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Living With Sexy Fantasy

Friends this isn't a story, it's a description of what I did with my land lord's daughter 8 years back. She was about 25, a full grown smart looking girl with lots of energy and I was a rather shy kid of 18. We were friends, so to say and I, being horny right from my early teens, was eager to see her body at the first opportunity I could get.

I used to have this fantasy of being cuddled by an older girl when I am naked and having my evening bath. I used to jerk off fantasizing about her groovy curves and lovely round butts. We rented the ground floor of their house and whenever I got a chance I used to go upstairs, meet her for short chats or with an excuse to borrow a book.

Her parents were professors both and I must mention they had a very nice collection of wide range of books. She was friendly and always treating me with attention which I liked very well. I was the kind of a kid who cherished the company of girls, especially older girls, but did not have the courage to do anything more than that.

We used to have these very lewd discussions with friends about her. You can imagine a typical group discussion of teens. One day we were in the terrace and she was so happy about her going to do a course in the city she had long been trying to persuade her parents to approve. She was humming and I was stealing glances at her lovely body

which was so close to me and I could see her cleavage very clearly because of the big sleeve house coat and only innerwear inside it. She was never very careful of her dresses when at home or with me either. I saw her coming out of the wash rooms in midi and towels earlier. But that morning she was looking like a diva in this pink house dress,

which was not a very thick fabric. I could virtually see her hole body just in innerwear whenever she stood against the Sun and the light passing though her dress. I felt it was my lucky day and dared to say a few words of intimacy to her. I told her that I was going to miss her badly when she leaves here and I enjoyed every moment that we shared chatting,

cracking jokes and laughing at no reasons. She stopped humming, stared at me for some moments and then gave a very cute smile. She pulled me towards and gave a light hug, she was still smiling. I was a bit perplexed and did no effort to come out of her arms but asked why she was smiling. She didn't say a word at that moment but we broke the hug.

We spent some more time but nobody said a word, she just glanced at me couple of times but I couldn't look in her eyes. I got busy with my school and exam preparation the following week and we did not see each other. It was the weekend when my parents had to leave to see one of my aunties who was sick and admitted to hospital.

My mom told her mom to look after me and my little sister for a day and pleaded if Jhelum could sleep with us that night. I was so damn happy but at the same time was scared too about my sister. We were a little late to bed that day since she had to finish up something upstairs and my sister complained she was feeling very sleepy.

I was happy to know that and arranged pillows in a way that Jhelum sleeps right in between us. She came and I could smell a light but still nice fragrance from her body. We chatted for sometime and before I knew anything I felt asleep. I was probably too tired thinking about this the whole day.

I woke up with a sensation of somebody cuddling and hugging me with lots of kisses on my face in the middle of the night and I knew it was her. I pretended like I was fast asleep and she was flooding me with kisses all over my face and neck. When she stopped and held me tightly for sometimes I whispered to her ears that nobody had ever made

me feel so special and would like to return the favor. She did not move but I planted a kiss on her lips to which she responded. I found it was so exciting even in the dark and eyes shut we kept on probing each others mouth with tongues. I don't remember how long or how many times we kissed. I then reached for her boobs and placed my palm over the left one cupping it.

It was like a melting ice cream but her whole body was stiff at that point. I had plans to do some more when suddenly she got up and started removing her night dress. I wished I saw her naked but it was dark totally. I guessed her removing cloths by the sounds. When she laid back again my face bumped into her boobs.

She pulled my earlobes and within no time I was buried in the middle of two big melons. We were breathing quite heavily and I wasted no time to suck on her tits which were so lovely smelling. I was so mad that I tried to engulf the whole of her breast inside but only gasped. When I was done I could feel saliva all over her boobs which she was bloating with my palm.

I reached down to her panty and sneaked my hand inside of it. But she stopped me there and asked me not to go further. She just hugged me and I felt those big breasts pressing against my chest. When I withdrew my hand, I felt my fingers were wet and sticky. She took them and sucked. I was so surprised to this but did not show anything.

In no time she started rubbing her crotch against mine and the heat growing from it was unbearable. She told she can't wait to have me inside her but scared of my sister in the other side of the bed. We got up and came to my study room where there was a single bed. She pulled my pants down and made me sit on the bed quickly.

When she sat on me and placed her crotch right on mine I felt she was very wet. She took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. It was throbbing in her hands and I was afraid I would cum instantly. I asked her to stop and she bent over and kissed me again. She was making movements that made her boobs touching my face back and forth.

I felt like a crazy bull and tore away the last piece of cloth on her. I Grabbed her butt chicks tight and started brushing it against my cock. She stopped me for a while and placed the tip of my cock in the opening of her whole. It felt like I'm touching something slippery and a little tight. She pushed it in and I felt like her pussy lips are lapping and sucking my cock too tight.

I started ramming my cock deep inside her pussy pulling her butt to and fro and she was moaning and hugging me tight. My face was covered with her hair and my fingers were busy probing her asshole. She adjusted the movements quite well by coming down a little bit and we picked a nice rhythm. I was in no mood to end this and so was she but my tool gave up.

I spurted whole lot of thick juice in her pussy and was still moving to and fro inside her. I told I would not withdraw and loved it in there to which she laughed and when it shrunk off her pussy just threw it out. She told her pussy never plays with softys and we had a hell of a laughter.

That night we went two more rounds when she invited me in the missionary style which was my favorite too. It was getting brighter and we realized its morning. It was too hard to be separated, all we wanted was to sleep in each others arms. The following days whenever we met we used to hide for some time from all and hug and kiss each other.

She told me that she loved to stay but it was the only chance her parents agreed to let her go to finish her course. The week before leaving when both of her parents were out to work we took bath together. It was a very different experience than having sex. I was mesmerized to have a view of her full body and the way she hugged and kissed me.

She gave every pleasure I could dream about at that time. I asked when she leaves how will it feel. She said she will never forget these moments; she was all mine and we will meet every time she comes back here. I pulled her hair and we kissed deeply, we both had our eyes closed and I was feeing like crying.

Many years passed after that, but we never met again. I had to leave for my college to a different city and later my family moved in since my father had a transfer. Sometimes when I feel lonely I close my eyes and go back to those afternoons when we used to walk in the terrace holding hands. Both of us knew that we our relation had limits and the good thing was we settled in with it.
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