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Cuckold Kahani I - The Guest

Let me go some years, some decades back...

I was in my third high school year when I met her. They came to our neighborhood when she was only a child. I saw her from the window of my room for the first time while their relocation to our neighborhood. I can remember after a little bit over thirty years, still exactly, it was a very hot sonny day. They were a married couple some years younger than my parents with three children, two daughters and one son. As she came nearer to my window, her mother called from the Inside their new home.

- Meena, please take care of your sister and brother.

They all looked very pretty. Indeed this was a pretty family even their mother eyes an older lady, was beautiful!

They were about 3 months in our neighborhood before the mother of three became gradually a friend of my mother.

My mother invited the new family in neighborhood for a dinner and after that night our parents were good friends. My younger sister very good friend of Meena and my younger brother who is seven years my junior was actually always at their house playing with children.

The years went by and in a beautiful afternoon in spring, while my Medical College studying, I discovered my love for her!

Meena was the most beautiful young lady I had ever seen with long brown hair and the prettiest, deep brown eyes. - Not long ago from now, she was looking at some magazine. She showed me a picture of an Indian actress. I thought I am looking at a photo of Meena. She herself was also very surprised about the similarity.

It was a photo of Huma Qureshi!-

At that time, I was dreaming every day and every night about her. She had the most beautiful smile when she looked at me.

I could see from her looks that she knew I am in love with her and she was enjoying this.

She is now even after so many years very attractive, a stunning thirty-eight years old woman with wavy dark brown hair but her smile enchants me still. She stands about 5' 6" tall. Her weight fluctuates between 125 and 130 pounds. Her measurements were and I suppose are still 36C-24-36. She has perfect coconut sized breasts that sway a little when she walks. Her nipples become very hard at the touch. She has very fair skin, a tight body and a firm butt for her age.

Those days, one time I asked my sister if she likes I take her with to see a new famous movie and I told her she can take Meena also with. She was delighted and told me she is going to ask Meena if she likes to accompany us. Meena accepted this immediately.

Next weekend we went to a cinema near their school. That was our first being together without our parents. We laughed and changed meaningful looks with each other.

In three months everybody in both Families knew that we loved each other. Even her uncle Mansour noted this. He was a colleague of her father and the best friend of the family. He was at those days a man somehow overweight with average height, a balding head, and very hairy body. You could see this from his hairy chest and arms. He was a bit over forty years and had always a friendly behaviour and laughing face. He was not good-looking, but the women always liked him because he was entertaining and he made them laugh all time when he was around. he had at first no family himself. I heard his only relative is his old mother who lived in another city. Everybody could see Meena's uncle Mansour loved the children of his friend. He was often at their home and played with kids and they loved him too. He and Mr. Salimi, the father of Meena had some important job and responsibility in an insurance company.

Meena and I were enjoying our youth and our sweet life. After two years we were actually always together. We decided to marry after I finished my study next year, and both families were delighted over our plan.

But before this, something upsetting took place. Uncle Mansour was arrested. Meanwhile he had married and had a two years old son. There was some corruption suspected in their company. After some months it was sure that he and one colleague of him were guilty. This colleague was a friend of him, who was brought to their company by Mansour. He was about the same age but in a lower position in the company and I heard he had a not so clean and clear past. I have seen this friend of him only one time on the street as he spoke to Meena's father and uncle Mansour. He was a very thin and small person, so small that as I saw him he had reminded me of a Midget! It was said that they had misappropriated and stolen a great sum of money. The whole Salimi family even children were very upset and depressed. This was normal because everybody in the family and especially Meena loved uncle Mansour very much. She was very upset because of his family and especially his son. While he was in jail Meena and her parents visited him frequently but after some months daily life dominated and the visits were only from her parents and this was also not so frequent and I heard it was stopped after two years. Meanwhile we heard that his wife wanted a divorce, then they separated and she took their son with to another city.

We married just after I finished my medical study. Her Parents gave us a beautiful house as wedding Present. Actually the house belonged Meena. It was a big house for us two, with adjacent small Building for guests, a garden with swimming pool and two garages. We had noticed that her family had now more money to spend. My parents were told that Mr. Salimi’s deceased Aunt was very rich and he inherited her legacy. My Meena was now 20 and a really beautiful Lady. She was studying laboratory sciences. Some months after our marriage, Mr. Salimi was retired and his family migrated to another city some hundred Kilometers away. This was the city where he and my mother in law were originally from.
Now it was a little bit quieter around us. We had a perfect marriage, we loved each other and we enjoyed our youth and comfortable life. That's not to say we never had disagreements or got crabby with each other. We did, but it was generally short-lived. Although we did not had all the same interests, but we had the same core values.
I was working successfully for my specialization in the university hospital and my lovely wife began the last semester of her study. We had decided to get our baby after her graduation.
For me our sex life was very good and I thought Meena feels the same. Although it was not kinky by any means, we had normal sex. We had our fair share of variety in the bedroom. When I say it was not kinky, I mean we were not into bondage, S&M, partner swapping or anything like that, and we were not to experiment with different extra ways to pleasure each other. Obviously she was satisfied with this and I had to accept it because I loved her over everything.
I often wanted to share my sexual fantasies with thinking about other ways or other persons in our sex life which was very arousing for me, but as I said it was only my fantasy, involving other people even if it was just a fantasy made me jealous. That is why I did not allow me to speak about these fantasies. Meena and I have been completely faithful to each other throughout our marriage. In fact, my loving wife had never sex with another man.

The year after that she finished her study and began to work in the Hospital where I worked. It was ideal for me to have her near to me. Practically we were all time together.
This was when she tried to get pregnant. She was now 22 and I was 27 years old. Best age for us two, to became parents.
But after some months trying there was no sign of pregnancy. After consultation with Gyneacologist it was clear that there is no chance for her to become pregnant. She had as young girl some infection that made it impossible. This was very depressant for her. I tried to calm her but there was always a type of sadness in her eyes to notice. But generally we were lucky and satisfied with our life. Another disappointing incident happened at this time. Her father Mr. salimi had a heart attack and after 2 days in hospital was dead. This was another sad time for all the family. Even my parents were very affected. Meena was upset for months.
4 years later I finished my Specialization exams and our financial situation improved more. Every one of us had a car and we often made holidays in exotic countries and enjoyed our life.

When Meena's 30thbirthday came, I took her out for a nice, romantic dinner.
This night turned out to be one of the most important nights of our life. We shared some great conversation and some good laughs. She looked magnificent. And I had plans for our night together. Late at night as we got back home we saw somebody had called and left a massage on telephone.
- Hello my princess, do you know me still? I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I love to see you after so many years. I am in a hotel and this is the tel. number…
It was surprising for us. This was uncle Mansour. He was the only one who called my Meena as princess. We talked about it, and then Meena told me:
- You know, now when I think, I remember that these days he should be freed after twelve years in jail. It is a shame to me that I forgot this. We have to ride to him..
After 15 minutes we were in his hotel. He looked at least seventy years older, though he was about sixty. He was completely bald and had a large belly. He looked darker in his normally red face. But he was smiling as always. I could see that he has some old clothes on. Even his shoes were old and spent.
He took Meena in his strong and hairy arms and kissed her face and held her hands in his, looked in her eyes and said:
- My princess, you look so wonderful, my princess is now a very beautiful lady.
Then saw me and shook hands:
- And this is our young Doctor, I am so proud of you both…
We sat in his hotel room and chatted about half an hour. He told us that he had not much money but have to sell one of two inherited houses from his mother to make some capital for rest of his life.
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