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My Classmate is an Escort

I am a 22 year old male studying in Pune. I attend one of the top PG colleges in Pune. I am 6 feet tall and dark skinned. I will not brag. I have a cock that is of the average size. This is a true story about me. I live in Pune alone in my flat as my parents work abroad. This is the story about me and my college friend. I found out that she works as an escort and exploited her fully.

Her name was Pallavi. She had fair skin and was of average height. She wore her hair in a pony tail. She also wore glasses. She had a very slender figure. But the most important part of her body were her boobs. She had large boobs. She was very well endowed. Her large boobs and her slim figure made her a fucking babe.

Now all of you must have had at least one girl in college whom you lusted for. A girl you wish could satisfy your most depraved desires. For me Pallavi was this girl. Those of you who had such fantasies will be able to relate to this story.

It all started in the computer lab. Initially I did not pay notice to her very much, but during the first semester we were assigned as partners randomly for a project. It was a short project requiring only a couple of hours work. In the lunch break we sat in the computer lab. The lights had gone off which meant that only one pc with Internet connection was available. We quickly took that and started working. She was looking very beautiful that day. She was wearing a yellow coloured salwar kameez with a white dupatta. The dress was tightly hugging her body. Her white bra straps could be seen through the dress. As there was no electricity she was sweating profusely. After a while I got up and stood by her side. This was when I saw them. Her pallu had dropped dangerously low exposing the top part of her dress. I could get a clear look at her nice round mellons. What a sight that was. For a couple of minutes all I could do was stare.

She asked me a question which bought me to my senses. I quickly thought this is not an opportunity to be missed. I quickly took out my mobile and pretended to search for the answers on the Web. While really I got at least 50 pic of her nice cleavage. But I wasn't satisfied. If she could bend just more I could get an even better view of her boobs. With this in mind I turned on the video recording in my phone and pointed it at her tits innocently. In the meanwhile I bent towards the computer screen and pointed a mistake. She too bent forward to check and we were arguing for a couple of minutes meanwhile my mobile was recording. After that I excused myself and went to the washroom. I couldn't control my excitement. I played the video and it was perfect. As she had bent towards the computer her massive cleavage was exposed. Her boobs were tightly enclosed in her bra and were waiting to burst out. In fact I could make out her nipples which made it hot. I quickly took out my erect dick and shagged then and there. It took me less than 2 minutes to cum. After that I went back to the lab and we continued to work.

Nothing was the same after this for me. I started seeing Pallavi in an entirely different light altogether. I must have shagged at least 2 dozen time to her pics and video. I started frequenting porn websites where I would search for porn stars like her. I would read sex stories on various sites and fantasize of her in various scenarios. I was bit by bit losing my mind. This was when I decided to hire an escort. I took the previous 10 days Pune mirror and was browsing through their classifieds. I was jotting down the numbers of the escorts when I came across an ad which jolted me. It was for an independent escort. Her name was given as Rita who would provide escort services. But what jolted me was the number it ended with 4 7's just like Pal's number. I quickly took out my number and checked they were the same. I was surprised. It was like all my birthdays had come together on one day. I called the number to setup an appointment. But when she picked up the phone she greeted me with name. Holy fuck I was a screwed. She must have my number and recognized it. In my excitement I wasn't thinking straight. I chitchated with her and ended the conversation. I needed to come up with a plan.

I soon bought a new Sim card. As soon as it got activated I messaged her that I was replying to her ad in the paper and wanted to know her rates. She called me back but this time I was ready. I held a cloth to my mouth when I talked with her so my voice would sound different. She said that her rate was 5000 and I agreed. I told her to come to my address by 7. She agreed. I now had a full 4 hours to get prepared. I quickly had a bath. I went to the nearest medical store and bought a couple of viagras and red bulls because I wanted to fuck her all night long. I the waited in my apartment. A 6 the bell rang.

I opened the door and there she was standing in a green chiffon saree. Her hair was neatly done and she was wearing light makeup. As soon as she saw me she went into a state of shock. I quickly pulled her inside and shut the door. She was trembling. She couldn't speak so I started. I told her that this was a surprise for me to have her here. I took her to my bedroom where I sat her down. I gave her a glass of water to calm her. She came to her senses and started pleading with me. She said she wanted to go and she did not want to do this. A quick tight slap and she was rendered speechless. I quickly explained the facts to her. If she did not do as I asked her to do I would show the newspaper ad to all and expose her as a whore. But if she had sex with me I would not. Hell I would even pay her. She silently nodded in approval. This bitch was mine now.

I made her sit on the bed while I just took in the scene. I sat to her right and slung my arm across her neck. I started by touching her hands and caressing them. Her touch sent a warm spark of electricity through my body. I slowly started kneading her boobs while kissing her cheeks. Her boobs were ginormous and fleshy. I took an ample amount in each hand and was caressing them over her saree. Meanwhile I was also French kissing her. I was kissing her lips and her cheeks. This continued for 10 minutes. I finally stopped and stood in front of her. I slowly removed her pallu. All this while she was looking down. I then started to unhook her blouse and completely removed it. I removed her bra and flung it aside. Finally her tits were out. They were round and firm with no sagging at all. It made me think that they were fucking implants. I took one in my hand and started pressing it very hard. She started to moan in pain and asked me to go easy but I simply ignored her. I knelt in front of her and took one in my mouth. I first thoroughly licked her tit and then started sucking on her nipple. I was fondling both her tits with my hands and at the same time sucking on them. As I pressed my face in between her tits I knew I was in heaven.

I was very excited now. All I wanted now was to relieve that strain in my dick which had become erect. So I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. Now it is of average height being 5 inches long but what it lacks in height it makes up in girth. I simply took it out and stuck it in between her tits. I held her tits in place while I started tit fucking her. I thrust my cock in her massive globes like a dog in heat. It was fucking awesome! I then knew that I was about to cum so I ceased with the attack on her tits. After this I took a break for a few minutes to calm myself down. I was simply stating at her exposed tits. She had tears in her eyes and was looking very afraid. I thought to myself if she thinks her ordeal is going to be over after this night then she is in for a big surprise.
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