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First Time Sex With Juhi

Nearly from last one month I am regularly reading whatever stuff is getting published here and today I have started writing down my first sexual experience. At present I am happily married and well settled in a joint family but the fact is that it was not my husband who actually deflowered me, I have a past which is certainly not at all clean and clear, and here I want to share that hidden truth of my life.

I was fucked for money well before my marriage and I was introduced into the world of sex by our neighbor and my mom’s so called friend Sheela Didi. Sheela Didi was living alone beside us from very long time, since she was divorced by her husband.

The house in which she was living was her inherited property and belonged to her father, as she was the only child of her parents, after getting divorce she was living here while working in some construction company in accounts department.

For introduction I will say though it happened to me few years before my marriage but still I remember each and every moment of that time span very clearly, may be because in a way it was hardest time of my life. Although it was rough phase of my life even then there is something which is attracting me to recall that time again and again and after getting in touch of this site desire of remembering my that time has rose very high and that is why by writing all this I want to relive those moments. But before detailing my first sexual encounter I would like to mention that names, places and everything which can reveal my identity is changed, second I accept in the very beginning of my write up that I am very weak in this language especially grammar and I am expecting that readers of this site will consider this fact before giving remarks in the comments column. Now to start my life experience I will say that I am Juhi, fair and good looking female who can be considered sexy as well, at present living in Delhi NCR with my husband and in-laws, basically belong to small town of U.P. Time I am talking about, I was around 20-21 and my body was just ready to experience manly treatment.

Because of financial crunch after doing first year of my graduation I was thinking about ending up my studies. I can easily say that from the time I was conscious to know things around, my father was more or less non-working, he was deeply and somewhat madly involved into drinking and gambling and opposite to that my mother was working up to her maximum ability.

Apart from doing some clerical job in some private company, later at home she use to make pickles and Papads to sell in limited area. All in all I grew up in somewhat financial struggle and as time passed our problems went on increasing because my mother was failing in protecting her hard earned money from my farther, he was not bothered about my school fee or even for the basic food we needed.

Later I was almost at the verge of appearing into my senior secondary examinations, which is 10+2 when suddenly, my father expired because of overdose of some narcotic. Although since my childhood he was always a liability on mom even then it was big shock for us. Anyhow life moved on and now we, I and my mom were getting into some financial comfort but very soon another shock staggered our senses.

The house in which we were living was mortgaged by my father for money. My mom was totally unaware of this fact and now we were suppose to pay few lacs to nearby co-operative bank to release papers and at that time we could not see anything which could save us. After disposing of that property once we thought about going to our uncle’s place (maternal ) but both of my uncles behaved reluctantly on this.

We tried borrowing money from my father’s brother but because of my father we did not had healthy relation with them so they also denied helping us. In that span tiny thing which went bit positive for us was anyhow by requesting or you can say begging my mom succeeded in taking couple of more months to pay off from bank manager, but still I will say that all in all we could not see any way out of this problem as time was running fast.

At that time I was nearly at the end of first year of graduation and I could clearly see that I will not be able continue my studies as now after losing a house my mom will be having a liability of paying off the rent. Now after detailing bit of my personal and financial crises, I would like to take readers straight to the incident. As I said in the beginning, I was bought into fucking for money by Sheela Didi.

Although she was much younger then my mom but she can be considered my mom’s closest friend, she was having very down to earth nature and I have always considered her my elder sister and use to address her Didi. When this dreadful fear of losing our house was running in our life,

apart from our relatives to whom we asked for help it was just Sheela Didi who knew everything happening around us and since she knew that we are in trouble, she was the only one who promised us to help but what she could do was few thousands which were not at all sufficient to save our house and panic was increasing every day.

I remember it was Friday early morning when I went to her house to borrow some sugar and she asked me about the status of money, whether my mom succeeding in arranging money from somewhere and I said no to that. She gave me sugar which I asked for and once again asked me and this time it was about my studies, that how it is going and I sarcastically replied that, soon it will also end.

She told me not to worry about my studies and assured me that she will look after my fees. I smiled mildly to thank her with dewed eyes, Sheela Didi looked into my eyes for few seconds and somewhat gave a thought to what she was about to speak and finally spoke with some hesitation, while looking straight into my eyes,

from her side it was the beginning of talking to me about that indecent proposal and I still remember that whole conversation word to word and her first sentence in this context was “waise tum chaaho to sab theek ho sakta hai…..” (Everything can be fine, but if you agree) I remained silent with a question mark on my face and before I would have asked her about what she said, Sheela Didi spoke again “hum do-teen din se soch rahe the tumse ye baat karne ki” (I was thinking about talking to you from last 2-3 days) “kya?” I asked her back in curiosity, once again for few seconds she went silent and looked into my innocent eyes, I think she could not decide how to speak to me about this and in that confusing mind set she asked me “tum collage jaa rahi ho na?”

I said yes to it, “ok..evening mein baat karte hain” she tried to avoid talking to me in that context at that moment but I was eager to know so I asked her again, but she sent me back to my home and told me to come after getting ready for collage and specifically told me not to talk to my mom about this.

I came back to her place after leaving my home for collage, by now Sheela Didi was also more or less ready to go to her work place. She made me sit in her dining area and started talking to me about that once again she started with a same sentence “Dekho tum chaaho to sab theek ho sakta hai…” with same sort of hesitation and then after a small pause she added “saara paisa arrange ho jaayega”

(whole money will be arranged) “Kaise?” I asked her back “Dekho tum humari chhoti behan jaisi ho… aur humen tumse se ye kahte hue achha to nahi lag raha par ab situation hi kuch aisi hai” (See you are like my younger sister and I really don’t feel like talking to you all this, but situation is just like that)

Sheela Didi spoke before going to main course and I continued looking at her as if I am waiting for her to speak exactly what she wants to speak and finally she uttered “Dekho tum ladki ho…tumko thoda sa compromise karna padega” (you are a girl, and you have to compromise a bit) her words skipped my heart beat, I somewhat guessed what she meant with that but still I wanted to listen her and I remained silent and once again Sheela Didi spoke, rather asked me whether I have understood by saying “tum samajh rahi ho hum kya kah rahe hain” and I moved my head bit in yes. “tumhe maalom hai na ye kya hota hain…aur kaise hota hai?”

Sheela Didi asked me again and this time I remained unmoved and just continued looking into her eyes with a pounding heart, Sheela Didi spoke again and somewhat explained me exactly what it is and how it goes by saying “Aadmi log humari Yoni mein apna Ling daalte hain aur enjoy karte hain” (males put there gentile in our Vargina and enjoy) and again remained silent for few seconds and then she asked me again in soft voice “maaloom hai na tumko?” this time I moved my head in yes and like before continued looking at her face and Sheela Didi spoke again, it was a long statement and as I said I remember everything clean and clear her exact words were “dekho humen to aur koi raasta nazar nahi aata…humse jitna ho sakta hai hum help kar dengei…par uss se kuch kaam nahi banega”. I swallowed my saliva while accepting at least this fact that the amount which she can give us is not at all sufficient. “Soch lo…evening tak jawab de dena….aur iss baare mein apni Maa se mat baat karna” (think about it… answer me by the evening… and don’t talk to your mom about all this).

Once again I moved my head in yes and our conversation ended there for the time being, Sheela Didi got up and moved to her work place and before leaving once again she tried to comfort me for my studies and spoke “apni padhai ki tension matt lena..wo hum sambhal lenge”.

After that I moved to collage and that day totally failed to concentrate on my studies, at that time from my side it was certainly No but don’t know why I still wanted to talk to Sheela Didi about this. I came back home well before Sheela Didi and remained in my room without eating anything, I wanted to sleep but my eyes were wide open may be because I could not stop thinking about Sheela Didi’s proposal and truly speaking, while being alone in the house I somewhat visualized myself getting fucked.
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