girl any more. Pretty soon you will have big boobs and hairy bush, and you will be driving all the boys crazy." "I already have big breasts," she said haughtily, and swung her legs off to get off. She stood by the bed, and looked at my crotch. "You have a big boner there, Pradeep. May I see it?" "No, you can't. For Christ's sake, Sarita, I am your brother. Now leave me alone." I tried to get up. She immediately pushed me down and said, "No, I won't. I want to see your boner. Show me how big you are." We started jostling and wrestling with each other. Several times she tried to grab my crotch, brushing my hard-on in the process. I also had my hands on her breasts as I tried to push her off. Pretty soon, my cock became so hard that the tip poked out of the edge of the shorts. She stuck her hand inside and tried to grab it, but I pushed her off. She tried again, and this time, I grabbed her breasts, and squeezed hard. She stopped suddenly, breathing heavily, her face flushed with excitement. She tried to push my hand away, and said in a hoarse voice, "Let me touch you, Pradeep. Please. I want to see your cock. I will show you my pussy if you let me touch you." I let go of her breasts, and sat up.

I pulled her by the waist against me, and said, "Why, Sarita? Why are you so horny today? Don't you realize this is wrong?" "I don't care. You can say anything you want, but your body doesn't seem to mind. You have a boner in your shorts. I want to see it. Please." "Give me one good reason why I should let you see it." Sarita mulled over that for a few moments, and then said, "Because some of the girls in my class are always talking about you, and say that you are a hunk. They ask me if I have seen you naked." "So tell them you haven't. Who says I'm a hunk?" "Karuna, and Manda. They drool about you and say all kinds of nasty things about what they would like to do to you." "What kind of nasty things?" "Well, like yesterday, after our gym class, when we were in the shower, Manda said she'd love to have you walk in there and soap her all over. Karuna was playing with her boobs and asked me if you are good at massaging them. So I said, how should I know. He's my brother, not my lover. Do you think I have nice boobs, Pradeep?" "I don't know. I haven't seen them, but from the bulge in your blouse, I suppose they are nice." "Would you like to see them? I don't mind if you look. I think you are a hunk, too. And even though you are my brother, I don't mind you looking at me, but you have to let me look at you also." "So you can go and tell your friends how big a boner I've got?" Sarita put her arms around my neck and kissed me lightly on the lips. "No, my brother. That will be just our secret.

I wouldn't tell them a thing. Let them burn in desire. Karuna said she'd love to have you put your boner between her legs." "Really? You girls are really nasty. Has she done it with any boy yet?" "I don't know. But I haven't, Pradeep. I am still a virgin, and I intend to save myself for someone special. Someone like you." "What? I am your brother, Sarita," I said, my heart suddenly tender for my beautiful sister. All this raunchy talk had made me take a second look at her, and I realized that she was quite a beautiful girl. She had filled up nicely in the last year, and now her closeness was making me horny. I touched her face, and said, "Sarita, I just realized how beautiful you are. Let me take a good look at you. Turn around for me." Sarita smiled happily, and stepped back. Grabbing the edge of her short skirt in her hands, she twirled, flipping her skirt above her waist line, and giving me a good look at her shapely legs and thighs. Then thrusting her chest forward, and tilting her head to one side, "How do I look?" "Good enough to eat," I replied honestly.

I had again caught a glimpse of her dark bush hidden by the light-colored panty, causing an erection. Sarita looked at my crotch, and said, "See, you are reacting to me. Let me see it, Pradeep." "Okay, but only if we both strip together and look at each other. I want to see your body, too." We stripped and looked at each other. My sister was staring at the hard-on of her seventeen year old brother, and I was staring at her pubescent crotch, covered with soft hair sprouting over the swollen mound. For a few minutes we just looked at each other. Then we started laughing. Sarita took a step closer to me, and said, "You have such a big cock, brother. It's beautiful. May I touch it?" I nodded and pulled her closer. She reached for my boner, and I touched her breasts. They were still small, but quite firm and round. Her nipples became hard, and she moaned softly as I rubbed them. Her fingers around my throbbing cock were driving me crazy. I grabbed her hand and pushed it away. "Stop, sister. If you keep it up, you'll make me cum all over you." "What does that mean, Pradeep?", she reluctantly pulled her hand away, and sat down next to me, putting her arms around my neck. Her young breasts pushed against my side, which felt very nice. I told her about how I masturbate, and told her about the sticky stuff that comes out when I hit the peak. Then I told her that I had seen her do it also.

First she pretended not to know what I was talking about, but I described in detail how I had seen her rub her crotch on the railing the year before. She got all red in the face, and said, "Oh Pradeep. Please don't tell mom. It felt so good that I couldn't help myself." I took her face in my hands, and kissed her on the nose. "Don't worry, sister. I won't tell. Do you do it often?" "No. I am scared to get caught. But I rub it with my fingers at night and that feels good. Is it a bad thing to do, Pradeep?" "No, I do it all the time. It actually makes me relax and I can sleep well at night." "Me, too. Oh, Pradeep. I felt so guilty all the time. Now I can enjoy doing it. Would you like to see me do it?" I nodded. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs. "You do it to me, Pradeep. I'll tell you what to do. I'd love for you to do it to me." I reached out and touched her lips, my fingers brushing the soft hair covering the opening. I parted them with my fingers, and looked at her pussy. I could see the moist opening, and the slight swelling at the apex. This was my first close look at a young pussy, and it made my cock so hard that it started throbbing. Sarita saw it, and reached out to take it in her hand, as I continued to probe her moistness. I rubbed the spot at the apex of her triangle gently, and she just moaned with pleasure. I rubbed her lips and the tiny knob of her clit until she started thrashing about, tightening her grip around my cock.

Then she moaned loudly and jerked her hips against my fingers, drenching them with a continuous flow of sticky liquid that came oozing out of her pulsating pussy lips. It smelled very exotic. She had grabbed on to my cock, and was squeezing it in her fist. I started jerking my hips, pumping my cock between her fingers. Soon I reached climax, and grabbing her hand with mine, I thrust forward, splashing my sticky white cum all over her hand and chest.
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